How To Create An Actionable SaaS Marketing Plan In 2020

Do you want to hear good news about your SaaS business?

The next time you measure your Saas business performance, you will realize that you have outsold your competitors 2x the number.

Don’t be surprised, your Saas business might be climbing the baby steps to success but that doesn’t mean you can’t increase the speed of your performance.

We understand how difficult it would be to reach the heights in the competitive market, now that the SaaS industry too is growing well.

‘’There were 6,823 SaaS companies in the marketing industry in 2018’’ 

What if we told you that you can perform better by just tweaking and tuning or maybe following a handful advice of a better marketing plan?

You know it, if your marketing plan is a success, it directly affects your business and this is exactly what this article is going to help you in.

You could be new to the Saas world or would be on the initial stage, this article has got everything covered to help you understand about Saas, its existence and how you can create an impactful and actionable SaaS marketing plan, that will make your Saas business performance go from okay, to good till you reach the best.

You are in for a wholesome knowledge that will work as a guide and mind you, all the information you will see and read is relevant to the purpose of making you ace that marketing plan.

Table of Contents:

Let’s get you started to beat your competitors and push your business on the number one scale.

What Is ‘SaaS’?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

It is a cloud-based service where instead of you having to download a software to run your network online, you can instead use an application with the help of an internet browser. It is super easy to use any Saas services.

For instance, say that you want to conduct email marketing, instead of you having to download multiple applications to conduct one process, you can instead invest in one application that can help you do the same thing.

All you need to do is sign in. 

Let’s take an example of our brand OutreachPlus, an email marketing software that can guarantee you positive replies from the emails you send to your prospects. Outreachplus sends automated emails that are all personalized and offer other relevant features that can help you make the most out of your email activities.

So basically, in one application you can do so much instead of you having to download multiple other softwares. 

Let’s get into the depth of this industry.

Types Of SaaS Services

1. CRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management and this is a Saas solution that can help conduct your sales activities right from capturing your leads, to any activity on that lead, everything can be conducted with just one single click. 

2. ERP

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning. This Saas solution is best suited for larger organizations to collect and organize data that can help their business to grow and function better.

3. Accounting and Invoicing

This is a Saas solution that can take care of your business figures and align them accordingly. Every small number whether it is your investment or revenue, all of that needs a count and a secure solution that can organize and manage it better. 

4. Project Management

As your business grows, the number of projects that you deal with will increase too, simultaneously, in that case, you require an application that can save all these crucial information and not depend on the worksheets saved on your desktop. This is where project management apps come to the rescue, there are many different apps out there that offer a tons of features,

5. Web Hosting and e-Commerce

This is now required for multiple brands to function online and this can be only possible when you have a secure application taking care of it. Remote servers can help you to manage your business online with its easy existence.

6. Human Resources

HR is important for any business, right from the tracking of each employee’s actions to the payments and additional costs of the business, everything needs to be accounted, now don’t you think that it would be better if you had an application that secures all the confidential information and allows you to conduct efficient HR activities better?

7. Data Management

Data is important and it will continue to be even if the market or the Saas industry will continue to change. In this case, to keep up with the trends and to continue keeping your prospects happy, you need data that can help you achieve this goal. But where can you store your crucial data, don’t you think a cloud-based application would be better? This is what a Saas solution can help you in. 

Let’s move ahead to understand the Saas world deeper.

Stages Of A SaaS Business

1. Startup

The first stage of a Saas business is a startup. Here you introduce or rather create a new product and then start to market it to your potential prospects. This is the initial stage where you are going to expose your product to the target audience that you wish to aim for.

2. Hypergrowth

This is the stage where you will start receiving a high number of prospects for your product. The numbers will continue to increase as the curiosity that you set for your product in stage one will be actually tried upon in stage two. This stage is crucial because if you can’t manage the growth initially, it will become difficult to continue further.

3. Stability

Lastly, the third and final stage of stability. The term refers to continuing in a consistent format. You will receive profits, but you will also receive losses and that is when you start to plan out and balance your business on a healthier note. The way you manage your Saas business matters because the efforts will help in achieving your success and goals more closely.

Now that we are aware of what Saas is, let’s take a quick view on why your investment or would be an investment in Saas be a better choice for your business. 

