Prospecting Key: Increasing the Personalization

Prospecting Key: Increasing the Personalization

 Prospecting is otherwise not taken as seriously as it becomes when context involves B2B sales. It is a complex part for many in the sales jobs.  Indeed around 40% people find it the most challenging part of the sales process, right above the closing (36%) and qualifying (22%) to come later. 

Getting responses from your prospects, personalizing the outreach is a key point to keep in mind. It is 4.2 times more likely to book a meeting if there is a personal connection with a buyer.   

A common misconception around sales reps is to think personalization as a time killer. Sure, you have to spend an entire day pondering over connecting to prospects, but you can do it for 10 minutes and that works. 

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  1. The Central Part of Prospecting: Personalization
  2. Prospecting Hack: 10 Minutes Game
  3. The procedure of 10 Minute Game Works
  4. What are the Results?

The Central Part of Prospecting: Personalization

One may say that nobody likes being prospected and personalization is how you can have it the easy way.

Sales professionals’ inboxes are full of generic messages and there are ways to integrate personalization in cold outreach.

For example, one may use some personalization videos or add a personalized image. Those tricks add much to your cold email to demonstrate a personal concern in your prospects.

Most researches straightway show us that a personalized email is supposed to generate twice the warmer responses compared to a cold one.  

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Prospecting Hack: 10 Minutes Game  

The 10 minute game comes from Ryan O’Hara who, after studying why his sales team, was performing lesser volumes of activities. The noticeable part was that the sales reps were not slow or uninterested but it was due to where they had been directing their focus. 

Shifting through the tabs, checking around profiles, and judging contacts by trying to look into LinkedIn is an open way to distraction. Around that the tasks and meetings throughout the day get the personalization piece to slip out the window.

So what you need now is to get focused on just getting activities done in general.

And that is how the 10 Minute Game arrived. 

It means 10 minutes of focused prospecting: getting sales reps set to get their task done well. It allows sufficient space for them to come up with a personalization angle quickly.

This, however, is a creative process and needs some careful thought that later becomes a practice to enhance the speed of doing it.

Just by managing those individual time slots, one can learn to focus upon the personal measures of the prospects and make a difference.

In case the time limit is tight, one can continue to focus upon the most valuable part of the prospectus and hit upon it without making it an overall personalization as can be done in other cases when the deadline allows you to go for it.

The result is to create a rightful urgency for the sales-reps without letting him or inspiring him any compromise with the quality he is supposed to maintain.

Procedure of 10 Minute Game Works

It sets a 10-minute goal for your sales reps to find a new account, and get it added into your sales tool, then research it a little and do a touch, without any gimmick or distraction.

We may give an explanation of 10 minute game this way:

The first step is getting to find an account and reap out a prospect, and then you get out of that account what fits your search for targeting. 

You get 10 minutes to research this prospect that includes their LinkedIn profile, reading their articles, shares or comments which you can reflect upon in comments or responses. Adding a small Google search gets you to know what to do next.

Take note of 5 things you notice during the above process. Those become the later talking points that you can use later in your outreach sequence. And the time you would need to decide for outreach is minimized already.

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What are the Results?

Back in 2018 when the game was just invented, it was put to test by LeadIQ. For the sales teams that implemented the 10 Minute Game, the team’s activities grew by 30 a day, which is about 5 to 6 per hour. The response rate stayed the same so they were able to triple their responses every day. 

When the outreach is personalized more than half of responses come out as positive. There are times when it is hard but doing it consistently your team sees a good bump in the number of opportunities they create.

As later the sales reps used to do the 10 minute game, they can customize it accordingly. They can make it into an 8-minute game or get the follow ups if that works for them.

The 5 Minute Game can be pretty handy for social touch, and as one improves first touch can be shortened to the 5-minute game. It all eventually leads to more personalized outreach without sacrificing the amount of time invested.

An important part is that the game forces you to only work on accounts you really care about. Doing little sprees all around is of no use compared to the grind of a prospecting marathon.

The calibration of working within those 10-minute intervals sets you to work greater and more efficiently. You need not sacrifice quality over quantity.


It all comes out to show how personalization is the central part of getting warm responses and good results. Connecting with the prospectus in a not-like-sales-pitch way does the hack in most cases, while avoiding aggressive approaches are important to keep the prospectus interested and leaning.

Sending neutral emails is good, to begin with as it invites the interest for the prospectus, and later on, the personalization goes ahead with slight research and some key point that becomes the center of your conversation between you and your prospectus.   

It also depends on the comfort and method of the sales rep on how they can produce best of results.

There comes the facility in the 10 Minute Game that can be customized to suit the reps while helping them in getting more quality results in less time invested – with segregating their focus and method at key items in your deals.

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