The Only 2020 Guide You Need To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Wouldn’t you like it when you receive great commission and have your brand retain the top position?

Well, many of you would disagree that you can’t have both, but what if you were told that this is possible?

It’s 2020 and let’s face it selling to the modern prospects isn’t a piece of cake, you need to work smart and well, while everyone is busy getting things running on social media and other popular platforms, we have a platform that could interest your attention to continue reading this article.

Ever heard of Affiliate marketing?

To describe this marketing tactic in a simple word wouldn’t be enough, but what we can guarantee you is that this marketing platform can benefit your business on a higher scale. It is where two people who are connected to conduct this action confidently receive great results.

There are many theories online that surround affiliate marketing, but not all are as informative as this article because we have all the information being shared here up to date and relevant to you.

What to expect here?

1 . What is affiliate marketing

2. Perks of conducting affiliate marketing actions

3. How affiliate marketing functions?

4. Types of affiliate marketing channels

5. Why should you become an affiliate marketer?

6. How to get started with affiliate marketing?

7. 10 best affiliate programs that can help you earn better commission in 2020

8. Expert opinion on affiliate marketing

We promise you that affiliate marketing can make an impact on your business. To boost your confidence here is proof, ‘’According to 38 percent of all marketers, affiliate marketing is among the top customer acquisition methods.’’

Let’s get started.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Say you were scrolling online and you happened to see a post which speaks about how a company is conducting secure online actions, you get curious and visit that page, you start reading the page and understand a brief about the product, you then see the link shared and upon clicking it you head to the brand’s page.

There you continue exploring and understanding the product and with great assistance, you convert your attention into a purchase. 

Now, this is what happens in the front view.

You need to know what happens in the back view, so since your purchase, there are two things that made the following actions happen, the brand received a lead and the revenue increased one step and the person who guided you towards the brand received a good commission.

This is exactly how affiliate marketing functions. 

How an affiliate program works

The image above is the perfect example of affiliate works which help you understand the example explained above.

Do you know why affiliate marketing is working so well?

Because both ends the benefit is being received. Whether you’re a brand or an individual, you can become a successful affiliate marketer and also offer an affiliate program for other affiliates to exhibit your brand on behalf of you.

With so many benefits in hand, don’t you believe that the rise of such a technique is evident?

Let’s help you understand better with affiliate marketing.

Perks Of Conducting Affiliate Marketing Actions

1. More visibility of your brand

Not all your prospects are aware of what your brand is or who it is in the first place, which means they need to understand that your brand exists as well which can cater to their needs and the best way to do this is via affiliate marketing. When your prospects stumble upon your brand, they will be curious as to what it is and come to your website to learn more from you.

With such a continuous action, it becomes easy to create better brand visibility for you. 

2. Reaches a wider audience

If you’re getting affiliates to conduct affiliate marketing then you need to understand that your affiliates will be from different locations which means that the audience too would be multiple locations wise. Hence there will be no location restrictions and the audience outreach would be much higher when compared to the campaigns that you send out regularly.

3. Creates brand awareness for new businesses

Say you have just started your business, the number one goal you need to focus on is how you can get your brand in the eyes of your audience and affiliate marketing can do this better for you than other techniques. With increased visibility, your brand will stand the chance to create more awareness of its existence and get more prospects to indulge on your website. 

4. Payment made on the basis of sales

If the brand to which the affiliate marketer has managed to get prospects, and that prospect has invested in the brand, then only will the affiliate marketer be able to make a sale? Payments are conducted on a sales basis which makes this technique a cost-effective one. 

5. Lets you choose the best affiliates

There are multiple successful affiliate marketers present and coming up, but that doesn’t mean you need to take all of them to promote your brand, you have the choice to choose the best especially the ones that can sell your brand and the product you exhibit better. When you have the best affiliates in hand, the chances of your brand to grow is higher. 

