Extend your Outreach Impact During COVID-19: 6 ways to get started with

‘’The SARS outbreak is believed to have cost about US$40 billion; the economist who made that calculation says COVID-19 could cost three or four times as much.’’

The COVID-19 crisis has sent multiple businesses towards the deeper tunnel for quite a period of time.

While everyone was focused on keeping themselves safe from the pandemic, brands on the other hand suffered the loss of no or less investment and reduced lead capture. 

One of the Quora users, Pallvi Gautum, in her quora answer shared her opinion stating, ‘’Coronavirus has affected economies in many countries. Nearly all types of businesses have been negatively impacted by this outbreak and continue to do so as workforces dwindle due to high infection rates. This effect has largely been due to the reason that China is the largest production house in the world. Nearly 80% of the world’s major manufacturers either source raw material or components from China and many manufacturers are reliant completely on China for finished goods. With China being the most impacted country by the Coronavirus, it has become difficult for some businesses to continue operations or maintain demand-supply balances or at least 6 months due to a lack of in-person opportunities.’’

But March is now way behind and currently, the situation is recovering. Businesses have started to conduct businesses and prospects are looking to invest in meaningful solutions to find their needs, in such a situation, how can you have an Outreach impact in the already present COVID-19 environment?

This is exactly what you will learn today. In this article, we will help your business learn the following:

1 . How to have an outreach impact during COVID-19?

2. How to sustain your business growth during COVID-19?

3. How the use of efficient tools can boost your Outreach Growth?

Let’s get started.

How to have an outreach impact during COVID-19?

1. Get back to learning the customer journey map 

Outreach Impact During COVID-19

This is what the current buyer’s journey looks like. 

In order for your brand to function better, especially in such a time, you need to get back to basics to learn what your customer journey is all about. The situation is such that your prospects will not immediately invest in your solution, they need a strong reason to invest in a brand.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Say that one of the prospects is looking for an abc solution, this solution is provided by you and your competitors. Since the economy is just picking up, prospects will think twice to invest in a solution. What happens here is if your prospects find more value and a reasonable pricing with your competitors, they will invest there.

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It is important that you learn the customer journey map and follow the steps on how to proceed further. For example, in the buyer’s journey, under the exploring solutions, here is when you can start to understand what your prospects are expecting and curate content to engage with them and bring them towards your brand. 

2. Get back to learning about your prospects from scratch

Outreach Impact During COVID-19

You need to move away from the already researched prospects and get back to relearning from them again. The prospects you researched about had a different meaning and the ones you will conduct the research on now are different.

Let’s understand this with an example:

The prospects you researched earlier were more towards, what their needs are, how will you manage to get them to invest in your product, how can you drive their attention to invest in your product, and more.

But with the research you conduct now, while all the above queries will remain the same, the thought process here would highlight the COVID-19 perspective such as will the prospect invest in this product given the situation, what are the prospects seeing in terms of investment, and their needs and more. 

3. Curate content as per your prospects situations

Outreach Impact During COVID-19

‘’Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.’’ This is one of the biggest reasons why content is considered a  huge importance for multiple brands. But this can only work when you curate the right content for your prospects.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Since it is the COVID-19 situation, if you’re going to start posting or sharing content with regards to nothing in relation to the crisis, that content will not work. Your prospects will be under the impression that your brand isn’t doing anything towards the crisis.

But when you add content with reference to the current crisis such as writing blogs on topics like, how to sell better to prospects during this crisis time or how to conduct and sustain your brand growth during such a situation, this is when your prospects will be more drawn towards you. 

4. Don’t focus on closing deals right now

This is a highly important factor. You need to be well aware here that your prospects are not looking to immediately invest in any brand. COVID-19 has gotten multiple prospects unemployed, shut down brands, and more. If a prospect wants to invest it won’t be at least the moment which is why you need to stop thinking about closing deals. 

When you do this, you’re just driving your prospects away from you. Your prospects want to be informed about the crisis, how your business is managing it, what are you doing to sustain your business growth, and more. For a short period of time, give such information to your prospects. Don’t move to sell or close deals or you could lose out on your potential prospects. 

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5. Focus on how to contribute to your prospects

The number one goal for any brand is how they can give more to prospects. In this context, it means how you can help your prospects. Your prospects are aware of the situation, they need to be aware of how you are helping them, it could be in any form such as providing insightful blogs on multiple COVID-19 related topics and more. 

This brand does a great job in this matter:

Flywheel informed its prospects about their work situations, how they are contributing via security and more. 

6. Exhibit how your brand is working towards the COVID-19 crisis

Your prospects despite not for the purpose of purchasing, they would want to learn more about how your brand is taking the crisis. You could exhibit and help them understand how you do it with images and videos of how you and your team are working during this crisis period. You could show the employees sitting at a distance, hands being washed regularly, everything being sanitized, and more.

This can possibly create a good impression from the prospect’s end towards your brand. 

Now that we have this cleared from your outreach point of view, we do also have a few generic tips on how you can continue to sustain your brand growth during the COVID-19 crisis.

How to sustain your business growth during COVID-19?

1. Understand your drawbacks/failures

The first thing you need to understand here is that you’re not going to succeed during such a time in an immediate manner. You need to be aware that even when you try some new things, there could be a possibility to find a failure or a drawback.

The best way to achieve the success you’re looking at is to identify all the failures for your processes and work on finding a solution for them. 

2. Continue to engage with prospects

Your prospects are going to be there, to retain them for longer, continue to engage with them. Send them newsletters, blogs, and other kinds of information and keep informing them about your brand, crisis situation, and more.

Keep checking up on your prospects, and continue to get in touch with your prospects. 

3. Refine your business packages

Since you’re aware that the crisis has made the economy weaker, it would be suggestive if you could tweak your pricing packages so that it becomes more affordable for your prospects.

Ensure that you add some free demos or a discount package as this can trigger the prospects to make an investment. 

4. Identify ideas and solutions to improve prospect communication

This is one of the most crucial forms of communication because it is the right time to conduct this action. You can use this moment to identify ideas and solutions so that you can enhance your prospect’s communication better.

With good research, you can identify and understand how to deal with prospects, what to speak about, and engage with them well to build a better bond. 

5. Conduct surveys to learn more about prospects

Surveys are a great way to understand what your prospects expect from you. With frequent survey actions, you will be able to curate better content and treat the prospect better as per their need. With such information, your engagement with prospects will be more refined and efficiency with them will increase. 

Now that we have this covered, let’s also understand what is the right tool you can make use of in order to conduct efficient outreach for your actions towards your prospects. 

How the use of efficient tools can boost your Outreach Growth?

There are multiple tools that are available to use, one such is OutreachPlus.

OutreachPlus is an efficient email marketing software that ensures that personalized emails are sent to your prospects for the benefit of receiving positive replies.  

With such an automated email solution, you can continue to follow up and engage with prospects and keep in touch with them. 

The Bottom Line…

The COVID-19 crisis is not going to move away easily, despite it recovering at the moment, it has left a mark which brands like yours, need time to get back to normal from the business front. 

You however have the tips and remedies on how you can get your business back on track and sustain the growth for the best.

So tell us, what did you think of this article? Did you find it helpful? Would you like to share your thoughts on this topic? We would love to hear from you.

Also, to read more such helpful content, do watch out for OutreachPlus more often. 

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