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When comparing OutreachPlus with MailShake, the biggest differentiators are the price and functionality.

While Mailshake provides relevant email solutions to its users, the modern users of today always want more which is why a few of them drive to solutions who can offer them more on their plate at an affordable price. OutreachPlus has experienced this rush on the website.

  • Mailshake  lacks essential sales features such as Landing Pages, Web Forms, Mobile Optimised Emails, etc
  • Mailshake  does provide good support in widgets and dashboards but doesn’t have the feature of Auto Responding 
  • Mailshake does not have a free trial, limiting the exposure to all the features. 

With OutreachPlus you get to experience all our features first-hand. You upgrade only when you’re confident to scale. 

4 reasons to pick OutreachPlus over MailShake 

1. Hands down, Mailshake is more expensive than OutreachPlus. What costs $9/month for a solo user at Outreachplus, costs $59/month at MailShake 

2. Mailshake offers a basic contact form that you need to fill to request a follow-up. Not much information about customer support is stated. When it comes to great customer support, OutreachPlus is great in its offers.  It offers 24/7 live email support, chat support, and also phone support. With Mailshake, they offer only a form that you need to fill out and they will reach back to you. Not much information about customer support is stated. 

3. In Mailshake, the leads are captured via the clicks and reply rates that are collected. With OutreachPlus this process is a breeze because to identify the right leads apart from checking the click rates and more, we also offer lead scoring and automated prospect grading. These two tools will help in categorizing the lead status better and help to take necessary actions accordingly. 

4. In Mailshake, the amount of campaigns and templates provided hasn’t been mentioned. Campaigns are important which is why at OutreachPlus for our multi-users and agency packages we offer an unlimited package of this feature. In OutreachPlus, the email account limit monthly is 1 for a solo user, and for multi-users and agencies, it is unlimited. 

But when it comes to Mailshake, the process is different, each user which is being paid for, the team is allowed to connect just one additional email account. Also when it comes to other features provided by us such as Account settings, Campaign features, and more, each of them will have a minimum of 3-6 features under it, hence giving more options to users.

What makes OutreachPlus a better option than MailShake?

Let’s take a quick look at what you are getting with Outreach Plus:

Affordable pricing$9/month$59/month
Free trial14-day free trial + free trial for all plansno
24/7 support optionyesno
Tagging supportyesNo  
Track performance of templatesyesno
Event triggered emailyesno
Email sending delay control yesNo
Contact databasesYes no
Multiple Signature supportYesno
SPAM Complianceyesno
Advanced reply detection technologyyesno

What more can you get with OutreachPlus but not MailShake 

Installed – MacYesNo
Premium Consulting/Integration ServicesOptionalNo
Entry-level set up fee?Optionalno
List Managementyesno
Mobile Optimized Emailsyesno

When should you choose OutreachPlus, and when MailShake 

1. 24/7 Assistance

When it comes to great customer support, OutreachPlus is great in its offers. It offers 24/7 live email support, chats support, and also phone support. With Mailshake, they provide the handiest a shape which you want to fill out and they may attain it. Not a whole lot of statistics approximately customer service is stated. 

2. 4 step simple Campaign setup

Mailshake has a marketing campaign alternative however all that may be visible is the way to decorate the marketing campaign and the templates that may be used, however how will you create one withinside the first place? OutreachPlus has a devoted marketing campaign method wherein other than the capabilities of improving the campaigns, any person can create it with an easy four step method. All you want to do is pick out a marketing campaign type, upload prospects, and create emails a good way to exit in a chain beginning from preliminary outreach to follow-ups.

Give it a read here.

3. Lead Filtering

Mailshake captures leads through clicks and replies. But this doesn’t indicate the quality of the captured leads. OutreachPlus, on the other hand, qualifies the leads by scoring them based on the engagement activities. It also automatically grades prospects to ensure that your sales teams spend time only on leads that have a better chance of which you need conversion.

4. Provides more detailed features

If OutreachPlus functions as compared to Mailshake, the primary logo gives extra at the consumer’s plate. For instance, In Mailshake, the quantity of campaigns and templates furnished hasn’t been mentioned. Campaigns are crucial that’s why at OutreachPlus for our multi-customers and organisation programs we provide a limitless bundle of this feature. In OutreachPlus, the e-mail account restrict month-to-month is 1 for a solo consumer, and for multi-customers and agencies, it’s miles unlimited. But on the subject of Mailshake, the manner is different, every consumer that’s being paid for, the crew is permitted to attach simply one extra email account. Also on the subject of different functions furnished through us along with Account settings, Campaign functions, and extra, every of them may have at least 3-6 functions below it, therefore giving extra alternatives to customers.

Take a look for yourself here.

5. Affordable Pricing

Hands down, Mailshake is more expensive than OutreachPlus. The starting price for a user at OutreachPlus is $9/month, but at Mailshake there are just two pricing options, for Email outreach that is $59/month per user, and for Sales engagement, it is $99/month per user. To top that Mailshake offers only minimal features for that price. But  OutreachPlus offers more features at a lesser price. For instance, you get unlimited campaigns and templates, tags, and contact databases up to 1000.

  All you need to do is sign in and we will make your experience with us the best. Why don’t you experience it for yourself with our 14-day free trial option?

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