6. Best suited for small/growing businesses

Small businesses always find it difficult to beat the large businesses because the common issue would be they wouldn’t have that much revenue to invest in advertising, luckily for small businesses, all they have to matter is the prospects that land up on their website because of everything related to brand and product promotion and advertising is taken care of by the affiliates themselves.

7. Engage with warm leads

Another great reason to love affiliate marketing is because the leads you get are warm leads. These are leads that have seen or rather understood a bit about your brand and want to explore it more. Such leads have the ability to be converted into a sales lead quicker with better motivation and push. 

Now that we have a better understanding of about affiliate marketing, let’s learn better about how it works in the first place

How Affiliate Marketing Functions?

Affiliate marketing functions in 3 ways:

1. Seller/ product creators

Sellers or product creators as the ones that deal with the products. The products could be anything softwares, physical items, and more. Now sellers ideally can play the role of being an affiliate marketer or offer affiliate programs to the affiliates accordingly. The sellers could be anyone, an individual, a brand, a solo individual, and more.

Here the product is the main highlight which the successful affiliate marketer needs to take charge of. 

2. Affiliate marketers/publishers

Affiliate marketers can also be called publishers. What they do with the product is they exhibit it to their audience. It could be on any platform they use to engage with their audience. Any promotional or advertising activities are conducted by affiliate marketers or publishers.

3. Consumers

Consumers play a key role in affiliate marketing, they are the factors that help the brand and successful affiliate marketers to share the profits. The main aim of promoting a product is that prospects need to purchase it and when that happens and as you are aware both the brand and the affiliate marketer cherish the profits together. 

For affiliate marketing to take place, there are certain platforms or rather channels that help to conduct such an action, let’s understand which platforms are best suited.

Types Of Affiliate Marketing Channels

1. Influencers

These are social media gurus. They have such a huge fan following that whatever they promote their audience will purchase it. They have become influencers because their job is to sell the brand’s product which is exactly what affiliate marketing does and when that happens they get paid well and also receive great recognition. 

Instagram Influencer Marketing

The model in the image doesn’t need an introduction, Selena Gomez is a star herself and when her fans see that she is promoting the brand Coca-cola, they are bound to start using that themselves. Influencer marketing is huge and this is proof ‘’49% of Consumers Depend on Influencer Recommendations.’’

2. Bloggers

Bloggers are the next type of affiliate marketing. Bloggers speak about everything, they speak in detail and have multiple blog posts on the topic and niche they would like to work in. For instance, you are a blogger that writes about a healthy lifestyle so you would also write about brands that promote and offer products for that lifestyle which is where you start promoting them.

This is exactly what affiliate marketing is. 

3. Microsites

Microsite for becoming a successful affiliate marketer

This is an example of microsites. They are not what you offer when your prospects view your website, they are different and quite catchy. They help to draw attention and it is a form of affiliate marketing because the brand is being exhibited. As you can see in the image above, Office Max the brand is exhibited in the image, so with the visually pleasing image, prospects will be bound to head to the brand.

4. Email lists

Email lists are the lists of prospects with their email addresses. These email addresses are collected with email campaigns and more. So successful affiliate marketers can help promote your products with the email addresses they have. 

5. Large media websites

Large media websites’ examples are Youtube, Facebook, and more. They have a huge number of followers and promote any brand on their page. For instance, with Youtube, you can observe how many brands have been promoted and how many videos and sponsor posts are being shared. There are more chances of making sales with such platforms because the audience count is huge. This is also a form of affiliate marketing.

All the information being viewed above has a reason to grasp your attention, being an affiliate in such a time can drive better results not only for you but for the brand that you are hosting or your own brand for that matter.

Let’s understand the importance of your being a successful affiliate marketer.

Why Should You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

You should be an affiliate marketer for one simple reason to increase your revenue. Whether you’re the brand getting affiliate marketers to promote your product or being a successful affiliate marketer yourself, this process can help you earn better.

