5 Amazing Tool To Check Email Deliverability

check email deliverability

Email deliverability is the sustained ability to deliver targeted emails to your target audience’s inboxes. Marketers use this strategy to test the likelihood of their digital marketing campaigns reaching their subscribers’ inboxes related to actual delivery – like ISP, bounces, throttling, spam issues, and bulking. Therefore, it is important to check email deliverability.

Several elements hurt email deliverability. These factors include sending emails without personalized authentication, using single opt-in, spam-flashing email subject lines, and sending from a free domain email address, making it difficult to unsubscribe, using URL shorteners sending emails that contain too many images. 

When do you need to check your email deliverability?

You should check your email deliverability in two cases:

  1. Before starting your cold email campaign
  2. When your cold email campaign is already running (which might be the case if you suspect that your email deliveries are low, or you get blocked from sending emails by your email service provider)

There are several tools available on the web that can analyze and check email deliverability for you. The following are a few things you should keep in mind before you select a tool for testing.

The tool should:
  1. Pre-test subject lines for readability and other factors
  2. Improve the quality of your email message and list
  3. Test your email templates for various email hosts
  4. Evaluate the overall effect of your email message on clients
  5. Improve and assess your email’s deliverability

The tools included in this article will help you with email deliverability.

They will let you discover the problems in your email deliveries and make sure the deliverability number increases steadily, bringing you more growth.

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Overall Email deliverability checkers

1. Talos

Talos was formerly known as SenderBase. This tool lets you check email deliverability efficiently and easily. It does so by allowing you to check your email server Internet Protocol ID or domain for its reputation on the email server.

For doing that, you need to enter the name of your IP or domain. When you hit search, the results will show reputation on the web, whether it is good, neutral, or poor. 

If you are aiming at good (as you should) and have a good result, there is nothing to worry about. If your result is Neutral, there is something wrong that you need to take care of.

However, if the result you get is Poor, it means that most of the emails that you send out probably won’t get to their subscribers’ inboxes. Moreover, you can also see if your email volume has changed or not over a period that is generally fixed.

You must take care of this volume and make sure you don’t create a sudden peak in emails sent. If you are on an email blacklist, it will also show you the same.

Hence, Talos is a very well-rounded application. It is also available for free.

2. SendForensics

SendForensics is a tool that helps you check the email deliverability of your marketing emails. It is a complex tool that provides its users with information that is very elaborate and detailed.

It calculates your domain’s deliverability potential by factoring in several elements in its calculations. After signing up, you will get a unique email address to check your results.

What you have to do is very simple. Whenever you want to check the email deliverability of your emails from any IP or domain, you have to send an email from that domain to this custom email ID.

Hence, you can see the analysis of all these emails there.

This tool provides you with a lot of data. Hence, it is very helpful for more advanced and tech-savvy digital marketers and companies. For more general users, the overall rate of deliverability gets shown in percentage.

Hence, all sorts of users and marketers can use this application tool for their advantage. SendForensics also has a feature that lets you know whether your emails are “Naturally Conversational” or “Overly-Professional.”

SendForensics can also collect and compare the results of your tests. It gives you an advantage because it lets you figure out whether any changes you make to your campaign make a difference in statistics or email deliverability or not.

SendForensics is a free tool for one domain check and paid if you want to check more.

3. Glock Apps

Glock Apps can be efficiently used to check email deliverability for all sorts of emails, with a twist. This tool gives you the ability to know different statistics about your emails, all in one place.

It allows you to check how many people saw your emails, how many people it got delivered (or wasn’t delivered), and how different email hosting services, including Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Apple and others react to your emails.

When you click ‘Start Test,’ you will get a code that you are to paste on your message. You will also get some email addresses that you will have to send the message too. Attach the code to the message, type in the email addresses in your receiver’s bar and click send.

Once the emails go through, Glock Apps will analyze them and give you the insights you want. In some time, you will see a full-fledged report containing all the relevant information – from delivery rates to how different email hosts react to your emails.

The app also gives you several possible reasons why your email campaign is taking a hit (if it is). Glock Apps is free for the first three tests, paid if you want to test more.

