What’s new in OutreachPlus?

From creating personalized emails that help in capturing qualified leads to monitoring every minute details of your campaign performance, OutreachPlus measures have always brought convenience and the right support to increase your lead driven approaches.

To help serve you even better, our exceptional team has cracked the code to convenience once again by providing you with a list of our newest additions that is bound to make OutreachPlus one of the most efficient tools for lead conversions.

Get ready to assist your leads even faster and easier.

Let’s begin the new tour of our additions 🙋:

1. Send emails without having to create a new campaign

Yes, you heard that right!

Previously, when you have to send a direct email, the process was to create a campaign just so you can complete this action. But with the newest addition, OutreachPlus has shortened that path for you.

Instead of that, all you have to do now is send an email like you always do. All you have to do is hit the ‘Inbox’ category and move your cursor towards the ‘Compose’ option. 

2. Send emails without any manual effort

Since you can now send direct emails without conducting any longer steps, we have also added another step of convenience to this latest addition. Apart from your campaign where you can send emails automatically at a convenient time, this feature has also been placed for your direct emails as well.

This means that if you have to send an email that is needed to reach your prospects at a particular time, all you have to do is just schedule the email at that time and skip away from the ‘Send’ button. The automated process will ensure that your email is received by your prospects at the time you have fixed for them.

All you need to do is hit your ‘Inbox’ category, select ‘Compose’ and type your message. Before you leave, select the ‘Send Now’ button and click the ‘Arrow down’ option.

3. Get your prospect details in one simple click

This new addition will leave you in awe 👌. We have added two simple yet crucial pointers which are essential for your lead activities. You can now keep a track of all the campaigns which need to send to your prospects and how many were sent out. This feature wasn’t visible earlier but we have managed to bring it in the open for you.

All you have to do is hop on your ‘Campaign’ category, click the campaigns you want information about by selecting the small ‘stats’ icon at the corner. Once you click it, you will be directed to another page called the ‘Stats campaign section’ which is dedicated to showcasing you numbers of that campaign you have selected.

Isn’t this great since you can now understand which campaign is working better and which needs to be pushed further.

4. Tap your prospects according to their interest

Say you’re conducting a campaign which deals with lead generation and you have a prospect which is inquiring about another solution, what do you do here? How can you eliminate this prospect❓❓

Our new feature can help you out ✋. We now have an interest section where you can choose a lead based on their interest and tag them according to the category they fit in best. For example, those leads who are interested in your solution will fall into the lead generation campaign.

This process becomes easy as you can now filter the leads according to what they are looking for. This also helps your business as you have the information about your lead is most interested in and can set or create your next lead generation activity accordingly.

5. An organized way to manage bulk imports of prospects

Your business caters to many prospects and you fill in all their information via an excel sheet so that you can import the information easily. However, an excel sheet filled with prospect information will have multiple sheets itself.

Previously, the import could only be conducted with one single sheet but with our latest addition, you can now import all those sheets 😃.

For instance, in the case of your campaign, you can conduct the following steps:

1 . Click on your campaigns

2. Shift to the third step of those campaigns

3. With the data you hold, you can now import it by simply hitting the ‘Import’ button. Here you can even select how many sheets you want to import, for instance, one single sheet or more than that

4. With the list being showcased with options such as Google Docs, Dropbox and CSV select ‘CSV’ type and immediately all the data mentioned in those sheets will be visible

Once this happens the import commences.

6. Match your prospects accordingly

You receive many responses in your inbox for the campaign you’ve set. Now understanding that you’re utilizing campaigns as a form of pulling your leads closer to you, how will you be able to identify which leads is from what campaign?

OutreachPlus new feature helps you segregate that. All you need to do is you either match or unmatch the leads according to the campaign your running so that you know that you have only the relevant leads with you. 

To conduct this activity, click on the ‘inbox navigation link’. In the campaign column beside the unmatched label hit the ‘pen-shaped’ icon and create a new campaign. In case if a lead doesn’t match the campaign your running, then you just hit the ‘unmatched’ option and it will reflect on your screen.

7. Keep a closer track on your sent email activity

With so many campaigns being sent out regularly, how are you tracking your sent email count?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a feature that helps you keep track of the number of emails that are being sent out 📊? OutreachPlus latest feature shows you that.