1. Low costs included to get started

When you’re an affiliate marketer, all you need to get started is a computer or a laptop and a good internet connection. When you have this, you can do so much online. You can start promoting a product, you can work anytime in a day and a lot more, so the process of becoming an affiliate marketer in terms of investment is quite less. 

2. The ability to promote what you want

Another great reason to become an affiliate marketer is that you have a medium to share your opinion on the products you want to speak about. For instance, say that you understand the world of healthy lifestyles better and that interests you more, you can make use of your expertise by becoming an affiliate marketer for healthy lifestyles brands and earn better money this way. 

3. You’re the sole owner

You alone can be the affiliate marketer. There are no requirements of a team or another person, you yourself can indulge in product promotion and earn money which again will come to you directly without the need for any cuts or a middleman.

4. No extra costs paid from your end

Being an affiliate marketer your main focus should be getting your audience to the brand that you’re promoting, anything to do outside with it such as shipping charges, and more has nothing to do with you. You are only responsible for promoting the product of the brand you are an affiliate for. 

5. Make money anytime

This is true, your money or rather your revenue can come in anytime, even when you’re sleeping. Your job of promoting is going to be online and your audience is going to view it anytime, hence when you’re not online, the prospect would visit the brand you are an affiliate for and make an investment. 

Now that we have this covered, let’s get you started on how you can become a successful affiliate marketer in 2020.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

1. Choose your platform

You have decided that you want to be an affiliate marketer. You need to now decide how you will connect with your audience which is where choosing the right platform matters. You can use Instagram, Facebook, and more according to how you want to connect with your audience. 

2. Identify your niche

Identifying your niche is important because there are multiple successful affiliate marketers who are present currently which means you need to be unique and not let the competitors tackle you, so say for instance if you’re speaking about wellbeing, you can take one niche such as mental health or another niche accordingly.

3. Join affiliate programs

With the rise of affiliate marketers, there are now multiple brands that are offering affiliate programs to promote their brand better. Who are those brands that are covered in the next category? 

4. Produce good content

Your content is the highlight here which means you need to write content that will compel your audience to click on the link and head to the brand you’re promoting. For this to happen you can conduct the following tactics:

  • Speaking more of benefits
  • Sharing your experience with the brand
  • Adding a human touch and genuineness in the content
  • Helping your audience visualize the value the product will hold for them

5. Focus on driving traffic to your site

Ensure that you’re able to capture your audience, you can do this with hashtags, SEO keywords, backlinks, referrals, and more. This will help your audience land up on your site and explore what you want them to learn.

6. Get more clicks on your promotion activities

When you’re sharing your content and placing the link of the brand, ensure that this is done naturally. You cannot just place the brand link anywhere and on each sentence, it will look like a fraud. Place it in such a way where the audience will be bound to click on it. For instance, if you say that brand A can help in increasing 2x more conversions, you can highlight from 2x more onwards. 

7. Convert your clicks to sales sooner

Your content, the way you place the link, and how you promote matters because the more clicks you get the higher are your chances of making a sale sooner. Review your click actions and improve and enhance your promotion actions accordingly.

As stated earlier, we told you that there are brands that offer affiliate programs and their commissions are great for you to get started, Luckily for you, we have covered all of them so that you can start earning well from the beginning.  

10 Best Affiliate Programs That Can Help You Earn Better Commission In 2020

1. Hubspot

Hubspot homepage

Hubspot offers multiple dedicated services such as marketing, sales, and more. It focuses on helping their audience conduct better customer experience with the help of Hubspot. If you become a successful affiliate marketer for Hubspot, the payment will depend on the products you choose to promote.

Starters is $250, Professional/CMS- $500, Enterprise- $1000. A great reason to invest in Hubspot because it provides affiliate marketers with all the tools and resources needed to enhance the affiliate marketing actions better.

Commission: $1000/ per product purchased

Cookie life– 90 days (Cookie life refers to the time where the affiliate marketer needs to seal the deal)

2. GetResponse

Getresponse homepage

GetResponse offers multiple marketing automation tools such as email marketing activities, CRMs, and more. They offer two affiliate programs under their brand, one is a self-hosted program where the commission you receive can be up to 33% recurring. This plan ranges from $15- $1200/month.