Benefits Of Investing In A SaaS Business

1. Low cost for the application

As a prospect, the application being offered by the Saas business like yours isn’t much which means more value at a lesser price. This states that your prospects are in for an abundance of application service that can cater to all their needs without having to shell so much money out of their pockets and this itself is a win-win from both the brand and the prospects ends.

2. Pay for what you use

Another great factor about investing in a Saas business is that prospects get to pay for what they want. They don’t have to pay for everything and then just use one or two features. Saas businesses have multiple pricing options starting from a free trial and can go up to agency and more. Each of the pricing is different and the features received too are added according to what you pay. 

Take a look here.

3. Easy to get started

As stated earlier, Saas eliminates the whole concept of downloading, instead it provides a secure process where all you need to do is just sign in and you have everything you need to continue using that application. Think about it, what if you have to save some confidential information such as your revenue count or the accounts you manage, using a software which you can download and store in your computer isn’t safe, a cloud-based service application can do the job better. 

4. Tools can be used in any location

Since you can just sign in and get started, it doesn’t matter the location you are in. You could be flying somewhere and still continue to use the application. This is better and so convenient which means that if you are using a Saas solution for instance say OutreachPlus, you can monitor and check your email performance anytime. 

5. Updates of the product

Previously, for any product update, it would take a lot of time and effort to get it done but in Saas, this isn’t the case. The product updates happen regularly and without fail you won’t be affected by this action. Imagine how well it would be to use a product that gets enhanced with every use. 

6. Freemium/free trial process

This is a great benefit for Saas business owners like you. When you give such an option to your prospects you are bringing your brand to success one step closer. You could sell your brand with great words but at the end of the day if your prospects are still not convinced that your brand is worth the investment, then you could result in a loss. Freemiums and free trials eliminate this from happening by giving your prospect the opportunity to try it out for themselves and then take the call. When your product is satisfying your prospects, why would they opt out of it?

7. Receive recurring revenue

The income in Saas will continue to come in as prospects are investing in multiple pricing packages according to their choice. As the prospects grow with your business, their investment in your packages will grow too. Also, the revenue will be stable and continue to flow in as you continue to keep your prospects happy.

Since Saas is picking up the pace, it is important that you create an onboarding experience that will retain the attention of multiple of your target audience to invest in you. You now know about the Saas business you’ve invested in or will invest in. A good onboarding experience can help you get started on the right foot.

Here’s how. 

Making Your SaaS Onboarding Process Better?

1. Create your sales strategy accordingly

Your sales strategy cannot just be about sales, it is way more than the term. Your sales strategy should work on the basis of the prospect’s actions. Whether they are a cold lead, warm lead, or hot lead, you need to first identify this and then engage with your prospects. For your onboarding experience to be better, you need to exhibit to your audience that this is the solution to clear all their issues and to identify those issues required to understand what stage your prospect is in. 

If you’re aware that your prospect is cold which means they haven’t shown any interest in your product, you continue to engage with them. For instance, say that you engage with your cold prospects and understand their issues, you can then easily suggest your product and sell to them in the words that this product can solve all their woes. Sales need to happen not in one direction as each of your prospects are unique, they need to work according to how your prospect is.

2. Engage with prospects even after a purchase

If you think that your job is done after your prospects decide to invest in your product, you are wrong. Do you know why multiple brands face the common problem of losing out on prospects during this stage? Because they just leave out the prospects halfway. Your prospects trusted you and invested in your solution, now when you leave them on their own in the onboarding process, do you think they will stay?

Your assistance during the onboarding process is a sign that you kept your promise to cater to them whenever they require you. By continuing this action, this will help you grow better in your Saas business.

3. Conduct deep research

Without research, your onboarding experience can never be great. The onboarding process needs to be easy and quick and created in such a manner that the prospects are aware of the actions they are seeing and conducting. For that reason alone, a good research can help you to get started with how your onboarding experience should be.

For instance, say that your target audience are the ones that would like to get started on a quick basis, so you would design your onboarding process according to that. This will make your prospects happy as you’ve created such a process that can help them to get started. 

