Best Sales Email Subject Lines : All You Need To Know

A cold email is one of the most common ways to engage your prospect in what you have to offer. It is like a sales pitch.

If done right, it can very effectively lead the prospect to either engage in a transaction or a conversation with your brand.

What is even more important is the need to use phenomenal sales email subject lines. 

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Why are sales email subject lines important? 

The sales email subject line should be such that it grabs the attention of your prospect. It should be interesting enough to make the prospect actually open the email and read it. 

What not to do writing your sales email subject lines?

There are so many sales emails going out to people that most of them end up in either junk or spam folders. To make them stand out to your prospect and prevent them from going into the spam folder, you need to emphasize the sales email subject lines.

The sales email subject line is what helps your prospect distinguish if it is useful to read the rest of the email or not. Using numbers and data in your sales email subject line is a direct path to the spam folder, so don’t use them!

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Another aspect to take care of while brainstorming and creating your sales email subject line is making it convincing. It should not be click-bait. A very click-bait kind of sales email subject lines can make your prospect lose trust in you. 

On the other hand, you also don’t want to make your sales email subject lines boring. That would inevitably lead your prospect to ignore the email. 

The reason why numbers often trigger Spam filters is that they are often associated with making dramatic claims and promises. For example, if you want to send a sales email for fitness training or a dietician and you use ‘Lose 10 kg in 1 week,’ note that this is both a spam email as well as click-bait. 

Never ever use all capitals in your subject line. All capitals raise a sense of alarm and are not very useful when it comes to sales emails. 

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How to write effective sales email subject lines

When so many aspects play a role in creating one subject line, it can be tricky to make them work. However, there are definite ways to achieve good sales email subject lines for your business. 

When it comes to sales email subject lines that work, there is a pattern. Let’s encode that pattern and crack good sales email subject lines that make your prospects open and read your cold email. Following are the strategies for the same:

1. Focus on the needs of your prospect

To make your sales email subject lines catchy, you need to address the needs of your prospect. Apart from addressing the needs, another thing to keep in mind is that you give value. It is the most important thing when it comes to the effectiveness of subject lines. You need to clarify what you are offering to them and how it will serve their purpose. Some effective examples would be:

a) To make it in a question form, for example:

  • Want to scale up your business?
  • Have you considered hiring a talent agent?
  • Do you have any challenges in promoting your blog?
  • Have you heard about/tried Turmeric tablets?
  • Are you annoyed by your current process?
  • Have you thought about switching to a Y network provider?
  • Is your water purifier efficient?

b) Make imperative statements that are a little vague but intrigue you prospects to open the email and read it:

  • A fresh view on SEO
  • A painless way of getting rid of clutter
  • The time has come. Change your world
  • We got an impression that you need a helping hand
  • There is a more efficient way to keep track of your performance
  • I have an idea on how to improve your conversion rate
  • I hope the word has spread about your e-commerce website
  • It’s high time to start your own online business

It is noteworthy here that these statements particularly use ‘the prospects’ need to strategize their sales email subject lines. They emphasize three types of needs: to change, to improve, and to innovate. 

Here are some ways to help you create a subject line that serves that very purpose:

2. Make your line such that it focuses on the prospect’s concerns

To do that, you need to ask certain questions? Who is your prospect? What might be bothering them? What do they need that could ease their work? What are some of the pitfalls and hindrances that they face? So on and so forth. These questions will help you outline your subject line and understand what you should include in it.

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3. Add adjectives that matter

From the examples illustrated above, it is clear that using words that describe the utility or ease that you aim to provide your prospect makes a difference. The words that can be put to use, for example, are painless, effective, useful, easy, challenging, etc.

4. Make the line a question

Examples such as, ‘Is your Product A effective?’ show that effective sales email subject lines are often questions. The logic behind using questions is simple. When someone asks you a question, regardless of whether you know the answer, you want to know their response. It creates space for the prospect actually to reflect and think. Questions provoke thoughts, and those thoughts lead them to read your sales email. 

5. Make it short and sharp

There is a direct correlation between the shortness of your email subject line and its effectiveness. The shorter your subject line, the more powerful and sharp it is. Being succinct can take you a long way. Your prospects will be interested if you lure them into reading your email, and that will happen only if you make it short and sharp. It is important not to write half of the email in your subject line. 

6. Make it relevant

The aim of keeping your subject line short is to grab the attention of your prospect and make them read your email. It won’t happen if your subject line is irrelevant. To make your subject line short, do not compromise on the relevancy. If the body of the email and the subject line have no connection, that is a problem. It can make your prospect lose trust in you as an irrelevant subject line is nothing but misleading. 

Using all of these strategies will help you create a crisp, catchy, and coherent subject line that will change your prospects’ sales emails.

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7. Make them personalized

We get it that they are cold emails, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a little warmth. Sometimes personalizing the sales email subject lines helps a great deal! Use your prospects’ names or the person that has referred them to you. Such sales emails have more potential to strike a conversation or initiate a transaction. Using names makes the prospect think that since this email is addressed to them, it might be important. Some examples of this technique are as follows:

  • Hey, A!
  • Really, B?
  • What do you think of this, C?
  • D, have you got a second?
  • We heard you are an expert on E, Z?
  • (Referral name) told me to get in touch with you about XYZ
  • It isn’t late yet, H!
  • Here’s your ticket to happiness, J!
  • K, we just added a (product/service) that you’ll enjoy!
  • L, what do you think of our M product?
  • N, we have ideas that will help you with your project!
  • P, we have some tips that will help you!
  • Q, celebrate your birthday with our cakes!
  • T’s year in a review 
  • S, we want to hear from you!
  • A, here’s an exclusive sneak peek at our latest product!

8. Use emojis 

Using emojis can be helpful when they are relevant. It is quite important to note that they need to be relevant; otherwise, they would give out the wrong idea. When used incorrectly, they can often mean that your sales email is not serious enough. It can, at times, have different connotations. 

For example, using a smiley face next to your prospect’s name without relevance can creep your prospect out. On the other hand, food delivery services run their email sale campaigns successfully using emojis of noodles, pizza, cake, and other food emojis. 

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These are some of the general tips and strategies for creating effective sales email subject lines. However, the subject line you choose depends on your product and service and what you have to offer. It is also very important that you know your audience well. You simply can’t send a sales email of a medical device to a builder, an architect, a journalist, and an electrician. You need to narrow down your prospects and target them.  

Finding the right sales email subject lines for your products and services is like finding a catchy tagline for your brand. The effort it takes is equivalent, but once you’ve cracked it, your sales email becomes 100% more powerful in conveying your message to your prospect. Good luck with crafting your own masterpiece subject line!

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