The second affiliate program GetResponse offers is $135 for every sale that was referred via CJ Affiliate. The cookie life here is only for 30 days.

Commission: 33% recurring

Cookie life– 120 days

3. SEMRush

SEMRush homepage

SEMRush offers marketing tool kits of every kind. It is a Saas company that specializes in marketing tools that are best suited and helpful for digital marketers. Their affiliate program is very interesting as they offer multiple benefits such as incase if a referral wanted to cancel their subscription and then rejoin again in the future, then they will receive a subscription on this second opportunity. 

Commission: 40% recurring

Cookie life– 10 years

4. Coursera

Coursera Homepage

Coursera is a platform where you can get a hold of the best information in the form of courses that can enhance your career better. There are videos, quizzes, and more to help you get started. To become an affiliate marketer, the benefits being received are great such as you can get access to banners that are professionally designed and also receive every month an affiliate newsletter that contains content recommendations.

Commission: 20-45%

Cookie Life– 30 days

5. BigCommerce

Bigcommerce Webpage

BigCommerce hosts multiple brands and products under one roof. It caters to multiple types of industries such as food, health, and more and across 150 countries. It is an online store that is getting popular with time. It is easy to earn as a successful affiliate marketer here.

Commission: 200% or $1500 per enterprise customer

Cookie life– 90 days

6. Shopify

Shopify Homepage

Shopify is one such store where if you want to start your business, this is the best platform for you. It is easy, quick, and efficient for businesses to get started here. Whether it is web hosting or payment processes, Shopify has you covered for everything. The affiliate program is free for you to get started and as a successful affiliate marketer you can receive good benefits such as when a referral signs up for the Shopify Plus account, an amount of $2000 bounty payment is paid.

Commission: 200%

Cookie life– 30 days

7. 3dCart

3dcart homepage

3dCart is another e-commerce platform that functions well with the help of SEO. It focuses on providing all the tools and resources required to set up and grow any online store. The affiliate program functions on two networks which are CommissionJunction and ShareASale, whichever is convenient, you can choose accordingly.

Commission: 300%

Cookie life– 45 days

8. Volusion

Volusion homepage

Volusion is another e-commerce platform that helps you to create and manage your online store better. From domain purchases to SEO and also security, this platform has everything you need to enhance your online store. Apart from the commission, successful affiliate marketers also receive another benefit which is access to marketing resources that can enhance your promotional activities better.

Commission: 200%

Cookie life– 45 days

9. Kinsta

Kinsta homepage

Kinsta helps to create the best WordPress hosting platforms that will be quick, reliable, and secure. Being an affiliate marketer here can help you earn close to $500 depending on the plan the referral has purchased such as Starter $30, Pro- $100, Business- $150, Enterprise- $500. 

Commission– $500 per referral + 10% recurring

Cookie life– 60 days

10. Flywheel

Flywheel homepage

Flywheel is another unique solution that works to provide better WordPress hosting services. It aims to provide a hassle-free service to create and design the websites. When you become an affiliate marketer for this platform, the team here helps you to enhance your commission figures better by assisting you to create better images to conduct your promotional activities better.

Commission: 300% and $500 paid per referral

Cookie life– 90 days

Now that we have the affiliate program here for you to get started, why don’t you also have another opinion on this topic from your experts itself? 

Expert Opinion On Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing’s impact is best known for those who have conducted it already, which is why having an expert opinion on this topic matters.

1. Attila O’dree, Affiliate Marketing Expert

“Affiliate Marketing in 2020 is going to see the biggest changes yet.

Gone are the ways of High CTR ads on Facebook, Google, and reputable Native Networks. These places are raging war against Clickbait, Celeb, Shocking, Bizarre, and other High CTR ad types as well as ads with claims that don’t have written proof to back them up.

