Problems With Cold Emails & How To Resolve It?

cold emails

‘’Targeted cold emails result in a higher open rate than average.’’

Cold emails are best served cold when you know you’ve hit the right target. But how many of you can say that this is always the case?

Also, how many of you have experienced a no revert or lesser than expected response rate?

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1 . Why does your brand need to conduct cold emails seriously in 2020?

2. Problems with Cold Emails & How to resolve it?

If you have said yes, this is a problem that cannot be taken lightly.

Cold emails are a great form of sales methods. The best part of such a technique is that it helps to target multiple active email users, ‘’In 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users. This figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2023.’’You need to work on your cold emails because if you do your brand is in for a treat. 

Still not convinced? Want to explore ‘cold emails’ more?

Let’s take you on an informative tour.

Why does your brand need to conduct cold emails seriously in 2020?

‘’Email marketing has two times higher return than cold calling.’’ 

1. Targets the right audience

Do you know why half of your emails don’t receive a reply? The reason lies in the wrong prospect capture. For instance, say if you are selling an email marketing software, your target audience would be more towards a marketer or a person who indulges in conducting cold emails more often. 

You cannot sell this to a developer or an IT user because their use will be minimal in this case, so what happens here? Such wrong prospects would ignore your emails and what would happen to your brand? You would receive a lesser response rate and a slower conversion rate growth.

The great thing about cold emails is that it eliminates the need for you to even conduct the above step. The email you will be sending are prospects from the same industry as you who are looking for a similar solution you are selling. So what do you do? You conduct research on them and make a list and that list will have all your relevant prospects whom you need to conduct cold emails with.

When this happens, your brand witnesses the difference.

2. Increases brand’s existence

Cold emails give you the opportunity to make your brand go viral or rather more aware in the eyes of your prospects. There are thousands of competitors selling a similar solution you have in hand which is why only the ones who make it to the prospects are the same ones who the prospects readily identify.

When you plan and send your cold emails, you are not just offering them a unique solution to try but you are also making them aware that amongst the crowd, there is a brand like yours who believes that you can be the perfect fit to accomplish all their needs. Cold emails create a curiosity in the minds of your prospects hence increasing awareness.

3. Drives traffic

Apart from all your other sales techniques that help drive your prospects towards your website hence increasing the traffic on that page, did you know that even cold emails have the ability to do that? This is true because when you create a curious email with the right context, why won’t a prospect click on your website link and explore more about you?

This is a great activity if it’s taking place consistently because this can be another way where you’ll be driving organic traffic. There are thousands of emails being received by your prospects each day and if they have opened your email and clicked on your website to learn more about your brand, these are leads that require your attention the fastest.

4. Helps to enhance your email actions

How will you know that your current email actions are working out? Well, cold emails give you the liberty to eliminate any processes which are not working and simply work on the ones who can help enhance your cold email actions better.

For instance, say you are sending different types of emails, and with the help of email analytic tools available in the market, you are aware that of which emails are working better and which are not performing that well. What would you do here? The obvious answer would be you would stop sending a few emails that are not giving you the expected results and will continue to enhance the good performing ones which will benefit your brand.

5. No chances of the email being missed

When you send an email to a prospect, they might miss it for multiple reasons such as ‘was too busy’, ‘wanting to read later’ and more. What happens then? You don’t just stop here, you send another set of follow up emails. When a prospect realizes what they tend to click on the email and see what it is. This is a great activity because the hardest part of cold emails is to get the prospect to firstly open your email and then the second hardest part is to make that prospect revert to you.

When you know that you have a great email content ready to swoop them off, you need to conduct various follow-up actions at the tight time so that the first hardest action is completed which is clicking on the email you’ve seen them. Another benefit of cold emails is that it never lets your prospects miss out on any emails. Even if they do, your follow up email can spark their attention to click your emails open.

6. Increases good engagement

When you send a cold email to your prospect, you are sparking your first conversation with them. When they revert to your emails and this action is being conducted by both ends, there is a new engagement. This engagement can help to trigger the attention of the prospect towards your brand better.

With constant engagements, you are able to identify what your clients need and what they need to see in your solution. When this happens it becomes easy to turn this very engagement into a sales lead conversion and cold emails ensure that this takes place. 

Since you are now aware that cold emails are the real thing, let’s get you started by guiding you on what are the cold email problems you need to eliminate and what is the right solution to apply instead.

Problems with Cold Emails & How to resolve it?

1. Skip the introduction

Shocked, how can we skip the introduction when it is the first thing prospects see?

Well, you should know that your prospects when they read your email and there if there is nothing that captures their attention, they are going to exit faster than they came in.

Why do you want to speak about yourself and your brand? Instead, why don’t you capture their attention by speaking why you are reaching out to them?, What is your brand offer that they need right now?

Spill the benefits rather than saying why they should invest in your brand? Instead, switch the thinking to why should they invest in your solution? You need to grab the attention of your prospects and the best way to do that is to trigger their issues and offer them a solution.

For instance instead of saying ‘Hello, My name is xxx and I represent xxx brand and we are in the industry for the past 18 years’, you say ‘Is there any fastest way to shift your current warm leads into hot leads?’

Trigger their curiosity, compel them to think and view your content for the solution and that is when you win them. 