4. Highlight values first

Do you know what sells more than your brand name? The value your product holds. Your prospects are not interested in what your brand is or the products that you offer, the main agenda here is how your product creation can help them to solve their needs and queries. If you’re not going to exhibit the value of your product, your prospects may not find the purpose of continuing with the onboarding process. 

They need to be aware that the onboarding process is bringing them one step closer to the solution that is prepared to cater to their needs.

5. Preach the purpose of your prospects actions

When you take your prospects along the onboarding process, try the method of stating the purpose of using a feature or a process. This will remind your prospect of the purpose of their existence in your brand. You need to constantly keep your prospects aware that when they use your product or the features, they will receive the results which they expect and that is what will keep them going.

Your onboarding process needs to be meaningful, convenient, and easy. While you know how to get started, you are not in the middle of the success line yet, you need to do something in order to climb the stairs of success which is creating and incorporating an efficient and impactful marketing plan.

Why Is Creating An Actionable SaaS Marketing Plan Important?

In a Saas business, you are aware that the best way to exhibit your product is to turn towards various mediums that can help you do that.

To name a few which are effective, content marketing, social media marketing, and more.

Marketing plays a huge role in your brand growth. For a business like yours that has been set up or is going to set up, you need to have a great marketing plan to get started. This actionable SaaS marketing plan can align your business growth and continue to function better than the rest. 

As we promised earlier in this article, you can outsell your competitors 2x more and this can only happen when you have the right marketing plan in front of you. 

Your actionable SaaS marketing plan needs to be insightful, actionable, and relevant to your goals and we have this covered. 

But before we could hop into that let’s first highlight the main topic you need to understand first.

How SaaS Marketing Is Different From Other Marketing Types?

1. Gives away free things

Do you know why Saas businesses run well?

They give their prospects the opportunity to try out their complete product. If you notice multiple prospects that sign up for a product, they always tend to complain that they haven’t explored the product enough and this leads to lesser confidence in investing in a product but ith Saas this is eliminated.

Imagine, you would be able to try out a product for free for the next 30 days, wouldn’t you be convinced by the end of the free trial about your decision with it? This is exactly what makes you stand out from the other marketing tactics. Your product itself is going to play the role of marketing on behalf of you. The service or rather the product, its features will sell for itself to the prospects.

And as stated earlier, if you’re happy with what the Saas solution is providing you, would you still opt-out from the product?

2. Short sales cycle

In the Saas business, there is no need to spend your revenue amount on multiple sales channels. The reason being the process is pretty simple and short when it comes to selling to your target audience. All you need to do is put your brand out there, exhibit more value about your brand, let the prospects like it and then the investment takes place.

As it is evident in the above factor, the great thing about any Saas business is that it sells for itself. Hence the reason for a shorter sales cycle. The main selling factor here is the service being offered by the product. This is great because there isn’t much effort to capture the prospect’s attention when compared to the other marketing tactics where multiple efforts are put to attract and also retain the attention of prospects. 

3. Hub of information

When you market your products in a different market type, you are disclosing only the best features it offers but with Saas, this isn’t the case. Saas marketing is different, here the whole agenda of marketing is to disclose as much information as you can to let your prospects understand what the product is all about.

The information being shared isn’t just about the features, it contains multiple questions answered such as pricing, how the product works, what is needed to get started with it, and so on. Unlike other marketing tactics, with Saas, the information is what will help you tap and nurture your prospects better.

4. Captures long term customers

The Saas industry functions and caters with prospects who are looking for a long term relationship with a brand. For instance, say that for OutreachPlus, an email marketing platform as seen previously, the users will make use of it due to the efficient way it conducts email marketing activities.

Now email is a part of any business marketing plan, so the user who will invest in such an email solution will be looking to conduct this action for the long run, this is exactly what Saas business is all about, it sells products which will require a long term relationship with the user. 

5. You’re selling your service more than the product

In Saas it’s not just your product being sold on a higher scale, it is the service that offers. For instance, OutreachPlus is your product, but the service which will be sold is the email marketing solution. The greatest thing about this technique is that it can help you to engage better with your prospects, instead of selling how well your product is, you are selling the service it offers which is a benefit from the prospects front. 

