Marketing Influencers To Watch Out In 2020

 ‘’49% of Consumers Depend on Influencer Recommendations.’’

Influencer marketing is the best way to get your products in the eyes of your prospects instantly.

You heard that right.

Imagine this, there is a person called Adam on a social media handle and his followers count is over a million. When your brand indulges with Adam whose account has a lot of engagement and prospect activities, imagine what would happen when Adam exhibits your solution?

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3. Birth of an Influencer

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The high chances are Adam’s prospects will come to your website to explore your solutions and some may even make the purchase instantly. This is the power of influencer marketing.

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It’s very simple. When you hear from someone you know or follow online, that a particular product has worked for them and they suggest that the same can be applied to you, wouldn’t you without a doubt agree with what they have said and purchased that solution?

Influencer marketing is great. In fact, ‘’Influencer Marketing Is the Fastest-Growing Online Customer-Acquisition Method’’ because when a high-end influencer suggests a product which has worked on them or believes that it is better than the ones in the market, that can help the brand they are exhibiting to grow better. It distinguishes them from the crowd.

Your prospects wouldn’t have to conduct any research to cross verify with an influencer’s words because they are confident that what they are saying is true. 

If you want your brand to sell better, increase its conversion rates and tap potential prospects quicker, investing in influencer marketing tactics is the wisest choice.

Let’s take you deeper into the topic.

What is ‘Influencer Marketing’?

“Influence marketing is an art and science. The art is the crafting and creating of content that adds value to people’s lives, personally or for their business. The science is the tactics and tools of building tribes and followers on the big social networks”–Jeff Bullas

Influencer marketing refers to the process of exhibiting your brand solution with the help of an individual who has a higher number of exposure, followers, and impression in the social world. 

For instance, say you want to exhibit your solution and you’re a brand that sells email marketing softwares.  You would now search for an influencer who matches your industry and engages with them.

The influencer will then exhibit your solution with the use of high-quality images and an attractive caption which will state your solutions’ benefits. 

Let’s understand this with a visual example:

Marketing Influencers

Source: Amplified Marketing

As you can see, the influencer is highlighting a brand ‘jcrew’ and explaining why they wanted to engage with her. She then goes on to say how ‘jcrew’ is the perfect solution for her by stating the benefits it holds. 

As you can see one of the prospects has also stated that they look at the influencer for perfect clothing inspiration which is why the next move of that prospect would be to also give a look at ‘jcrew’. 

Influencer marketing is the real deal if you want to sell faster in 2020.

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Need more reason for its existence?

Let’s give you a deeper tour.

Perks of investing in ‘Influencer Marketing’

Marketing Influencers

“Influencer marketing is something to pay attention to. We’re used to influencers being people like the Kardashians, but we all have our Kardashians at our events. These people are called micro-influencers and they can have a large impact when used strategically.”–Alex Plaxen

1. Develops trust 

One of the finest features of influencer marketing is the fact that an audience develops trust with the influencers. For instance, say if you are an influencer who has more than 100k followers, tomorrow if you exhibit a solution and say ‘This product has helped in solving all my needs’, there are high chances that the audience will follow the same product.

The reason why influencers have grown is because they have created an impression of the things they use and sell. Similar to word of mouth advertising, over here influencers words are believed. So when you partner with such influencers, selling or rather exhibiting your solution becomes easier. 

2. Relevant to the solution being sold

Another great thing about influencer marketing is that every influencer has a niche they follow. For instance, some would exhibit cosmetics, some would exhibit technology and more.

Depending on your industry and solution, you can identify the right influencer and partner with them. Among many of the solutions they have exhibited before, your solution too will remain on their social media handle page.

So when the influencer audiences view their page, they will come across your solution and maybe even hit back on your website. It is important that you retain an influencer who is in your niche so that selling and explaining your solution better to the potential prospects becomes easier to conduct. 

3. Favours what the audience wants

When there is an influencer, what they sell or rather exhibit will match its audience. So if you are a vendor for some softwares, the audience who are looking for softwares will follow the influencer. This is great because when such influencers have such a kind of audience, the chances for your solution to be explored are more.

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The audience who is viewing your solution is finding their needs via that influencer hence when they see your brand solution being exhibited, they will come to your website to learn more about you. 

4. Sells real value to prospects

The reason why a prospect would be interested to invest their time in an influencer is because they are selling the real deal. The main agenda of any prospect towards an influencer is that whether the solutions they exhibit match their needs or not.

And if they are the audience that is looking for such solutions for them, then that influencer offers them a real deal and they continue to associate with their activities. 

5. Increases brand awareness

Whether it is a small business or a big one, engaging with an influencer increases the chances of your brand’s image being exhibited on a larger scale. When an influencer speaks about your solution, they are also giving away a brief about what your brand does and that is when the influencer’s audiences are aware of your brand’s existence. 

