8 Efficient Secure Email Service Options in 2020

‘’In 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users (Statista, 2020). This figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2023 (Statista, 2020). ‘’

Email communication will never run old or fade away. Secure email service options are a necessity in today’s digital era of communication.

Email has the power to capture a potential prospect’s attention towards a brand and then nurture them to retain their interest and finally convert them as a sales lead. ‘’73 percent of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email.’’

But despite email having the power to conduct such actions, it still holds a risk.

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A risk that can draw a brand into the hand of an excellent hacker, a risk that can disclose potential information and much more. The online world is great for grasping information but when it comes to conducting online activities, no one can confidently say it is safe.

This applies to emails as well. One mistake and a hacker can pretend to send emails as you and cause havoc without you even knowing. 

The only way to stay safe is by securing your email and the market has email options that can help you to do it. 

If you aim to conduct efficient business activities and grow healthy with the use of emails, you need to take care of such a platform and understand why they need to secure it matters.

But before we hop into why email securing is important, there is a lot of misinformation about the ineffectiveness of emails surrounding the air. For those who use emails constantly they would be aware of how effective emails are but for those who want to hop into email communication or who are not confident about email as your communication, let’s first understand what are the email myths you need to stop believing.

7 email myths you should never believe

Secure Email Service Options

#1: Sending automated emails lack empathy

As a marketer, sending emails all day every day shouldn’t just be your only priority. The field of marketing demands more actions to be incorporated so that a marketer like you can easily sell and extend the outreach of your brand much better. Understanding this the world of technology has introduced automation to the rescue.

All you need to do is let the automation conduct the repetitive task on your behalf and your work is sorted. But lately many have claimed that when you conduct automation tasks, it lacks the human touch. Well, let’s say this myth is wrong.

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Empathy has more to do with how you understand what your prospects are going through and then acting according to it. When you set an automated task, the best thing is that you will be drafting the emails according to the situation and the automation task will be relying on that and sending it to the multiple prospects who are on different stages of the sales process.

In fact the faster you respond to your prospects, the better are your chances to grow, hence it is wise to use an automated process because not only will you reach out to your hot leads much faster, you will also be triggering the attention of your non-interested leads and convince them to opt for you. 

You have so much on your plate, while you focus on the other tasks better, let the automated task conduct your repetitive work much more efficiently. 

#2: You should worry about ‘Unsubscribers’

Well, why does a prospect unsubscribe your emails? The reason could be numerous, but there is one reason which fitts this factor right now, the fact that the emails you are sending to such prospects, finds no point in receiving them because it isn’t helping them answer their needs. As simple as that, the reason why anyone for that matter unsubscribes emails is because the matter in that email is no use to them.

And this is a great thing because you are sending emails to tap on your potential prospects and you are under the impression that these e prospects will add value to your business. What’s the point of having such prospects which don’t even require your solution for their needs? Isn’t it better to get rid of them?

You actually shouldn’t be worried about the prospects who unsubscribe your emails because they are just making it easy for you. You will only have contacts who are relevant and are the right to fit your business requirements. 

#3: Eliminate the need to send same email templates

How can you create separate email templates for every email you send. Do you have any idea how many emails need to be sent out? The number is double and in fact, as you have done before, it is tedious and difficult to create every template for each email differently. This will only slow down your process to cater to your potential leads.

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What you need to eliminate here is the time to create it and be wise to continue sending emails with the same templates. When you conduct such an action, you will be catering to multiple clients instead of just creating separate templates for each email.

You can even conduct research on your previous email campaigns and get an outlook for which email templates have been increasing your prospect’s attention. You can apply the same to all your emails and watch your conversion rates skyrocket faster

#4: Write shorter subject lines

Studies have stated that short subject lines have an ‘’average open rate of 44% and longer subject lines have an average open rate of 53%.’’ Shocked?

Don’t be surprised, many users are under the impression that if you end a shorter subject line, it is to the point and it will catch attention, but if you think about it, how can you convey the purpose of your email with just two words?

Now since you have realized the point, sending longer subject lines is better. In fact, when your prospects read the subject line, they will be able to get a brief of what the email is regarding which will compel them to click on it to learn more. Wouldn’t that be better?

Make your subject lines longer and even if you’re using a longer word ensure that the main agenda of the email is explained. 

#5: You require a big prospect list to get started with email marketing

Another myth that needs to be broken is that you can conduct email campaigns only if you have a big list of prospects. This is highly a myth that needs to be broken. When you decide to send out emails, the main agenda for your brand should be that it should reach the right audience and the purpose of such an action is conducted well. 

