A Better Alternative to Lemlist – OutreachPlus 

When comparing OutreachPlus with Lemlist, the biggest differentiators are the price and functionality.

While Lemlist provides relevant email solutions to its users, modern users always want more which is why a few of them drive to solutions that can offer them more on their plate at an affordable price. OutreachPlus has experienced this rush on the website.

  • LemList lacks essential sales features such as Mobile Optimised Emails, Training in Person, etc..Need to a couple of more features here to make the argument stronger
  • LemList does provide good support in widgets and dashboards but doesn’t have the feature of Auto Responding, as it is an important feature where it can help you deliver valuable content to subscribers, raise brand awareness, and send relevant offers to people who want to know more about your business.
  • Unlike most cold email tools, Lemlist doesn’t let you add email attachments, like presentations or reports, to your emails.

With OutreachPlus you get to experience all our features first-hand. You upgrade only when you’re confident to scale. 

4 reasons to pick OutreachPlus over LemList

1. Hands down, Lemlist is more expensive than OutreachPlus. What costs $9/month for a solo user at Outreachplus, that same costs $29/month for a solo user at Lemlist. 

2.  To top that, Lemlist offers only 4 features for that price but in OutreachPlus for that amount you can get up to 10 features out of which a few aren’t even provided by Lemlist such as inbox to manage all responses, tagging,  and Contact databases up to 1000. 

3. OutreachPlus offers more features that Lemlist doesn’t have on its lists such as unlimited campaigns, with ready to use email templates, and more. 

4. Lemlist offers pricing plans for agencies and sales teams with the cost of $49 per user per month but with OutreachPlus,  you get a Multi-users plan which costs only $24 on a monthly basis. 

What makes OutreachPlus a better option than LemList?

Let’s take a quick look at what you are getting with Outreach Plus:

Affordable pricing$9/month$29/month
Smart automation Automates prospect behavior for better campaign performanceCaptures email address and automated personalized emails for unfiltered prospects 
24/7 live supportyesno
SMTP supportyesNo  
Track the performance of templates yesno
Event triggered emailyesno
Attachments with mail merge yesNo
Slash commands Yes no
Multiple Signature supportYesno
SPAM Complianceyesno
Advanced reply detection technology no

What more can you get with OutreachPlus but not LemList

Installed – MacYesNo
Installed – WindowsYesNo
List Managementyesno
In-Person TrainingyesNo  
Webinars Trainingyesno

When should you choose OutreachPlus, and when LemList

1. Multi-User plan

Lemlist gives pricing plans for corporations and income groups with the price of $forty nine in step with person in step with month however with OutreachPlus, there may be a plan referred to as Multi person which fees only $24 on a month-to-month foundation only. OutreachPlus gives greater capabilities that Lemlist doesn’t have on its listing including the tagging feature, limitless campaigns, and templates feature, and greater. 

Give it a try here.

2. 4 step simple Campaign setup

Lemlist has a campaign option but all that can be seen is how to run the campaign, choose templates, and how each text is personalized, but how can you create one in the first place? OutreachPlus has a dedicated campaign process where apart from the features of enhancing the campaigns, any user can create it with a simple 4 step process. All you need to do is choose a campaign type, add prospects, and create emails that will go out in a sequence starting from initial outreach to follow-ups.

Give it a read here.

3. Smart Automation process

Lemlist automates the process of capturing leads from Linkedin and then sending personalized emails from Lemlist to each of the email addresses captured. So basically, cold emails are going to unfiltered prospects. This isn’t the case with OutreachPlus. Outreachplus sends personalized emails based on the actions of the prospects which are captured via smart automation, so if a prospect is a cold lead, the email sent will help in nurturing those leads hence more chances of conversions taking place.

4. Provides more detailed features

If OutreachPlus offers more features on the user’s plate than LemList does. For instance, in Lemlist, the monthly limit for a silver pricing package user is just 100 a day, and for the gold and platinum users, it’s 500. In OutreachPlus, the email limit monthly is 1000 for a solo user, and for multi-users and agencies, it is unlimited. Also when it comes to other features such as account settings, campaign, and more, each of them will have a minimum of 3-6 features under it, hence giving more options to users.

Take a look for yourself here.

5. Affordable Pricing

Hands down, Lemlist is greater costly than OutreachPlus. What costs $9/month for a solo consumer at Outreachplus, that identical costs $29/month for a solo consumer at Lemlist. To pinnacle that Lemlist gives handiest four capabilities for that charge however in OutreachPlus for that quantity you may arise to ten capabilities out of which some aren’t even furnished via way of means of Lemlist along with inbox to control all responses, tagging feature, and Contact databases as much as 1000. 

See the advantages which OutreachPlus offers in all its packages here.

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