Marketing Automation Software: The 2020 Guide

How are your lead conversion rates?

Are you satisfied with them?

If you are a marketer, you can never be satisfied with the number of leads you get.

And that’s not a bad thing because the more leads you grasp the better you push your brand higher.

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2. Why choose marketing automation software?

3. How to use Marketing Automation Software for your business?

4. Does marketing automation software sell or nurture your leads?

5. Top Marketing Automation Software tool

But have you noticed why you are never able to accommodate all your leads?

Say if you captured 10 leads in hand, why do you only get 6 qualified leads in return?

If you aim to raise higher than your competitors, you need the remaining 4 prospects as well.

But how can you do that?

Sending multiple emails whilst managing meetings can be a roadblock for you to capture your leads at the right time.

The solution lies in an automated process. An automated process that performs lead conversion activities just like how you do.

Introducing, Marketing Automation Software.

A convenient software that helps you focus on your solution enhancement whilst it takes care of all the repetitive tasks.

What is marketing automation software?

Marketing automation software is a tool that eases your repetitive work and by performing on your behalf. It works on nurturing your prospects and ensures that all your marketing efforts are conducted via its automated feature.

Instead of you manually sending follow up emails to each of your clients, this automated tool will send it based on the information retrieved.


You need to send an email to your clients about your brand’s new product launch. The email has been sent to all the names mentioned in the prospect list.

If out of 20 only 12 clicked on it and reverted to enquire about the feature whilst the remaining 8 didn’t respond.

You might wonder if this happened because maybe the email you sent wasn’t attractive enough, which is one pointer but there is more than just this.

At times we tend to send emails to all our leads without even understanding whether they are even interested to see it.

It’s like selling you a new model of the smartphone brand when you have already bought the previous one. Why would you need it?

Marketing automation software prevents this from happening. What it does is, it studies your client’s behaviour, it analyzes what makes them click an email, what are the more interested in seeing, what they expect from you. They capture all of this so that tomorrow when you engage with them, you are engaging with a prospect that genuinely is interested in investing their money on you.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

Why do you subscribe to pages online? Why is your inbox filled with emails of the pages you’ve decided to subscribe to?

Now the prime reason why you are having it is that you are interested in that brand’s product and want to learn more from it. But what happens when that same brand sends you something irrelevant or something that doesn’t fancy your interest, would you continue to subscribe?

This is the exact problem marketing automation software aims to tackle. They are easing your work by nurturing your client at the right time.

What happens when you have nurtured leads?

Your process to convert prospects into qualified leads happen much quicker.

Marketing automation software also aims to help you push your focus on the right path. For instance, instead of you manually conducting campaigns online regularly, this tool performs it for you so that with the time saved you can focus on something more productive.

Imagine how easy your life will be.

Another trait of marketing automation software is that it helps to create that relationship building which you may not able to conduct having such a large number of clients in hand.

For instance, you can pay attention to 5 clients properly, but what happens when you have over 350+ clients? 

The minute your clients feel that your brand is not showing attention to their needs, they will simply walk straight to your competitors.

The market is changing, your client’s preferences are changing and at this very moment what you need to do is to act fast and smart.

Deciding to learn more about this tool is fast, investing in it after this article is smart.

Let me help you create a visual road map of how marketing automation tool that can serve its purpose with lead generation.

Why choose marketing automation software?

It is tough to believe that an automated tool can personalize human interactions. Many of the automated tools despite having the same feature fails to create the human touch which is required when your conversing with multiple clients.

The below information are the key features of marketing automation software which will give you a better understanding of what makes this tool different and why you need to get it now.


Incorporating marketing automation software isn’t rocket science. It is easy to install as it can easily sync any tools you will be using. It allows you to cater to multiple prospects at the right time. All you need to do is sync it and let the automation tool do its job.

Real Data in hand

Data is the asset for any business. When you have your lead data in hand, you can work on so many things such as how you can grasp them, what steps you can take to trigger this attention.

With marketing automation software, capturing leads becomes more fruitful. With the data patterns of your leads, this tool can interact and engage a good bond with your clients and at the same time trigger their attention to the content they want to see. Conducting this action ensures that you are always on track when it comes to assisting all your clients.

Faster lead conversion

Conducting lead generation tactics manually can take up a lot of time. Even if you complete the work, you still have a lot on your plate to finish. This pulls you away from focusing your attention on achieving your lead targets.

With the marketing automation tool, this speeds up the process. Since this tool is managing all your repetitive work and is sending the emails on time, your lead conversion increases hence increasing efficiency at work.


Your client’s preferences will keep fluctuating. The market for them too will keep changing. You can’t keep a track always to ensure that you match the trend so what can you do about it?