Even if you have a few numbers of prospects, reach out to them, it doesn’t matter if you send to 2 prospects or to a 100, at the end of the day your brand needs to receive such kinds of prospects that are able to add value to your brand and enhance your business growth. 

#6: Shorter emails work

Another email myth that needs to be out of the window is that only if a brand sends short emails will the prospect revert. Whether you write a big email or small email that doesn’t matter in the first place because what should actually drive attention is the content you have mentioned in the email.

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When you are confident that the content you are writing in an email is relevant, informative and serves the purpose for a prospect to revert to you, that’s when you know your email campaigns are achieving the right kind of success. Don’t focus on the length, focus on the quality of the emails being sent. 

#7: Spam words matter

No, it doesn’t. Yeah, You heard that right. Just because you have written some spam words that doesn’t mean that the email will not be sent to the prospect. Do you know when emails are not sent to prospects? When the email id has been complained as spam or risk or has been complained upon.

Your brand has a name and is not involved in any risk activities so you don’t have to worry about your email being spam just because of a few words. But to always be on the safer side, avoid using words that are too spammy and have been considered as real spam. 

These are myths that you need to stay away from you and also this is another eye-opener for you to realize how emails are helpful and why protecting them can help you function better.

Need for Email security in 2020

Secure Email Service Options

1. Eliminate business information risk 

It is important that your email activities are encrypted because it will hold more security when you conduct certain actions. When you send an email related to your business activities, the email doesn’t just reach your senders or clients directly, they pass through several networks that can open an opportunity for hackers to intervene.

However, if you have secured your email, the above risks won’t be able to take place. Your business activities are personal and it should remain between you and the clients since even crucial information is being shared. By securing your email, you ensure that the privacy of your actions as well as data is retained.

2. Protect from hackers

Hackers grow stronger when they realize that a brand has made a silly mistake. Whether it is forgetting to update software or simply sending emails. Hackers await your one wrong action so that they can enter in without your knowledge and start the damage. 

When you have everything secured in your organization such as storing vital information on cloud-based solutions, why should you compromise on your emails? Securing your email makes it much stronger and creates a wall that hackers can’t enter in. 

3. Safeguard important information

When you send emails to your clients, you also send out attachments. These attachments can contain anything from a receipt to a cheque or your product data. If this data reaches in the wrong hands, a lot can go wrong before you can know it. Emails send all kinds of information which is why it is also considered to be a favourite among hackers.

By securing your email activities, this can be prevented. With a secure email tool, you can be at ease that the emails being sent and received are safeguarded from outer risks. You will be confident to send attachments that contain vital information without having to worry about it all day.

4. To ensure email backups are secured

When you send an email, you are aware that they can be saved as well. They are stored in SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). These emails have been stored as backup copies in text form. Now imagine what would happen when someone accesses it?

Chances are the data that can be misused. To prevent this from happening securing email is the better option. When your emails are secured, the access is limited and therefore the chances of anyone trying to grasp the data will be eliminated. This ensures that all email related actions are free from risks. 

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Now that you have cracked the code for why securing email is necessary, as mentioned earlier there are solutions available that can make your email activities more secure. With such solutions, you wouldn’t have to worry about any risks being attached when you send any emails.

Best 8 Secured Email tools that work in 2020

Secure Email Service Options

1. Posteo

Secure Email Service Options

Posteo offers email services in a more secure manner. This independent solution is refined in delivering security, sustainability, and privacy to its users over the online platform. 

What makes this email solution better?:

1 . Offers sustainable email accounts

2. All email accounts are encrypted

3. Calendars and address books to use in email activities are encrypted as well

4. Contains no ads

5. Investing in the solution is budget-friendly

6. Delivers a user-friendly approach to use the solution

Best features:

1. Has two-factor authentication solutions

2. When conducting payment in this solution, the identity of the user can be anonymous

3. Offers saved data encryption


1 EUR/month. In case users want to increase their storage, it is 0.25 EUR for each GB

2. ProtonMail

ProtonMail can be considered as the modern solution for the businesses of today to secure emails. Apart from offering a secure email messaging service, it ensures that its users are nowhere near the email hackers.

What makes this email solution better?:

1 . Easy sign up of ProtonMail

2. Has a built-in security to ensure the user is free from any unauthorized users harmful actions

Best Features:

1 . All email messages receive end to end encryption

2. Offers self destruct emails

3. In case if the user’s contacts are not using this solution, the email being sent to them will however be in an encrypted format

4. The online web interface is always being improved to enhance the user experience 

5. Offers open source email service


A free plan is available. Plus- 5 EUR/month, Professional- 8 EUR/month/user, Visionary- 30 EUR/month.

