Why Hybrid Email Marketing is the Best Solution for Startups?

Startups have been the talk of the town for quite a few years now, especially with more and more people investing in the idea with each passing day. India alone witnessed a seven-fold rise in startups in the past decade, growing from 7,000 to 50,000, which is quite a tremendous jump. Statistics also suggest that 69% of the entrepreneurs in the United States start their businesses at home.

Regardless of whether your startup is born in a small cubicle or the balcony area of your household, the process of making a startup grow can indeed feel overwhelming. Hybrid email marketing for startups is a concept that is being embraced more and more lately.

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One of the main challenges a startup faces is to get the word out regarding its progress, updates, and existence in general. Finding the right way to connect to your audience is a crucial nut to crack for startups. Of the many ways to communicate with your target market, hybrid email marketing is definitely at the top of the list. In fact, it even trumps social media marketing in this regard.

Emails have almost thrice the number of accounts when compared to social media channels. The reason for this is that it makes people click and actually take action. If you’re looking to go for email marketing as your strategy, you should definitely consider hybrid email marketing for your startup.

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Hybrid email marketing is when an email marketing solution has two components working together. One is the user interface that lives where the customer data is and sits behind a company’s firewall, and the other is a cloud delivery system that’s responsible for getting marketing messages assembled and delivered.

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(Source: https://medium.com/@phillipshayden87/advantages-of-using-hybrid-email-marketing-solution-a4368154d3d7)

Why Startups Should Choose Hybrid Email Marketing

Hybrid email marketing is the need of the hour. There are many reasons why startups should go for hybrid email marketing. Some of the reasons are as follows:

1 . Cost Effectiveness

One of the main reasons why startups should resort to hybrid email marketing is because it comes as an affordable option. Outsourcing email to a cloud-based mail server is bound to save you money. As a startup, you want your overall marketing cost to decrease. Hence, using multiple email delivery mechanisms to send out various types of emails will help you keep your marketing cost within the designated budget.

2. Smooth transition

Being a startup, you would want the early stages of your business to run as smoothly as possible. Hybrid email marketing makes it simpler with its easy updates. With the power to initiate upgrades and configure software from a central point, you will be able to save a lot of time.

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3. Increased User Attention

Getting the attention of users and customers is one of the initial aims of any startup, and hybrid email marketing helps you achieve that. It lets you add subscribers at a faster rate, and send out large volumes of mail on an ongoing basis.

4. Collaborate External & Internal email Team

When you’re outsourcing emails to a reputable provider, your startup will be provided with a team of individuals to serve as an external email operation team. This will be particularly beneficial for your business as you will have a group of experts to assist you with their opinions on email deliverability and general email management issues.

How Can Startups Optimise with a Hybrid Email Solution

A hybrid email marketing system is a blend of your own in-house, on-premise email system with a cloud-based ESP (Email Service Provider). The reason this setup works perfectly is that the strong points of both these platforms complement each other. Therefore, this gives you the flexibility and efficiency you need. Here are some ways in which you can optimise with hybrid email marketing:

1. A hybrid solution allows companies to pick the right solution for each mailstream. Therefore, you can use separate sending options for different mailstreams. While your ESP can handle an email blast to all or certain segments of your audience, your on-premise system can take care of transactional emails such as payments, shipping confirmations, and password resets.

2. The hassles of deliverability and hardware can be outsourced without an overhaul to your on-premises systems. Leading-edge on-premise software products can be put to use to capitalise on an ESP’s ability to efficiently address deliverability concerns by integrating with cloud-based providers. Not only does this help in maintaining your own business rules and integration, but it also allows you to right-size your own in-house hardware and network infrastructure to handle only those requirements that need to be done on-premise.

3. Achieving easy scalability is simpler with a hybrid email solution. When it comes to message volumes, they can amplify both predictably and unpredictably across your marketing calendar. Therefore, having a cloud-based ESP on standby is a practical option, as it can take up the slack accordingly.

4. Gaining privacy and security is made easier when you use a hybrid email solution. Data security is crucial to every existing company, and not every startup believes that cloud-based platforms are as secure as on-premise servers. This is why hybrid email marketing is the way out.

Startup owners would want to keep some of their data strictly in-house. Therefore, employing a hybrid structure allows you to choose as to which approach best suits your security concerns.

5. A hybrid solution allows startups to protect themselves through redundancy and recovery. Since a hybrid structure has two active sending environments, you can always switch from one to another in case of a failure on one of the sides. Depending on the level of integration between on-premise and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), this can be easily automated.

Summing Up

Startups take time to grow. Investing a lot of money in it can seem daunting, therefore, you have to look for affordable ways that are worth your time. Going for a hybrid email solution is the smartest option for the startups of today.

Hybrid email marketing is the most efficient and functional way to keep your email system working, thereby giving you ample time to build your brand image. The sending structure of a hybrid email system creates a smarter and agile solution for startups, in turn giving them the best of both worlds. Hence, follow the tips listed above and let the hybrid email solution help your startup grow.

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