The easiest would be to rely on a source that can help you in capturing and converting leads. Since marketing automation software is assisting and sharing what your leads require, this gives you the advantage to form your strategies accordingly.

Increases more productivity

Manual work takes up a lot of your time and even by the end of the day, the work falls short to be completed within the timeframe given. With marketing automation software, this issue gets resolved.

Since this tool manages all your repetitive tasks you get more time to brainstorm some new ideas which can help your business to grow better. You will be able to complete all your work and yet conduct all efficient marketing activities without any hassle.

Less manpower

Marketing tricks is what executes your product out to your target audience. As the trends change, companies tend to find new people who can learn, understand and adapt to these new changes and assist the same with their leads.

Not only is this costly but it can consume a lot of time to plan the right strategy. If you were using a marketing automated tool, like an automated dialer software, you wouldn’t be worried about this issue at all. Since this tool nurtures leads during the crucial process, your current team can still manage to grasp leads. 

Brings data in one place

The best feature about this automated tool is that you can view all the data you need to see one place. If you are using your CRM to update and keep a track of your leads, you can sync it easily with the marketing automation software. This will bring convenience to you since you have all the data required in one place. 

More organized

Be prepped up for any future campaigns and posts that require to be sent out for the month. This is essential since you can remain forward with your marketing activities as well as have ample time in your space to be creative and think more about how you can work towards increasing qualified leads in other ways.

Focuses on lead nurturing

Your clients will not say yes to buying from you when you assist them in the first chance. They will take time to learn, understand and witness how you can preach about their benefits. Now, this process isn’t a one day task, it takes a lot of time and energy to get it done and if you plan on doing it manually, you will be slow in your other work.

But due to marketing automation software, this can be your golden chance. This tool aims to nurture leads when it is required. Having such a tool that captures your lead attention through constant nurture is what will give your business more sales. 

Filters unnecessary information

You send campaigns to multiple target audiences who are looking out for a solution which they can find in their product. As a business, you will be investing in so many platforms that are high on the scale to retrieve leads. Have you ever noticed that during this process, you invest in channels that are not benefiting you at all?

Your money is going to a road that will never turn back to you which is exactly why this automation tool is present. Giving you the information and laying it out in a crystal clear form gives you all the insights you require to invest in beneficial channels.  

Hitting the target when it’s time

Leads don’t like to be troubled when they in the first place don’t have any interest to engage with you. When you send emails this is what happens. You just send it out without understanding what your leads want you to for them. Here is where the problem is.

To solve this, you need marketing automation software because it takes care of when your content needs to be sent to them. If they are interested they will move further if not the tool will continue to engage with them. This saves your sales team the time to start all over and instead cut through halfway and begin the journey of converting a hot potential into a qualified lead. 

How to use Marketing Automation Software for your business?

Let’s take an example of lead generation which you already have been doing. Let’s understand how marketing automation software can help here.

Finding your leads

The first step is to identify who is your target audience. Every product is different and with so many in the market, clients have different needs when it comes to selecting even one of them. So how can you find your ideal target audience?

Here is when marketing automation software comes in place. It helps you find your ideal audience which will match your product. By studying the behavior patterns of your audience, it can give you clarity on how you can tap and capture the types of clients that will be ideal for your business. 

This is easy as it saves your time and energy to retrieve leads manually from several places.

Raising traffic

Now you have your ideal audience, what next? It is time to draw them closer to you. The ideal ways to do this is through blogs, social media interactions, SEO content and drawing attention to the landing page. To accommodate so many clients how can you conduct this action?

Marketing automation software does it for you. It ensures that it builds a great relationship by sending personalized messages to all your clients which can help them to develop the trust factor with you. With constant online activities, this tool ensures that you are always on top of your marketing activities.

Preparing for conversion

Now you have got leads with you. The next step is to convert them into your paying leads for your business. Here is when the main action happens. You cannot send 100 emails with one standard message, it is useless because your conversion rates will have a slow and lower rate. 

To convert better, marketing automation software can help you. What it does is it gives you information about the clients and on that basis, you create custom emails for them. When you have created the personalized emails, this automation tool will ensure that you will send it at the right time( during lead preference).

For instance, say you want to explain your lead to your product. So you send an email regarding it to 8 clients. Out of 8, only 4 have clicked on it. After some days you send another email where you speak about scheduling meetings and brief more about how they can learn about your product. If the clients click on it again, you can begin your sales call with them.

About the remaining 4, you can easily conduct the follow-up emails until they click to open it. The marketing automation software will do it while you cater to the remaining interested leads.

Nurturing your leads

Your work doesn’t end here yet. Now you have to convert your leads into a sales lead. For that, it will take a lot of nurturing actions for them to trust you and decide to purchase from you. This process takes a longer period since clients need their time to make decisions. You can’t do it manually every day as your list of leads being nurtured would be more than just one digit.