The lazy affiliates will give up and quit, and probably go do something else whereas the best will adapt by focusing on playing by the rules to be able to spend and get traffic, and making up the profits elsewhere.

Either creating their own offers with multiple monetization schemes on the backend, or partnering up with people that bring one talent for instance, in eCommerce partnering with someone that already imports goods and has a logistics network built out, and then focusing on the marketing in a profit share model or agency model.

A lot of CPA networks will go out of business because the small, lazy affiliates that are used to rip and run and celebs will not be able to make things work and leave.

Smart CPA networks will adapt, just like the smart affiliates and introduce higher payout offers, or quality offers that aren’t smoke and mirrors/snake oil but rather have good value to customers and will be well received. Long-form funnels will also see a rise, as well as owning the lead, and then re-targeting them using their own push database, email, SMS.

Big money will be made by the 1% that can come up with ultra clever technological ways to work around all the rules, detection and foreshadowing of intent by the top ad networks. These kinds of methods will be out of reach for 99% because they require extreme coding knowledge, or huge pockets to hire insane high-level coders that are the smartest hackers out there.

Alternative traffic sources will remain, they will be loaded with bot traffic, and fake emulated traffic to steal money and generate massive profits for the publishers & networks.

Anyone that wants to play these traffic sources has to be quick and block shitty placements using stringent rules. Automation will be super handy here, like RedTrack’s auto rules system that can sync with more and more traffic sources to pause and exclude bad zones and placements automatically. ‘’

2. Ian Fernando, Affiliate Marketing Expert

“South East Asia will be the place to advertise next. A lot of people are trying to get more impressions in SEA especially for the upcoming countries in SouthEast Asia.

More affiliates are going to start utilizing more email to offer strategy, meaning collecting leads then directing them to the offer and making sure they convert through the email series.

I also think a lot more are going to start advertising with traffic sources that concentrate on strictly straight CPC. Meaning affiliates will utilize the cheapest traffic then optimize and use that data to merge off onto Google or Facebook.

The biggest thing I see is 2020 will be the year where data and privacy will really test our skills as an affiliate or online marketer. I see changes in algorithms happening to the big traffic sources and how data is going to be used to target users. I think 2020 will be the year of data wars.”

3. Josh Sebo, COO at OfferVault

“I feel that affiliate marketing is increasingly becoming more of a standard in the marketing world and we’ll continue to see this growth into 2020 and beyond. I also believe that influencers are going to become more important than ever as we continue to see affiliate marketing used in new ways. It’s a very exciting time to be involved in this space as it’s constantly evolving every day.”

4. Vlad Zhovtenko, CEO at Redtrack

“Affiliate marketing solutions will follow the path already paved by other businesses. SaaS adoption will continue to grow. Affiliate marketers will explore new traffic sources and lead generation opportunities. Technology providers and traffic sources will continue the drift towards programmatic, offering actual automation of routine tasks.”

5. Sean Si, Founder of SEO hacker and Qeryz

‘’I think Affiliate Marketing will increase on eCommerce products and will see a massive segmentation on SaaS products. Basically due to SaaS products are vastly increasing and eCommerce is rising in usage, visits and popularity. I also think mobile affiliate marketing is very interesting if mobile websites and payment gateways can make affiliate purchasing (or purchasing in general) to have a seamless, friction-less experience for mobile. Everything’s compressed and simple in mobile browsing – so if mobile purchasing could be as compressed and simple, I think affiliate marketing could see a huge boost in sales volume. The Google-backed Accelerated Mobile Pages could also prove to be a powerful way for affiliate marketers to earn through publishing. And distributing those publications to mobile apps that take advantage of AMP loading such as Flipboard and the Native Twitter app. How can affiliate marketers best grow and engage their audience for the new year? Email marketing. I think it’s been proven and tested that email is the best converting and retention method that affiliate marketers use. There’s tons of data to back my statement out there. Email is changing drastically. Google is making it so – as well as the other multiple email plugins and integration out there such as Streak and Hubspot’s Sidekick.’’

