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Hundreds of politicians have used Gmail to run their political campaigns.

You can use your existing Gmail account, or a newly created campaign account, like outeachplus@gmail.com, to communicate with supporters and fundraisers. Every person receives an individual email, not a group email. 


What you can do with OutreachPlus

1 . Send mass emails to everyone on your supporter list to remind them about important dates, give directions, and boost attendance at rallies

2. Keep the media aware and involved with personalized press releases and bulletins

3. Send a million personalized fundraising requests in a fraction of the time you would need


What do you have to learn do to this?

Almost nothing! You already know how to compose and send an email inside Gmail. The only difference this time, is you’ll hit the GMass button instead of the Send button. That way, individual, personalized, and tracked emails get sent, instead of one massive group email.

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“Personalization is key to running a successful email outreach campaign. OutreachPlus combines personalization and automation to deliver the best results in the industry.”


”OutreachPlus is legit. From advanced personalization to tested scripts to awesome deliverability, this is one outreach tool that has it all”

Brian Dean, Backlinko

“The best part of OutreachPlus is the ability to personalize each email with unlimited variables and create automated follow up sequences. This saves you time and lets you concentrate on making connections with people based on their interests — a much more personal approach.”

Bryan Kramer, Bryankramer

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