Be the SDR the 2020 market demands you to be: Here’s how

Be the SDR the 2020 market demands you to be: Here's how

‘’Research shows that 35% to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.’’

Being an SDR (Sales development representative) in 2020 isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible.

Today if you conduct a survey, the most common issue which prospects face with the sales teams is they are not giving them a satisfactory experience to invest in a product.

For this reason alone, sales development representatives are the best persons to eliminate such a hassle.

Sales Development representatives deal with inbound sales and work to push leads well in the sales pipeline. This work has more to do with nurturing leads which is the main job role of an SDR. 

If you’re an SDR reading this who is new to his/her job role or is looking to enhance its performance, then this article is for you. 

This article will help you convert your current SDR performance into a great one with a few easy techniques. 

What to expect?

Let’s get started.

Top techniques to convert yourself from a better to a great SDR in 2020

1. Conduct insightful conversations

Your conversations with your prospects need to be long because the longer the communication happens, the better are your chances of converting the lead to a sales deal. But this meaningful conversation can take place when you learn to conduct insightful conversations with your prospects.

The insightful conversations should be conducted in a manner where you need to understand what the prospects are expecting of you. If you wish to push your prospects towards the sales pipeline better you need to start engaging with your prospects with the following questions:

  • What are their expectations?
  • What is their exact need?
  • What are they looking to invest in particularly?
  • What is making them speak to you?
  • What do they want you to hear about?

All of this will contribute to a longer and insightful information that can help you then convert them into a sales lead. 

2. Don’t focus on just conducting meetings

There is no denying that almost half of the work is on the basis of conducting meetings and engaging with prospects. But apart from this, there is also another important factor that contributes to your job role which is nurturing the leads. While you manage to conduct or schedule a meeting with your prospect, what next?

The next factor also matters and your sales deals will depend purely on that process. Ensure that you plan or rather create a better plan on how you can push your prospects towards the sales pipeline faster. This will help you speed up the process while simultaneously helping you conduct the meeting as well. 

3. Learn to face the failures or rejections

Failure is present in every part of life and this applies in your department as well. The failure count is more because not all the prospects will want to engage with you, there would be many where they would either ignore your calls or never revert. In such cases, it is necessary to understand that these aspects will take place.

The best way to ensure that you can face such failures or rejections is to first accept it. When you are aware that you weren’t able to meet your targets or you didn’t close as many sales deals and you should, you need to sit down and understand that it’s okay. Instead of you feeling low about it, convert that emotion to your strongest point where you get to learn what went wrong and eliminate that mistake sooner. 

When this takes place it becomes easy to focus on lead management. 

4. Start slowly and pick up the pace

If you’re new to the SDR department, there is one thing that you need to understand better, which is conducting your work one at a time. If you believe that you can conduct your meetings at one time, train your team in the other and have your mind fixed on creating a plan, you are going to crash sooner than you think. Sales is a job when done well only then can you see results.

You can conduct even one job a day and still find efficient results by the week. Ensure that whatever tasks have been assigned to you, all of it is done step by step for maximum performance. 

5. Customize all outreach actions

You will be setting up campaigns, sending emails, and doing so much more in order to engage with your prospects, now if you try to paste the same content everywhere, you will not receive the desired or rather the expected results. Hence it is necessary for you to understand that all your communications with your prospects via such platforms need to be customized.

Each of your prospects is different, their needs are the same as your prospects but the way they want to use your product will differ hence it makes sense that you create or rather customize your content accordingly. When you do this, each of your prospects will feel the personal touch and will be compelled to invest in your brand. 

6. Work on your listening skills

Sales especially in 2020 are no longer about you speaking and your prospects listening and purchasing in the brand, it has changed and become vice versa. When you listen to your prospects, sales have become much better. The more you focus on your listening skills, the better are you convincing your prospects that you genuinely care about them and they will go on to invest in your brand. 

During the conversation with your prospects, keep asking relevant questions, and keep listening to what the prospects have to say. 

7. Work on providing better voicemails

Voicemails are the process where you record a message so that when your prospects hear it they will revert to you. This process is conducted because your prospects wouldn’t have received your call and leaving a voicemail will make them reach out to you. This is also another great technique to never miss out on any potential lead due to such hassles. 