Now no matter what emails are being sent, you can easily check every one of it by simply viewing your sent email category.

All you have to do is hit your ‘Outbox’ category which you can find in your left navigation, whatever emails that have been sent from the OutreachPlus interfaces, will be visible to you.

8. Filter your sent items with your campaigns

Another great feature that can give you better clarity of your lead activities is our feature of filtration. What happens here is since you are paying for your email limits, wouldn’t it be great to have a visual image of what activities have been conducted?

For instance, the OutreachPlus filtration process will guide you towards understanding for each campaign which email was sent and to whom the email was sent.

When you have such stats in your hand, you will gain insights to know whether your emails are being utilized well or not.

9. Duplicate your campaigns with a single click

With so many campaigns being sent out, there are scenarios where you might have to send similar campaigns. With so many prospects to assist how can you create a campaign from scratch. This process would accommodate a lot of your time.

Hence OutreachPlus has come up with a solution. We have added a feature where you can just click the campaign which you want to duplicate without having to conduct any manual action.

Yes, we take your convenience very seriously 👍

All you have to do is go to your left navigation on the dashboard, click on the ‘Campaign’ button, keep a closer eye on your campaign list. As you can see below, each of the campaigns will be having a duplicate icon option.

Once you click on it, you get an option to choose from which is ‘Duplicate prospects and emails’ or simple ‘duplicate campaigns’. Choose which action you want to perform. When you duplicate always remember that you save it with a different name or an error sign will occur. Also, keep in mind that duplications of campaigns can only take place with new or existing campaigns.

10. A twist to your email signature

Previously, OutreachPlus had added an email signature without giving you the option to add images. 

Guess what? 

We have just verified this feature 😲. You can now add images with your email signature. When you have an email signature along with an attached image it always stays in the minds of your prospects and uplifts your brand simultaneously.

11. Get yourself a progress bar

That’s right, instead of having so many platforms to track your emails you’ve sent, why don’t you find all of that in just one place.

OutreachPlus gives you the progress bar. Track your email count most innovatively by just keeping the following things in mind.

1 . View your progress bar before the left menu

2. Click on the attachments where you can find all your email count list which is visible below the progress bar

To track your email usage ✅:

1 . For up to 49% usage (say more than 20 used out of 200) the progress bar will appear green

2. Between 50% to 80% (say 120 used out of 200) the progress bar will appear yellow

3. For more than 80% (say 180 used out of 200) the progress bar will appear red

In Case you have the option for unlimited emails, none of the above information will be displayed.

12. Get a free plan without any restrictions

Sounds like spam?

OutreachPlus has upgraded its free trials as per your choice.

No credit cards, no registrations, just enjoy a lifetime plan which we are especially offering for our trial users.

We understand that you need time to understand and witness whether our product and plans work best for you and that is why we don’t want to hurry it for you. 

Analyze and decide which plan works great for you and we will assist you in your growth thereafter.

13. Set your daily limit to avoid confusion

Sometimes we tend to use up the monthly limit unknowingly 👀. This becomes a problem as you could miss out on a few days to conduct your email and campaign activities. To avoid this, OutreachPlusnew feature can help you keep track of it.

By setting a daily limit that shouldn’t exceed your monthly limit, your actions will be on track. With the daily limit in mind, you can easily conduct your lead activities by tracking every step so that you can utilize our process better.

14. Take care of your warm leads with a dedicated category

With the numerous campaigns you send out, there will be few leads who have reverted to learn more about what you have to offer. Such leads need to be identified instantly and have to be nurtured so that they can be converted as a sales lead. 

OutreachPlus makes this step transparent for you. With our dedicated lead category, keep a closer check on all those leads that have responded so that your sales team can take immediate action to nurture them on time. 

Simply click on the leads page at the left menu of the dashboard and start converting your warm leads sooner.

15. Filter your relevant leads instantly

How about an inbox that also filters your leads all in one place. For all your active leads, you can easily filter them via your inbox. Earlier due to no lead count, the filtration didn’t take place, but with OutreachPlus last additional feature, just click on the ‘leads’ option and get your filtered leads list instantly. 

We are excited 🙋 and can’t wait for you 👊 to try out our new features.

To get more updates on our features and upgrades, watch this space 

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