4. SpamCheck by Postmark

This tool lets you know the SpamAssassin score of your email domain or IP. Let’s understand what SpamAssassin is first. In simple terms, it’s a comprehensive system of scoring your messages specifically designed for identifying and filtering spam.

It is a tool that several email service providers use, which makes it more critical for you to test this score for yourself.

When you visit ‘SpamCheck by Postmark’s’ website, you will see that you require the email’ source to score it. The email source is not the part you normally see but is more of the server’s job.

To get the source, you have to find the option to see the source in your email client’s inbox. To do this, hence, you must send the target or concerned email to yourself. It lets you find the source of the email.

Once you have it, copy the whole thing and paste it into the tool. The score might be anywhere below zero or above it. Here, the lower your score, the better. 

The app is free to use by all users.

5. Mail-Tester.com

Mail-Tester allows you to check email deliverability from message to message. It lets you check up to 3 messages a day free of cost. It checks your emails and tells you whether they look spammy to other email hosts or servers.

This analysis by Mail-Tester helps you figure out what makes your email delivery rates drop.

For doing this, you need to visit their website and copy the provided email. Send your targeted email to this email address and analyze your insights.

This tool will show you your email server’s IP address, the information about your DKIM and SPF configuration, the general and overall view of your SpamAssassin system, the analysis of your message content according to span filters, your potential presence or absence on some blacklists and the information about any broken links that might exist in your message.

Based on all these different factors and variables, you get a score that ranges from 0-10. The higher your number is, the better is your image.

Mail-Tester also gives you little hints that help you improve your messages and email deliverability. You should never send a message that gets a score of 5 or below on Mail-Tester.

Mail-Tester checks 3 emails every day for free and is a paid tool if you want to check more.

Email subscriber verification tools

Although there are many email marketing tools and platforms that will help you find out what is wrong with your email list and improve it, you want to start with a clean email list for several reasons. First, they limit email bounces. Secondly, they improve your emails’ deliverability and open rate and improve your reputation in the eyes of the email host and the client.

Here are some excellent tools that will help you check email subscribers and improve your email list:

  1. NeverBounce – This is one of the most reliable email verification platforms.
  2. QuickEmailVerification – Although this tool is slightly expensive, it is one of the fastest and most appreciated by its customers.

Deliverability testing tools

If your emails often end up in your clients’ spam folder, you ought to do something about it. Your emails are probably viewed as ‘Promotion’ by Google or never reach your clients in the first place, both of which dramatically decrease your email’s chances of getting read by your target audience. No matter how good your content is, if your email ends up in the Spam folder, it is most likely that your prospects will never get around to read it.

Here are some email marketing tools that will help you check email deliverability and increase chances that your email will get read:

  1. Sender Score: It grades your IP addresses’ reputation on a scale of 1 to 100, letting you know how far ahead you rank
  2. Litmus Spam Testing: It tests your emails against major spam filters and makes recommendations that you can incorporate into your email strategies
  3. Email in Acid Spam Testing: This tool is adept at scanning your email against several spam red flags used by multiple large email hosts like Google and Outlook
  4. Postmark SPAM Check: It grades your content and makes actionable recommendations for your email

Subject line testing tools

Once you have a solid foundation for email deliverability, you must make sure your subject line is enticing enough for your audience. This is to draw attention to your email and constitutes a major part of the open rate of your emails.

Here are some tools that will check your subject line and rate it:

  1. Send Check It: This tool integrates with Slack and also has email address and domain validation functionalities for its users
  2. Zurb Subject Line Preview: It gives you a feel for the appearance of your emails on mobile devices and lets you know if your subject line is strong enough
  3. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyser: It tells you whether your copy appeals to the intellectual or the empathetic side of your prospects’ brains, and gives recommendations about the same


With the availability of such high-tech tools to check the viability of your emails, there is no need for you to send out untested and unverified emails.

Make sure you use one of these tools before you start sending out your next email. From cleaning up your email list to giving you statistics about their reading rate, these tools do a lot.

Your emails’ performance will drastically improve once you start using the insights of these tools regularly.

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