2. Write relevant subject lines

If you think that you are going to be smart enough to write some catchy subject lines but when the prospect opens the email the context is different from that, chances are your email is going to be dumped.

As tempting as it sounds, it isn’t great to conduct such action because your brand will be considered as misleading prospectus which won’t go well with multiple prospects. Refrain this from happening. Write subject lines that are attractive and relevant to what your email context is about. ‘’33% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone.’’ 

For instance, if your email speaks about helping prospects to generate leads, your subject line would be ‘Capture leads in less than xxx minutes’, ‘Finding it hard to capture the right leads, we might have something which will help.’ or you can try this, ‘’Personalized emails including the recipient’s first name in the subject line can boost open rates by 29.3%.’’

3. Stop selling so much

Another important reason why cold emails get rejected or rather closed by your prospects is that half the email sounds like a sales pitch. The motive of your cold email is to capture prospects but that doesn’t mean you make it so obvious. Imagine yourself in the position of your prospect, would you continue reading an email if you knew it was a normal sales pitch?

Try creating your cold emails in a more human form. Speak about the one issue your prospects are experiencing and suggest a solution on how your product can help them here. Your prospects want to hear how you can help them and if you’re able to solve their one problem with your solution, imagine how well would your lead capture look like?

4. Speak like a human

Yes, this is something that you know is important but isn’t necessarily applied. Why does your cold email have to sound like a robot? When you are confident that your solution is the right solution your prospect needs, don’t spoil it by sounding too robotic or as if your reading from a script.

Remember the main agenda of sales is to let your audience know that you have a solution that can help them in such ways. When you win the trust if your prospect that you can actually help them satisfy their needs, the conversion section takes place smoothly and accordingly. Use words that you speak when you are in a meeting with your client, keep the cold email genuine, real and more on the helping tone.

5. Avoid the use of special characters

Using a special character is absolutely alright when it is needed, but if you are going to just put them everywhere, you’re ruining the cold emails being sent. For instance, you can use an exclamation mark when expressing some strong emotions, but don’t overuse it with every sentence.

Keep your cold email simple and insightful. Your words should add the effect which is why to focus more on the words or sentences you frame. 

6. Place CTA’s for better reverts

CTA’s are a call to actions and its existence is helpful because it can help trigger the next action of your prospect to be drawn towards exploring your brand better. When you place a statement such as, ‘we can help you capture leads’ try placing a post, or a link to your website which explains the agenda behind that statement, for example, you could say ‘Click here to know more.’

CTA’s are a great way to push the attention of your prospects at that every minute so that their interest can be diverted towards learning about your brand the solution it offers. When you place statements, ensure that you also put across multiple CTA’s which will link their attention towards your website. This will increase the traffic rate and help you to engage with potential prospects much faster.

7. Keep a close check on your grammar

Grammar mistakes are a big turn off and even a small minute mistake can cause a bad impression from your prospect sides. You are using cold emails to help your prospects as well as sell to them hence it is important that what you mention in your cold emails are insightful with a grammar free context.

Ensure that you make use of tools that are available online that can check your cold emails for any grammar errors. Even before you hit the ‘Send’ button ensures that you go through the email once more.

8. Focus on building trust

Another important factor to keep in mind with cold emails is that when a prospect reads your email they should be able to develop their trust with your brand. They should be ready to understand how great your brand is, how has it helped other peers in their solution. The best way to do is to share your brand’s achievements, other prospect testimonials and more. 

These all contribute to adding more weight to your email and sparks a sense of confidence for your prospects to invest in your brand. Many brands commit the mistake of writing a cold email simply with the focus of selling in mind which shouldn’t be the case here. With cold emails, draft it in a manner where the prospects want to know about your brand.

 9. Ignore negative emails

Not everyone would want to read your email which is why the response you will receive might not be positive. Don’t take that too seriously. Many brands reply back and annoy them despite them stating that they do not want to hear from a brand. Remember the prospects who are genuinely interested in your brand will revert to you with queries.

As for the other negative emails, it’s better to ignore them so that your focus is on positive prospect responses. 

10. Conduct follow-ups

‘’50% of sales happen after the 5th.’’  A study stated, ‘’44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up.’’  Sending one email isn’t enough and above that waiting for a longer time and expecting a reply is not going to help you win your prospects. What will help you win is regular follow-ups? When you are able to send an email and then continue to follow up, you are aware of which stage your prospects are.

Your cold emails will be framed accordingly and even if your prospects have missed out on the previous email, your new cold email can spark a conversation. Frame a schedule for your follow-ups and conduct it regularly to keep your brand awareness in the eyes of your potential prospects. 

The Bottom Line…

Eliminate the above mentioned cold email issues and instead drive your focus time and energy to avoid making those mistakes with the solution provided above.

Cold emails matter and it is one of the best ways to sell and capture your potential prospects better. To conduct efficient email marketing tactics, you can invest your time in using some of the reliable email marketing software available in the market.

They make email marketing one step easier and the results are simply the best. Invest in a paid one where the benefits regarding email marketing match your business requirements.

So now, what cold email mistakes are you planning to avoid and which solution are you thinking to apply more for your email marketing tactics? We would like to hear more from you. 

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