You are now aware that influencer marketing has many benefits attached which can enhance selling your brand’s solution in a better manner.  The right reason to engage with an influencer is that with the demand of their existence, anything they say or use is taken seriously by their audience.

Influencers are looked at as a personality, anyone would like to follow. Investing in them would be wise because to become an influencer, the process isn’t easy.

Why don’t you have a look for yourself?

Taking an example of how influencers are born with the use of a popular social media handle, Instagram. 

Birth of an Influencer

Marketing Influencers

1. Deciding on what expert to become

‘’Instagram has over 800 MILLION monthly users.’’ and if you want to capture their attention you need to understand how exactly you want to tap them in the first place. For instance, if you are selling proxy servers as a business, you need to speak about it, start sharing references, posts, and blogs related to that topic.

If you type on Instagram with the words proxy servers, you will probably see many related pages showing up but are they the pages you can trust for an opinion? The answer leaves you in doubt. Don’t let your prospects feel the same way about you. Ensure that you have decided on a particular niche you want to sell and work on enhancing and selling them better.

2. Sharing high-quality images, videos, and content

Source: Sterlingmorris

As mentioned earlier your prospects are well aware of what is happening around them, they are aware of the solutions being sold and are aware of the companies selling them too. This statement is being repeated because you need to understand that to become an Instagram influencer you cannot just post or share any content. Every content you share or the images or videos you post should be error-free, clear and understandable.

See it in this way, when you view an image from a brand, would you continue to stare at it for continue scrolling? Many would choose the latter. The only way you can capture your prospect’s attention and then retain them longer to understand what you are selling to them is by showcasing them quality content which matters. 

“If you want your content to stand out from the noise, you can do that in four ways – use drama, use humor, use celebrities or use influencers. [Influencer marketing] is not going away and it shouldn’t.”–Jason Falls.

When prospects view content which deepens their understanding better about what they are or are not aware that they tend to follow you to learn more about it.

When you make use of visual images such as clear ones where the prospect’s attention gets captured with the design and the product, that is also another way to capture the prospect’s attention. For videos too, choose impactful words, relevant and clear pictures and subtle colours which draw prospects to click on what it is about. 

3. Keep one theme for all posting activities

Source: Zoe Linda

When you start as an Instagram influencer another factor you need to keep in mind is that the theme for your page should remain constant. For instance, for every post you are using a particular colour and are placing your logo on the top, continue to do that because when your prospects continue to be seen in that pattern your prospects will remember that it is your brand. 

For instance, let’s say that you have used a theme for your page and while scrolling your prospects happen to see the post you’ve shared. As they continue to see your post regularly they are aware that this theme is from your brand.

So say if another brand has shared one of your posts when your prospects see it they will be able to identify that the post is from your account and will come to see it on your page.

When this action happens often you tend to receive a high number of followers which in turn affects your count rate making you an Instagram influencer. 

4. Posting according to a fixed schedule regularly

Another factor that matters when you want to become an Instagram influencer is the postings you conduct. For instance, when you post regularly, your prospects will be able to remember you and consider the content you share in your postings.

Say you post for continuously one week, three times a day and then the next week you post only twice or less than that, chances are you can witness your follower count dropping and this isn’t a good sign for one that wants to become an Instagram influencer.

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Did you know that for an Instagram influencer, continuous posting and engaging on Instagram is necessary, the reason being you are able to constantly remind your prospects about your existence. You can easily engage with your existing prospects as well as make way to attract more new prospects.

Ensure that your postings are conducted regularly and you and if you need to make any changes make sure your prospects are well aware of what the action is. Hubspot claims ‘’The best time to post on Instagram is between 2 PM and 3 PM CDT. The best day to post on Instagram is Thursday, not just at 3 PM, but at 5 AM, 11 AM, and 4 PM as well.’’

5.Increasing higher engagement 

Another way to become an Instagram influencer is to engage with prospects. Many believe that by posting pictures regularly their job is complete. So what happens is the count of followers tend to grow very slowly and that may not be good when you want to succeed better in becoming an Instagram influencer.

The greatest way to become an Instagram influencer is by connecting with your prospect. The more you connect with your prospects the better you are able to offer them the needs they are looking for. Also having continuous engagements helps you to build that trust factor which is important when you sell them your solution. For instance, when your prospects trust you, they will tend you to trust your opinions too. 

Engaging with your prospects doesn’t necessarily mean spamming their inbox, you can try several other engagement methods such as: 

1 . Conducting contests

2. Providing goodies

3. Having debates on posts

4 .Conducting a Q & A session

All of these factors contribute to increasing your engagement levels with prospects and win them over. If you do this often, becoming an Instagram influencer wouldn’t seem impossible.

6. Getting the hashtag game strong

#hashtags have been garnering popularity ever since it became famous on Instagram. 