6. Sell your SaaS itself

Saas unlike the other marketing techniques doesn’t require a big and massive highlight to be marketed. The service speaks for itself. As stated in the previous pointers above, Saas focuses on selling the service the product offers which is the main reason why it acts as a marketer for itself. Imagine, the only way to sell your product is to try out the entire product, don’t you think that the results will be greater?

You now understand why Saas’s marketing plan is necessary and why it needs to be mandatorily applied and practiced. It’s now time to get straight to the action and convert your marketing plans into a consistent running business revenue, all you need to do is follow the below actionable Saas marketing plan creation.

How To Create An Actionable SaaS Marketing Plan In 2020?

1. Create authority content

Authority content is when you create high-quality content that will help your users to understand about your brand. You could include high traffic topics, add influencers, and other factual information that can rank your content better. Content is important and even if it’s a slow process, for your Saas business this can help you grow over time.

Content needs to be conducted no matter the format, it could be in the form of blogs, whether short blogs or long, social media posts, and more. Content can help you own your prospects better and writing and sharing your content can be helpful to own your first actionable SaaS marketing plan.

To write better content you should:

  • Conduct better research
  • Find the ideal topic
  • Frame your content well 
  • Add images, links, and references
  • Proofread your content always

2. Write round up posts

Have you read articles with the topics such as top xxx influencers to look out for or top 5 companies to watch out for. These are called round-up posts and can help your brand to be exhibited even more. Now imagine this, someone will write about your brand, the minute you see it you too would share it so that your audience can also have a glimpse of it and this is exactly the purpose of what round-up posts are.

Initiate in such actions so that your brand awareness increases. 

3. Create infographics

Who wouldn’t like to read content with a touch of high-quality images? Using infographics is another way to explain about your product in a different light. Infographics are short, simple, and easy to read the content. They are attractive and use high-quality images to retain the attention of the reader which in this case is your prospects.

To create good infographics for your product, you need to:

  • Use high-quality images
  • Use a colour which is appealing to the eyes
  • Don’t cramp your content
  • Keep the language simple and easy

4. Write case studies

Case studies are another great way to exhibit your brand better. When you write case studies, you are giving your audience a glimpse of what they can expect when they invest in your brand. Your case studies should be giving your audience a visualization of how you helped a prospect, what do you plan to do further and how can you cater to similar needs. 

When your prospect sees that you have helped others, they too will be compelled to engage with you and invest in your brand. 

To create good case studies, you can:

  • First list out the problems of the user
  • Explain how your brand can product can resolve it
  • The steps taken for the resolvent to take place
  • What were the results before and after

5. Write a guest post

Guest posts are another great way to market your brand better. The guest post refers to writing for other brands similar to your niche but without you overpowering your brand in the content the most. You will be writing on multiple topics in your niche and you could add a line or two about your brand so that the audience reading it can also understand the existence of your brand. If you’re looking for a long term growth, guest posting is a great choice. 

To get started with guest posting, you need to :

  • Identify brands that conduct this process
  • Ask them if you can guest blog for them
  • Ask them if it’s okay to exhibit your brand in a line or two
  • Understand the rules that are set
  • Understand the way of writing
  • Follow the deadlines

6. Create web comics

What makes you stop to read a cartoon illustration or a comic? The fact that you are attracted by the short content and the picture. You don’t have to make your Saas business boring by doing the same marketing tactics, you can still conduct other marketing tactics that will work well to capture your prospects attention and make them come to you more. 

Use web comics, they are nice, short, and are pleasing to read. One can not go bored with it. You can conduct such short web comics to trigger the attention of multiple prospects towards your brand.

To create web comics, you can:

  • First, have a view of how comics are done
  • Choose a topic you want to convey such as a feature
  • Keep the language simple and short
  • Understand what you want your prospects to understand from the comic
  • Use pleasing colours 

7. Conduct AMA

AMA stands for ask me anything and this is a great way to engage with your prospects. You can conduct this activity via your social media handles or any other platforms where you’re connected with your prospects. This will allow your prospects to ask you related questions so that they can invest in your brand better. You can conduct this session once a month or when you launch some new features so that your prospect can learn more from you. 

