How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2 Weeks [7 Actionable Steps]

Instagram Followers

Imagine having 10K followers in two weeks. That claim belongs to Chris Do, not us. But you better believe it works, because he is a living example of how to get real Instagram followers fast.

The Instagram algorithm gives a bigger slice of the cake to anyone using their newest features. That’s how the algorithm works. Remember when Facebook introduced the 360-degree view images. You would see it everywhere. And now you can see it again with the avatar invasion. 

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What all social platform wants are similar. Spend more time on their platform, optimize all their features (the newest features). And the algorithm will promotes new features. Once you understand this cycle you will see the benefit of focusing on new features, and how to make it work.

This is more relevant than now. Because Instagram introduced Instagram Reels as its newest feature. Think of new creative ways how to leverage it for your business.

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How to get more Instagram followers fast? A question that keeps some business owners at night. The truth is, there’s no recipe to get free Instagram followers instantly. Creating a plan and strategizing your effort is the best way to get where you want.

These seven actionable steps have proven to work, you only need to put in the effort.

Step 1: Answer these two questions.

1. Who are you making this content for? 

2. Why do you need to blow up on Instagram? 

Tackle these questions as part of your Instagram content strategy. Answering these questions will determine your goals and direction. Like the objectives you’re trying to achieve, the tone you will take, and the frequency of your posting.

Answering the first question will help you pick your audience from the crowd. By identifying your niche you can speak their language, and address their challenges. That’s paramount to stay relevant and generate unlimited content ideas.

“Why do you need to blow up on Instagram?” are you looking for more clients, validation, or share knowledge.

Step 2: Give 10x take 1x (value and entertainment) 

Instagram isn’t a direct platform to make a profit. Unless you’re running an e-commerce business. Then it’s better to leverage the shoppable icon feature. But it’s a great platform to gain indirect sales.

You may ask how?

Users turn to social media mainly for entertainment and occasionally for valuable information. 

If your content can find a place in that sweet spot between entertaining and informing. You’ve cracked the formula.

If you’re constantly promoting your products or services, your audience will intuitively tune out. Because you are talking about yourself (me me me). Make it about them, entertain and teach them.

Give 10 times the value and gain one lead.

This approach will enable you to build a relationship with your audience. And you know what comes with relationships? Trust. Once trust happens your audience is ready to buy from you.

Step 3: Hit the analytics and find your voice

This goes without saying, but if you’re running your business from a personal Instagram account change it to business. The goal here is to unlock the free analytic feature. Without it, you’re walking in the dark with no direction.

Next, you can do two things, you read a bunch of articles and case studies on (How to get followers on Instagram without following them?) Or you can experiment. The analytics provides insight into demographics, content performance, and locations of your audience.

All this information will guide you to find your voice. The voice you will use in your captions, bio, and content. 

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Take a page from the copywriters’ playbook. They watch TV shows their target audience religiously watch. And use the exact words and language they use. You’re mirroring your audience, so your content resonates with them.

Step 4: Engage 1 – 2 hours 

Unfortunately, you can’t hack this step. You’ve to grind and put real effort into your engagement. Instagram algorithm dictates everything you see on your feed. You’ve to learn the rules and play the game. The algorithm monitors who you interact with (most to least). Then push the content of those people you interact the most with.

Contents with many comments give a signal to the algorithm. That’s why content that creates a buzz has more exposure. Re-shares is the second most valuable metric to the algorithm, followed by the number of likes. 

Another strategy to increase your engagement by tagging people in your posts. Imagine your business provides a venue for events, tag the event attendees. They will be notified and probably share it on their feed or story.

This also works for other business accounts not only individuals. You can tag business you collaborated with or a business you might think their audience could overlap with yours. It’s a simple way to generate followers and leads. 

Strategically choose business accounts you want to engage with. You can fish from their pool “the audience”. But make it a habit to always engage your own audience in the comments. They will feel acknowledge and appreciated. Also, you might notice your followers asking a repeating query. That could be an indicator of a new content idea, and you can answer their query.

Instagram cheat code: use text replacement and save time on typing. This trick will help you in responding to your followers. You can save abbreviations for your most used phrases or hashtags. For examples, Thanks for sharing (TFS), Appreciate it (API). You can get creative, and create your own hacks.

Step 5: Consider paid promotion 

The paid Instagram promotion will put your profile in front of the right eyeballs. Promoting your posts to gain wider exposure is fine, but invest in your existing followers as well. You’ve their attention they might need a nudge to become a customer. 

Marketing psychology studies suggest your average customer needs to be exposed to an ad four to five times before considering a buy. 

You can repost a single content several times. In your regular post, next to your IG story, then IG creates, and boost it with paid promotion. 

Step 6: Show some vulnerability, be honest 

Instagram became a place everyone is showing their best. You know the reality is different. Not only you, but your followers feel the same too. So, don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability every now and then. It will humanize your business and add personality.

Use Instagram stories to show behind the scene, or your company staff being themselves. Give your followers a sneak peek. This type of content your followers will find it easier to relate with.

The best sticky content has the right combination of evoking emotion, storytelling, and visuals. Showcasing your staff or clips behind the scene is an opportunity you can hit all these components. So don’t shy away and give it a try. 

Step 7: Promote your Instagram on your other channels.

You don’t want people sharing your post on different platforms. Concentrate your effort into a single platform. It’s true that by a single click you can blast the same post on all your social media platforms. But the compound effect, that should be your aim. If you share an Instagram post on your Facebook page direct your followers to like the post or comment on the original Instagram post.

The isolated sharing on different platforms is hard to track. The concentrated compound sharing will significantly boost your Instagram engagement. 

Also, you should cross-promote your Instagram channel on your newsletter, blog post, and your emails. Embedding Instagram images on all your platforms will drive traffic to your account. 

[Bonus] Get Your Account Verified, the Blue Tick Shows Trust & Authenticity

It might not be an easy step for everyone, but it carries a hefty credibility weight. It can be a goal you want to achieve down the line. Having a verified account will give you a slight advantage over your competition and yield trust. 

To a blue tick worthy: 

1 . You must prove your business is real through documentation.

2. Authentic one account per brand

3. Your account should be public 

4. Completed your profile, with at least one post 

5. Instagram must consider your brand as well known and searchable.

We will leave you with this final piece of thought. Ask your followers one call to action. Either comment, like, or direct them to a specific link. And get ready for some daily followers gain. 

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Abdulaziz Mohamed is a Content Strategist & Content Writer @ Digital Growth Boost. In the time of crisis, he turns to video games for ideas.

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