Source: Hopper HQ

Hashtags are a great way to indulge in extending your post outreach. In fact, when you use hashtags depending on the number of hashtags you use, you can easily make your post more available for your target audience. For instance say if you sell some software, your hashtags would be #business #software #b2b #softwarforsocialmedia and the list can go on.

So when your users want to search for you, they just need to type in the word such as software and your posts since it has that hashtag will appear amongst the options.

To become an Instagram influencer using hashtags can make you memorable as well. Creating a hashtag and then using it whenever you write a caption or post videos or images gives your brand another identity and makes it aware in the minds of your prospects when they see it. To create impactful hashtags, you can:

1 . Create a short one which is easy to remember

2. Should be in such a manner where it remains at the tip of the tongue for your prospects

7. Merging with other influencers

If you are still doubting this technique, you might want to reconsider your decision. Merging with other influencers expands your brand to a whole other audience. See it in this way, when you are able to merge with another influencer this is what happens:

1 . You tend to grab the attention of another set of the target audience

2. You would be able to trigger more interest in your brand and the solutions you offer

Source: Business Insider

When you get with individuals who are from the same industry, it becomes easier to extend your brand exposure. You have the ability to connect with so many more prospects who are looking for a need like yours. You are even connecting with them in a better way and all of these actions are important in growing to become an Instagram influencer.

8. Creating an eye-catching bio


When your prospect views your page, the next thing they would see is your bio. Your bio should explain everything about your business, your brand and how you aim to help prospects. Always remember that when you display more about the benefits your prospect would be getting, the better you are able to sell to them.

Your bio could have the fanciest of features when it comes to product, but if it doesn’t state in a few lines how it can help your prospects, they will be walking out. See it in this way, when your prospects come on your account and you tell them that for instance, ‘we can help you increase your lead count 3x more than the current solution you are using’ this would make your prospects interested in what you have to offer.

Ensure that your bio has the following factors:

1 . A good statement of what your account is about

2 . Crisp points about the benefits of the product your selling

3. Mention your brand name, location

9. Making use of Instagram stories

‘’One third (1/3) of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses. Instagram stories have become a thing of the present and it is one of the most widely used features on Instagram. Instagram stories appear for 24 hours which makes it easy to cover all the audience on your account at any time.


 Another thing with Instagram stories is that you can post images, videos and also have a live session that matters in the process of you becoming an Instagram influencer. Instagram influencers have grown to be popular because Instagram stories are one of the ways you can easily reach out to your prospects.

With the help of Instagram ads, you can even post your products and it will appear on multiple prospects’ accounts when they view their stories. The more you engage with Instagram stories the better are your chances to increase your identity and draw prospects towards you.

10. Ensure the account is ‘business’

Source: Later

Another thing that matters when becoming an Instagram influencer is the factor that you need to change your account into a business profile because this is how your prospects will understand you better. With a business account, you can add CTA’s such as email addresses or contact numbers. So say for instance when prospects view your account, they will realize that you are a brand as well as immediately contact you to learn better.

11. Being open to the solution being offered

The main agenda here is that you as an Instagram influencer need to convince your prospects that what solution you are offering is genuine and that if they apply it they will be able to cater to their exact needs. But for that to happen, you need to first list out the main problems.

When you list out the problems your prospects are facing you turn to garner more interest and when the interest increases they will eventually want to come and try out what you have to offer.

The greatest thing about Instagram influencers is that when you openly and confidently talk about the problems being faced and why your solution you are offering them is the best one, chances are your prospects will consider your words because you are connecting with them in a way which is right in the field of business.

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This is exactly how an influencer is being born. Trying the above tactics can convert a potential influencer to become an impactful one.

Why don’t you take a look for yourself at the top marketing influencers in 2020 who can enhance and impact your business with their practice?

Top Marketing Influencers in 2020

1. Rand Fishkin

Source: Twitter

The Founder and CEO of SEO Moz, Rand Fishkin has quite a good followers that listen to him with interest. The reason being he speaks in detail about what is happening in the industry he is in and what are the measures we need to avoid. He doesn’t shy away from speaking the reality which is evident when he shares insights on what needs to be avoided when you want to succeed in this digitised platform.

As he quit his company Moz, Rand went to create his new business Sparktoro where the main focus of his business is on influencer marketing and audience analysis. The reason you should follow Rand is because what he speaks about the industry is his personal opinion which is why his insights and inputs are all relevant to what the current business scenario is dependent upon. 

2. Ann Handley

Source: Twitter

Ann Handley is the chief content officer at MarketingProfs and is also an author of multiple books where the main focus is about writing. She has bagged many achievements in her bag, to name a few are she has been listed as the ‘Top 20 women bloggers’ by ForbesWomen and Forbes has also considered her as the ‘Most influential women in social media’.

