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Why OutreachPlus should be your choice if you’re looking for simple email marketing tool to replace MailChimp.

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So why use OutreachPlus as a MailChimp alternative?



Send 1 campaign to 100 &10,000 subscribers respectively



Send 1 campaign to 1000 & 1500 subscribers respectively



Send 1 campaign to Unlimited & 200000 subscribers respectively



Key features of OutreachPlus

OutreachPlus makes personalization dead simple.

Send emails that instantly appeal to your prospects and achieve higher response rates using our advanced personalization features. The more personalized your emails are, the more likely you will achieve a positive response. You can automatically include the person’s first name, company name etc in your emails but you can also add custom fields that are particular to your needs (e.g. interests, hobbies etc). If you don’t have the information available for all prospects you can set up conditions to automatically display alternative text if the custom field information is not available. My favorite feature is the ability to review and adjust each individual email before you send. You probably won’t do this for the bigger lists but when you want to personalize a smaller list even further this is an awesome feature. When your emails feel personal you get much higher results.

  • Personalized for every prospect
  • Automated merging of personal information

Launch a Campaign in Minutes with our Campaign Wizard

Using our 4-step Campaign Wizard you can quickly create an email outreach campaign and start sending emails in minutes. Just follow the steps in the wizard to choose a campaign type, add prospects, and then create emails which will go out in a sequence starting from initial outreach to follow-ups. You can pause campaigns or individual prospect sequences at any time and adjust emails during campaigns if required.

  • Wizard based approach to campaigns
  • Outreach done in minutes

Our Smart Automation Platform Will Deliver Faster Results

Reduce the need for manual intervention by automating what makes sense. Our smart automation platform detects user behavior (email open, reply, links clicked, etc.) and triggers personalized emails based on their actions. Advanced reply detection technology stops all automated follow-up emails even if a response is received from a different email address.

  • Automated follow ups
  • Reply detection automatically adjusts automation

Identify Your Best Prospects for Future Campaigns

We provide a 360-degree view of your prospects to help you make smarter data-driven decisions for your future campaigns. Drill down on every interaction (emails sent and received, tasks, email opens, replies, clicks, and more) to understand what worked for each campaign. Identify the prospects who are more likely to be responsive to your outreach in the future using our Outreach status tracking to.

  • Automated prospect grading based on how they responded on previous campaigns
  • Prospect dashboard provides a comprehensive synopsis of each prospect

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