8. Create a micro site

A micro site is where you can create a separate information page about your brand. It could help your prospects to try out a new feature or try your features so that they can understand it better. For instance, say that you are selling proxy servers, you could have a micro site where you could let your prospects find information online with the help of proxy servers. 

When the prospect understands he or she can do that so well, they would consider your suggestion to try out the proxy server that you offer. 

9. Use Quora

Quora is a great place to ask questions and get it answered or vice versa. You can use quora to do the same. You could answer questions related to your product or the market you are in and act as an expert so the readers can invest their time to learn about the solutions you offer. This will help you build a loyal following and so when you suggest them to try out your product, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

To conduct good quora actions:

  • Answer at least one or two questions every day
  • Create a profile and start writing content
  • The more you answer the more upvotes you get

10. Create SEO content

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It can help you rank your websites better and with the use of SEO content, you can optimize your content better. Creating SEO content includes using high traffic keywords and backlinks which can help you to rank your website better. With the use of keywords, your prospects would search for your article and in the options, you can showcase your SEO content to choose from.

Backlinks help to retain your prospect’s attention. For instance, if you’re explaining about the benefits of SEO, you can add another link which states what is SEO? This will help them to understand your brand better and retain their attention for longer. 

11. Write a comparison article

Another way to show your prospects why you’re the best is to create more comparison articles. Comparison of articles with your brand and your competitors. You can list out why your brand is the better option so that your prospects understand their investment in your brand. It doesn’t have to be a long-form article, just the reason listed on why your brand is the better choice amongst the competition.

To write comparison articles, you need to:

  • First, understand that the comparison shouldn’t be putting the competitor down or speak badly of them
  • Conduct research and understand what your brand offers and they don’t
  • Create a small table to make the differences evident

12. Create Youtube SEO

Youtube is growing and who doesn’t love videos, ‘’Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support’’. To understand a product, if a prospect had to view a video or read, they would choose the first option because videos are a great way to make your prospect remember your brand. There will always be something such as an image or a content or anything else. 

Creating Youtube SEO can help you to illustrate your product better and retain the attention of your prospects to understand what you want to convey in the video.

To create an impactful Youtube SEO video, you need to do:

  • Write a good video script stating what you want to convey about your brand or the product
  • Use high traffic keywords in your video content, descriptions and more
  • Use high-quality images and good fonts
  • Use a colour for the background which will be pleasing to the eyes
  • The video needs to be catchy and attractive
  • The tone should be conversational depending on the topic you want to convey
  • It should explain the benefits of the prospect more

13. Use LinkedIn

Linkedin is a great platform for B2B users. It is a great way to connect with your peers and also the prospects who would be there Everyone is on Linkedin and also with the help of Linkedin ads, every brand is now building connection, engaging with them and selling to them as well Use this platform as a way to engage with your prospects, identify your target audience and capturing the attention of your prospects via your Linkedin activities which could be blogs or discussions and more. 

This information is enough to get you started on your actionable SaaS marketing plans well. Conducting the above-mentioned actions that can help you to align your business better and exhibit your brand with complete justice.

Now that we’ve covered this, let’s continue further to understand the marketing plans in which you can conduct efficient sales funnel activities without any hassle. 

How To Create SaaS Marketing Strategies For Specific Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel describes the status of your prospect, and with the actionable marketing plan that you have already, it will help in understanding how you can place it well in the sales funnel and extract more out of the marketing plan that you have incorporated.

1. Awareness

The first step here is to tell your prospects that your business is in the competitive market as well. Your existence is what will make your prospect recognize you better. The better way to reveal or rather increase your brand awareness would be to create a marketing plan that will help you to take your forward in this process.

The actionable SaaS marketing plan will include where the brand should be exhibited better, places such as social media are most effective, you can go on to try the SEO techniques where with keywords and backlinks, your website can be optimized better, you can opt too for paid ads where when a prospect is scrolling via a page online, they stumble upon your ad. You could even make use of the medium of content marketing.

Here the use of blogs, social media posts, and group discussions can help your prospects understand who you are, what brand you are, and why they should listen to you.

2. Consideration

Now that you have created an awareness, you need to move ahead by bringing your prospects closer to you. Here the marketing plan that will work is how you can bring your prospects closer to you so that you can tap them and nurture them and finally convert them into loyal customers. Here is when you need to start planning your marketing tactics well.