Ann is not just an author, she is also a speaker where she shares her inputs to all who want to start writing to exhibit their brand better. She is active on her two social media handles which are Twitter and Linkedin. To receive more insights about the world of content writing, capture your attention on these two social handles. 

Content is what will strive your prospects to retain their attention on your website or marketing activities so that they can learn from what you are offering them. The better way to develop impactful content is what Ann Handley will help you curate.

3. Matt Navarra

Source: Twitter

If you want to know what social media can do for your business, listening to what Matt has to say matters. Matt is considered to be the geek in social media and also shares his inputs surrounding it. He is updated with the latest happenings which can help you to understand the modern measures being introduced in social media, in a better way.

With over 12+ years of experience in the digital and social world, missing out Matt’s words on social media wouldn’t be your wisest decision. Matt has worked for a few established companies such as Digital communications lead for UK Government, Global Tech News publisher ( where he managed to strengthen the social media activities up to the standards and mark of the brand.

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He also has his own podcast where you can receive multiple insights about the social world on various topics. Social media is helping modern brands today to sell better, engage better as well as capture efficient leads on a much better scale, hence taking the advice of influencers such as Matt can only help you conduct your marketing activities more quickly and efficiently. 

4. Joe Pulizzi

Marketing Influencers

Source: Twitter

Joe Pulizzi is a man who is deepened for his love for the colour orange and who strains his focus more on content marketing. He has his own podcast, is a speaker, has written multiple impactful books and is now leading the ‘Orange Effect’ foundation to help students with speech difficulties. 

Joe Pulizzi had also founded a startup called the ‘Content Marketing Institute’ which is now bought by IBM. The world of content marketing is important for any brand whose aim is to capture the attention of their prospects via the content form. With Joe Pulizzi’s words through his posts and podcast, applying the right content practices has become one step easy. 

5. Neil Patel

Marketing Influencers

Source: Twitter

When it comes to SEO the first person that comes to mind is Neil Patel. Neil Patel is the founder of multiple efficient startups such as Kissmetircs, Crazyegg and HelloBar. His blogs contain all the information you need to understand about the topic being written. His blogs are meaningful and insightful because for every statement or opinion being shared by him there is always a fact or a statistics to prove his point.

This is another reason why readers trust the information he shares. He was even listed by Forbes as the ‘Top 10 online marketers’. When it comes to content and SEO activities or any other digital topic, learning from the expert himself will guide your better.  Neil Patel also conducts video sessions where he speaks about multiple topics in an enhanced manner.

6. Ryan Deiss

Marketing Influencers

Source: Linkedin

The creator of ‘Customer Value Optimization’, Ryan Deiss is a man whose insights are delivered on the basis of what he has tried upon. With an exceptional team he conducts his own digital marketing theories and shares the results he has experienced. Being the CEO and Founder of Digital Marketer, Ryan strives to help his audience receive only those tips which will help in curbing the way brands conduct their marketing tactics.

When a person like Ryan has tested the marketing tips out for himself, a brand like yours would be confident to try it out without any doubt. Look out for Ryan if you wish to yield better results for your marketing activities. 

7. Larry Kim

Marketing Influencers

Source: Twitter

If you have heard of MobileMonkey and Wordstream, then you need to meet the Founder, Larry Kim. Creating two such solutions where one focuses on keyword research and the other stresses on chatbots who can connect better with prospects, understanding how to engage with prospects using the right tools is exactly what Larry Kim aims to deliver his audiences. 

Larry is also an expert in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and startup related practices as well as he has also been ranked as the ‘Top 8 recognisable author on Medium’. Creating such two solutions which have been making an easy impact for brands like yours, engaging and exploring Larry Kim works and insights is what will help your brand to grow better by investing in the right pathway. 

8. Lilach Bullock

Marketing Influencers

Source: Twitter

When it comes to lead generation activities, the best person to reach out to would be Lilach.  She has been considered as the ‘Number one digital marketing influencer’ by Career Experts and by Forbes she has been listed as the ‘Top 20 Women Social media Influencer’. Whether it is content marketing, website related conversions or management of sales funnel, Lilach is the expert you have to follow to get your lead activities on the right path. 

The Bottom Line…

‘’Major Brands Plan to Increase Spend on Influencer Marketing.’’

And so should your brand too. You now have the list of all the popular marketing influencers you can start following from today. Engage with them more to learn about them and maybe even partner with them to sell your brand’s solutions.

Enhance your influencer marketing tactics better by communicating your brand message and the purpose of its partnership clearer to the influencers. Start by sending automated personalized emails so that positive reverts can be received. 

When that happens, the process of influencer marketing gets at a rapid speed and your brand’s solution receives multiple attention.

So, when are you planning to engage with the marketing influencers listed above? Which influencer caught your attention? We would like to hear from you. 

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