Having understood that here is when this marketing tool will come in hand. All you need to do is to use the data to create personalized emails. For instance, one client isn’t sure about taking a call with your product because he is still confused. You can create an email where you can address this issue and also state how they can overcome it. Once you’ve created it, the automation tool will send it to all those leads which are experiencing the same problem.

How convenient is it?

Many of you might have this doubt that marketing automation software can help you generate leads, but how confident can you guarantee its success?

The whole point of a marketing automation software existence is to help you nurture your leads during the conversion process. It hits your lead in that spot which is considered to be one of the most crucial channels at that moment.

But wait, does marketing automation software act like salesmen?

Does marketing automation software sell or nurture your leads?

That’s the confusion.

Nurturing leads is similar to selling.

What happens in nurturing leads is that you convince your prospects why they should invest in your solution?

You tend to continuously preach about your solution till the point your leads are convinced that it is time to decide with your solution.

With selling the trick is similar. With selling, you start from scratch and contact your leads to convince them. But with nurturing leads, you are only taking care of them when they have shown interest in what you have to say.

Marketing automation software’s main priority is to ensure that your leads are being taken care of right from the beginning till the point they are associated with you.

There are many market automation software tools available that make your journey of lead generation and lead building much easier.

Let’s take a quick view:

Top Marketing Automation Software tool

1. OutreachPlus

This tool is designed to send personalized emails so that you can confidently expect a reply from your leads. It is an email marketing software that gives you all the information you require to create a strategy that will work well in the case of lead generation. If you want to receive more subscriptions and positive emails from your prospects, it is time to switch to this tool.

Marketing Automation Software

2. Hubspot Marketing Software

This is one of the finest tools which Hubspot showcases. It has a sales, marketing, and support software which you can avail during the time you utilize the CRM of the brand. From creating workflows to having all the data in one visual form to never looking back to all your repetitive tasks, Hubspot has created an efficient tool.

Marketing Automation Software

3. Active Campaign

This tool is best preferred by intermediaries and above. To understand this function can take some time, but once you’re familiar with it you can conduct a lot of activities. It is an email marketing automated tool that sends personalized emails, responds to your audience, has an organized structure for sales activities as well as conducts decisions based on your audience patterns.

Marketing Automation Software

4. Autopilot

Claimed to be one of the most user-friendly platforms, every data you want to see is visible. Autopilot is an email marketing, messaging and automated tool that ensures that all the activities you require from drafting lead quality emails to assisting you to target audience at the right time, this tool offers convenience in a cup. 


5. SendInBlue

Starting from an agency to now being considered as one of the finest marketing automation software, sendinblue has much to offer to its clients. Their main features highlight report visibility, lead scoring which is essential to understand about a lead and they also offer you the advantage of running SMS campaigns.


Would you like to see more top tools that could create quite an impression like the ones mentioned above?

Then this article could guide you through.

JB Kellog, Founder, and Co-CEO of Madwire and its brands Marketing 360 explained the importance of marketing automation software in a nutshell via his tutorial videos online. He stated:

‘’Marketing Automation, a lot of times people think that it’s just email but it is so much more than that.’’

He continues to say:

‘’Multi channels are extremely important today. Think about where your customers are whether they are on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram where are they and what is the type of content they want to see.’’

He also adds in an important point stating:

‘’ Content is King but Marketing is Queen. You have to have great content first and then it’s about where you’re placing that content’’.

The Bottom Line…

If you’re not using marketing automation software even after this, don’t be surprised if your competitors are moving ahead of you. Marketing automation software isn’t just a tool that was created to make your life easier if you observe closely it does more than just that.

Imagine you don’t have to struggle with the recurring tasks, you don’t have to miss out on any alerts or follow up emails that need to be sent out and neither do you have to break your head to form a great bond with all your clients. You have a tool in your hand that lets you do this.

You may still be doubtful that how can an automated tool give your clients the real human experience?

The point to highlight here is that many marketing automation software comes with a personalized experience. For instance, let’s take an example of OutreachPlus. This email marketing tool takes care of all the emails which are being sent out in a more personalized manner.

Now imagine you receive such an email, wouldn’t it trigger you to revert, this is exactly what marketing automation software such as OutreachPlus too expects.

To cope up with the new trends you will invest money in manpower whom you have to constantly train and take care of. Instead of you attempting that, why don’t you invest in a tool that gives you all the information you need which can help you in your marketing activities.

As mentioned in the beginning, marketing automation isn’t here to give your job away, it focuses more on conducting efficient marketing activities. Instead of wasting time on tasks that require your less focus, it pushes you towards achieving your goals.

This article was created so that businesses like yours can invest smartly in tools that will give them the return they expect back. 

Marketing Automation Software is one such tool.

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