3. MailHippo

Mailhippo doesn’t just provide a high-end secure email solution it also supports any email providers which distinguish its solution from the crowd. This solution is also compatible with any of the existing email addresses.

What makes this email solution better?:

1 . Considered to be the best-encrypted email solution

2. User-friendly solution

3. Eliminates the need for any complex setups

4. Once you sign in this solution, you have begun your service with Mailhippo

5. Makes use of 256 bit AES encryption

6. Every user will have a Sendsafe address which is complimentary from Mailhippo and the reason for this is that users can start to receive secure emails from any source

Best features:

1 . Can use the current email address

2. Provides an online customer support

3. Provides message recall, preview and expiration solutions

4. Provides auto type-ahead address book


Basic- $4.95/month, Pro- $7.95/month (also has a free trial)

4. Tutanota

Tutanota is a web-based solution that offers a secure email service. With its solution and features, it ensures that every email privacy is intact. It is an open-source system but they also provide dedicated platforms for their private users.

What makes this email solution better?:

1 . No PGP used in the encryption process of their emails

2. Encrypts texts, attachments, and subject with the help of AES and RSA

3. No recording of IP’s and emails addresses are conducted

Best Features:

1 . Supports any kind of browsers

2. For most personal users, this solution is free

3. No restrictions on the number of emails being sent a day

4. Premium account holders can make use of the domains they utilize with this solution

5. Cloud storage and user count can be expanded


Free plan, Premium- 1.20 EUR/month, Team- 4.80 EUR/month

5. Mailbox.org

Mailbox.org is a german based solution that offers secure email services. 

What makes this email solution better?:

1 . Has a user-friendly design on its solution

2. Compatible with mobile apps

3. Compatible with third-party email clients

Best features:

1 . No ads are shown

2. Can customize the domain name

3. Offers spam protection

4. Provides encryption services


Free trial, 1EUR/month for Email inbox and cloud storage

6. Mailfence

Mailfence offers digital signing and end to end encryption for email services used by its users. It operates on the basis of OpenPGP standards. All emails are in an encrypted format.

What makes this email solution better?:

1 . Doesn’t hold its users when it comes to communicating with other users who don’t use Mailfence

Best Features:

1 . Offers two-factor authentication

2. No ads are shown

3. All spam messages are blocked

4. User can purchase credits in order to send emails or faxes

5. Email settings can be personalized according to the user

6. All email addresses will be digitally signed for better security

7. Import contacts from your Gmail, Outlook and more


Free plan, Entry- 2,50eur/month, Pro- 7,50 EUR/month, Ultra- 25,00 EUR/month

7. Kolab Now

Kolab Now is a Switzerland based open-source encrypted email service. It focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses with secure email services as well as a full online office suite. 

What makes this email solution better?:

1. Confidential information via email can be sent without any risks attached

2. Stores all user emails and files on its server hence safeguarding your data and activities from the government, email scammers and more

3. Provides all features surrounding email privacy

Best features:

1 .Can make notes with the integrated app

2. Provides email tagged support

3. Offers shared folders


Free plan, Paid plan starts from $5/month

8. CounterMail

Countermail’s main focus is to provide user security. Countermail ensures its system is regularly updated so that user experience is always great. 

What makes this email solution better?:

1 . Offers end to end encryption

2. Uses OpenPGP to secure email messages and accounts

3. Uses diskless data servers so that no one can read or write the emails 

Best features:

1 . IMAP is supported here

2. No IP address logs are stored

3. Has an inbuilt password manager for password protection

4. Email filters are supported

5. Makes use of anonymous email headers

6. Modifies 


1-week free trial, Addition of domain- $15/one time setup,3 months subscription- $19/month, yearly subscription- $59

In Conclusion…

‘’In 2019 alone, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day (Statista, 2020).’’

Email is going to increase and will still be considered as one amongst the best methods for lead generation. While the above tools have stated how you can conduct secure email activities, you can also focus on creating compelling emails that help increase your conversion rates and lead count higher.

With the help of email marketing softwares, you can conduct such an action. There are reliable email marketing softwares that help personalize your emails as well help you create emails that will confidently help you receive only positive replies. Investing in such solutions too can make your email game strong.

How often do you communicate via emails? Which email myth surprised you the most? With the tools provided above, which one are you planning to apply first? We would like to hear from you. 

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