The use of email marketing can bring your leads as with every email you send, you can easily capture the attention of your prospects and get them to your website. There is content marketing as stated earlier, wherewith the blogs you write, you can capture the attention of your prospect to learn more and come to your website to consider your information. You even have to retarget where the prospects who have visited your website and left can be bought again to retain their attention.

3. Decision

This is the crucial stage as here your prospects will decide whether they want to stay with your brand or not. Here another marketing plan can be applied where you can try to give all the reasons for your prospects to invest in your plan. You can use social proof, testimonials, exhibit more benefits they will be receiving and speak more about why an investment in your brand is worth. 

All of this will contribute to becoming a help medium for your prospects to analyze and understand whether they should be investing in your brand solution or not.

4. Retention

If your prospects agree to become your loyal customers, this is great but isn’t the end of your buyer journey. Your marketing plans will not end here instead it will continue to grow. You need to work twice the efforts to retain your prospect’s attention when they engage with your brand.

When you promise them in the beginning that you will cater to their needs, you need to understand that this is possible only if you continue to work on the basis of fulfilling your promises to them each time you engage or communicate with them. Create a marketing plan where you will be working towards how you can continue to make them happy till now.

You could add in free upgrades or coupons, or give them access to new features before your new prospects and more. All of this will contribute to making your existing prospect retain for longer.

5. Advocacy

Next, make your prospect do the word of mouth themselves. This is one of the best forms of marketing you can do your business. You need to keep your prospect happy in such a manner where they become a referral for your brand and get you more loyal prospects towards your brand. You could do anything such as giving free trials for a new feature being launched, discounts, referral coupons, and more.

Prospects matter and the way they are frames a major part of your marketing planning. To understand how your prospects operate or rather to enhance your marketing plan into a powerful action, getting closer to your prospects can help you conduct your Saas business better.

How Customer Feedback Tools Can Enhance Your Marketing Plan?

1. Micro surveys

Micro Surveys are common and have you thinking a lot. Have you ever had to answer a question on a scale of 1 to 10? That is exactly what micro surveys are all about. 

Userpilot NPS Survey, an actionable SaaS Marketing Plan

These types of micro surveys can enhance your marketing planning better as it can help you to work in the direction your prospects would like to be catered to.

For instance, say that your prospects want a live chat option instead of nothing, you can take this information into account and plan a marketing plan that can help you to release this need and conduct activities catered to how the prospect visualizes it.

2. Long-form surveys

Userpilot Customer service survey, an actionable SaaS marketing plan

Long-form surveys have multiple questions with multiple options. These surveys are great in understanding a topic in depth. This information can help your marketing plans to take place in the right direction since the detailed answers will help you plan an exceptional marketing technique accordingly. When it comes to giving feedback, prospects don’t shy away from giving genuine answers.

3. Questionnaires

Questionnaires are again similar to long-form surveys, they ask different questions and sometimes provide options as well. You have the ability to receive answers in any form. Questionnaires are quite popular and are used by multiple brands to learn what prospects think about them when you have such information in hand, it becomes easier to draft and conduct a marketing tactic.

4. Interviews

You can get up and close with your prospects with interviews, you could have a session where you could ask questions to multiple of your prospects and then get their answers accordingly. The answers you receive will be raw, genuine, and to the point and that is what you can use to enhance your marketing techniques better.

5. Polls

This customer feedback tool is quite popular especially on Instagram with the dedicated poll question. You ask the question and take the answer of the majority. This will help you find the right answer which you are looking for since the majority of your prospects have voted for that. 

For your marketing plan to be successful, and as stated earlier the Saas business can be considered as a great hub for information, writing the best content plays a huge role as well. Your content which you use to sell to your prospects matters because that is how your marketing plan will work.

You need to do your content right or your marketing Saas plan will fail. 

How To Write Good Content For A Successful Marketing Plan?

1. Create tutorial content

Your Saas business as stated earlier works as its own marketing measure. This means that you don’t require other marketing tactics because the marketing tactic in Saas itself is self explored. The best way to conduct this action, even more, is to create content that can help your users to explore your Saas business better.