6. Neil Patel, Co-Founder of CrazyEgg

‘’Affiliate marketing will become harder. Sure as you already know it is shifting towards mobile and tablets, but people are getting used to the concept of affiliate marketing. Consumers will be less likely to just click on links… as an affiliate you will have to spend more time creating valuable content and educating before you generate the sale.’’ 

7. Karl Kangur, Partner and Editor in Chief at MonetizePros

More and more people will start treating their affiliate websites as businesses.

A lot of beginners are still struggling with affiliate marketing and in most scenarios, it’s because they’re following “the old model”.

They’re outsourcing low quality, short content and just throwing something up on the web.

As Brian Dean and many others have demonstrated with guides like the skyscraper technique – quality content is key for both SEO, social traffic and most importantly, conversions.

I think that’s where we’re headed now.

A lot of the “old school” niche marketers are revamping their sites with better and better content, focusing more on the user, their problems and their experience.

8. Bobbie Richards, Blogger at

‘’I think most of the same affiliate marketing techniques will prove effective at generating revenue. Even with competition intensifying and new niches popping up seemingly every hour, the old school battle-tested affiliate strategies will hold strong. Here are 4 strategies that worked really well for me, and where I will continue to focus…   1. Long Form Review Posts Check search volume around “review” and “tutorial” related keywords for your affiliate products. For example, this Thrive Leads review and SEMrush tutorial are arguably the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere online. They both rank top 5 in Google and drive a lot of middle funnel traffic that converts pretty well.   2. Leverage Influencer Opinion to Sell Affiliate Products  Where possible target “best [product]” keywords with expert roundups. Here is an example. In the post, 58 online marketing experts rated SEMrush the #1 keyword research tool. It ranks #1 in Google for its target keyword and drives a ton of targeted traffic each month. Influencer ratings and an exclusive trial code generate new signups every day.   3. Leverage Your Email List This one is HUGE. Specifically, there are two ways I’ve found this to work well. First, set up an upsell series. For example, I’m in the process of building out an affiliate autoresponder for anyone downloading my content promotion eBook. As soon as the subscriber confirms their email address, they will be redirected to a thank you page with a video sale letter that sells a small ($7) tripwire offer (eg. how to rank expert roundups #1 in Google). When someone buys the tripwire they are then redirected to a core offer page where I will upsell them into a paid affiliate online marketing course. This series is effective in capturing the lead with a free eBook, instantly turning the lead into a customer (tripwire), and then maximizing affiliate revenue with a higher ticket upsell. Second, I’m using Thrive Leads to build smart links. When someone clicks from my email to a blog post they don’t see any opt-in forms. This is redundant. Instead, they see a popup that promotes a relevant affiliate product.   4. More email  You don’t have to write a blog post to promote affiliate products. Treat your site and list like a business. Don’t be afraid to send promotional emails every so often. And, use video and short email tutorials to deliver value without selling. Educate and build trust with your audience. A couple no-brainers to end. Make sure you’re targeting top funnel keywords and driving those visitors through some type of affiliate autoresponder series. Use middle funnel keywords with “best”, “review”, “tutorial”, “comparison” modifiers to bring in more middle funnel traffic that tends to convert better. Make sure your site is FAST and mobile-friendly.’’

9. Brian Lang, Founder of the blog Small Business Ideas

‘’Many things will remain the same for affiliate marketing – affiliate marketers will still have to provide value to their audience and work hard to grow their following.

As far as changes, I believe that opportunities will continue to grow on mobile for affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing will continue to grow beyond North America and expand into global markets.’’

The Bottom Line…

Didn’t we tell you can have both, a great commission coming in and your brand growing well?

You now have everything you need to get started, it’s time for you to increase your revenue better and focus on enhancing your affiliate marketing activity better.

So, what did you think of this affiliate marketing topic? When do you plan to get started?

If you found this article helpful, you would be interested in other relevant articles as well, watch out for OutreachPlus.

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