Write for us – Guidelines

If you love writing and want to share your skills to audiences across the globe, here is your opportunity. OutreachPlus is looking for exceptional writers who can create a sense of excitement, urgency and draw attention to the content.

If you are able to tick off the below pointers, we NEED YOU RIGHT NOW.

1 . A writer who can capture their readers attention with every line

2. A writer who can create a visual image in the minds of their readers with every word

3. A writer who convinces its readers with confidence about what they are conveying

4. A writer who is crisp and wastes no time to deliver the actual agenda of the topic.

Be our guest writer and in return receive benefits which will matter for your future such as:

1 . Improve your research skills

2. Be knowledgeable about the latest trends

3. Share your writing in the career path you want to climb on

4. Promote your brand

5. Mould your personal branding strategies to sell better

These are the guidelines to submit Guestpost on Outreachplus blog 

1 . You can come up 3 topic names for guest post 

2. The post must be in 2000+ words

3. The blog post should have good introduction

4. It has to include statistics and recent trends 

5. It should have short paragraphs 

6. Good Tweets from influencers

7. Images for statistics 

8. Consider adding visual elements such as pictures, videos, graphics, screenshots. Dimension for Featured post (825 * 343 px)

9. Adhere to SEO guidelines, Include proper keywords in title,headings.

10. No Spam links and spam anchor texts

11. Topics from Marketing, Sales, PR, Link building, Outreach, Guest blogging, Email Marketing, Leads, Conversions, Influencer marketing

12. The post has to end with a conclusion and encourage comments.

13. 5 maximum external backlinks are allowed

14. Article must be unique and copyscape has to be passed

15. Reposting of article is not allowed

16. Article needs to share  on your social media after it’s published.

17. No author accounts will be provided-Submit blog through email[here-ID]

18. Once shared the draft, purple-rain owns the content and has all rights to edit the blog. 

19. Final decision to publish the blog remains with purple-rain admin

Note: If your blog doesn’t fit into any of the above topics. Go through our Blogs, and if you still think it can be a good fit. Send it to us jyothi@outreachplus.com. We always welcome new ideas.

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