8. Move away when you’re feeling low

There are days where you might feel low and not in the right state of mind to speak to a prospect or manage the sales calls for the day. It is exhausting and it can consume more of your time. In such situations, ensure that you move away and take a step back. When you do this, you can take a break and then get back to work with the right state of mind. 

9. Continue to ask for feedback and grow

Feedbacks are a great way to enhance your sales actions. When you do this, you improve in what you do best. With your sales actions, you can continue to ask for feedback with your prospects so that engagement with leads can be better for you. This will also give you a better understanding of how to push your leads in the sales pipeline further.  

10. Know your product better

Your product is your key strength, hence it makes sense that you need to learn better about it. When your prospects have doubts about it, you need to cater to them better. They will ask you all the questions about your product which you need to cater to at that same point. The more you reveal about your product, the better your enticing your prospects to come towards you. 

11. Show your prospects more Empathy

Due to their eagerness of completing a call or to achieve their target, such sales reps fail to understand the motives of their actions.

Since they treat it as a normal sales job, they fail to get their buyers on the same page as them. As they cannot understand what their buyers are actually looking for, they can’t sell them the solution at all.

“To build a long-term, successful enterprise, when you don’t close a sale, open a relationship.” – Patricia Fripp

The reason why great sales reps convert their potential visitors into a lead is because they follow the principle of empathy. A state where they can understand what are the pain points of their buyers.

An article from salesforce best explains this example,

‘’Say you are in technology sales and typically focus on the pitch and sales to a VP. Are you also thinking about how the organization will make the decision at a holistic level? Take, for instance, the IT department that is going to implement your solution. Do you understand the department’s concerns around adding a new software or a way of working that could directly impact its jobs and systems? Can you extend your conversation to its members and discover where they may have hurdles? This is one way to start spreading your empathy on a broader level and, at the same time, help to alleviate objections and roadblocks down the line.’’

This in turn helps them to identify their needs more easily as well as help them to sell their solutions conveniently. 

For instance, when such sales reps sell solutions, it shouldn’t just be about the selling factor, that they need to understand, the other story also needs to be considered as well. 

Many sales reps manage to convince the sales head or even the CEO, but there are factors which will be needed to be considered from their clients perspectives as well, which many sales reps fail to understand.

Such as,

  • How will this solution impact their sales process?
  • How easy it is to adapt to this solution method?
  • Does it fit in the clients budgetary needs, if not is it worth it to expand?

Your clients are taking a risk, a risk which can shape the way their current sales process or the way they generate leads. Indulging in an empathetic solution with your clients, helps you to make things easier for them.

When you know what their ‘real’ issue is, it will not just be about the selling, it will draw you more towards helping them. 

 “You have to tell a story before you can sell a story.” – Beth Comstock

12. Being data smart about your customers

Normal sales reps believe that knowing the company and the business information will be enough to understand their customers. They just briefly scroll through their social media accounts and understand their buyers role or they would connect with few references to learn more about them.

When it comes to selling, these are the same reps who hesitate to speak more on their buyers since they have limited information in hand. Hence, even selling their solution doesn’t work well in the process.

Great sales reps have their eyes on their buyers every movement. From tracking their social media accounts, to scrolling and learning their preferences, these reps don’t just build a one liner information about their buyers, they have pages ready.

They follow every footstep of their buyers right from the events they attend to the comments they post, conducting all these actions help such reps to sell better as they understand their buyers needs as well as carve them a solution which exceeds their expectations.

Many platforms allow you to conduct such actions, for instance let’s take an example of Mark Taylor  who is an executive director of Blackdot Consulting. We are using his LinkedIn account to study better about him

Here’s the summary of all the information you require about Mark taylors’ experience, where he works and what he actually does. This makes it easier to identify how your solution can help him.

You can easily track Mark’s activities, the people he follows, his comments on posts as well as, find any blogs written by him to understand him theory of the industry he is dealing in much better.

Even on Instagram, you easily identify which type of audience liked your post and their concerned age groups. You can even see your traffic details as well as the reactions and engagements of your online activities on your page.

The Bottom Line…

You now have all the tips required to become a good SDR in 2020.

Your prospects, especially your potential prospects are the ones that give you the opportunity to convert them into a sales lead. With the right techniques stated above, this opportunity can be won brilliantly.

So tell us, what did you think of this article? What are your views on this topic? We would love to hear from you.

Also, to read more such insightful content, do watch out for OutreachPlus regularly. 

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