Your marketing plan would help your prospects understand the product you’re selling and what better way to do that than to create tutorials on how you can use your brand. These tutorials will work as a guide to help your prospects to get started or to understand a new feature or to even get their questions answered. 

2. Create actionable content

Your next marketing plan could include writing content to tap your prospect’s attention because the more you explain about your Saas product, the more you are increasing the opportunities for your prospect to explore you better. You need to start writing actionable content where the minute a prospect reads what you have written, they should be compelled to explore your solution.

Actionable content is important because this is a way of getting your marketing plan incorporated in your marketing activities. 

3. Create a content strategy

A content strategy matters and it will continue to matter because that will help you conduct efficient marketing actions better. Content is a great way to capture the attention of your prospects and retain their attention for long, in your marketing plan, using the right content can help you make sales better and should be treated with priority.

Creating a content strategy can help you conduct multiple things such as what types of content you should write, your target audience, type of content, and more. For instance, in your content strategy, you could include when you want to post your content, what time you will post the content, for which platforms you want to create content for, and more.

4. Showcase testimonials and reviews

These two are a great and effective way to capture more of your target audience’s attention. These facts can help build trust and bring your prospects closer to you. The whole agenda of your content plan is to get as many prospects as you can towards your website and if you think from your prospects points of view when you are convinced that 3 people are happy with their investment in your band, you will be bound to make that investment. 

Your marketing plan results will only be effective if you are measuring and monitoring it right. Saas businesses do have higher churn rates which are why their performance isn’t as it should be. Conduct the Saas metrics to understand what you should’ve calculated and how you should take care of it.

How To Measure SaaS Performance?

1. Churn Rate

Churn rates refer to the customers who have walked away or have unsubscribed from your services. This has to be low always. If your churn rate is low, this means that your prospect count is great and they are satisfied with your service but if that’s not the case then your Saas business is in for a great fall. ‘’For SaaS, 5-7% of churn rate is the acceptable level.’’

To calculate your churn rate, use this formula- The # of Churned Customers (for a given period) / Total # of Customers

2. Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition cost refers to the plan of investing how much time and money is needed to acquire a new user. This can be costly so it is advised that you could continue to keep your existing clients happy. 

To calculate your customer acquisition costs, use this formula- Total Investment in Sales & Marketing / # of Acquired Clients

3. Monthly Recurring Revenue

Monthly recurring revenue refers to the process of calculating an expected revenue for the month. When you continue to measure this process, you will be able to understand how well or how bad your income is. 

To calculate your monthly recurring revenue, use this formula, MRR = # of Customers X Average Revenue

4. Average Revenue per account

The average revenue per account refers to the revenue that is being collected from one prospect of yours via a monthly basis, quarterly or yearly. This calculation will help you to understand which prospects are adding value to your business and how you can continue to satisfy them better. 

To calculate average revenue per account, use this formula, Total MRR / Total # of Customers

5. Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value refers to the average revenue that you would be receiving from prospects who have subscribed to your brand for a certain period. If they are good, this means they are bound to invest in your brand solution more. If the average revenue is less, you know where you need to modify or work on.

To calculate customer lifetime value, use this formula, CLV = (ARPA x Gross Margin %) / Churn Rate

6. Customer retention rate

Customer retention rate refers to the process of showcasing the percentage of prospects who are paying to use your product solution. This gives you the retention rates needed and lets you work on increasing the prospect retention rates higher.

To calculate customer retention rate, use this formula, (# of Customers that Continue to use the Software / Total # of Customers at the Start of the Time Period) x 100

These measures can put forth your marketing plan well and help you to grow better in your Saas business. Thus apart from the marketing plan, there are also multiple marketing tools that can help you to conduct efficient marketing tactics better. While your plan will align your goals, the tools can help you to achieve the goals efficiently.

Top 10 Marketing Tools You Can Use To Get Started

1. OutreachPlus

OutreachPlus , email marketing as an actionable saas marketing plan

When it comes to email marketing, OutreachPlus is a better choice to cater to it. Email Marketing is important because this is one such medium to reach out to your prospects and ask them to conduct a free trial with your Saas product. OutreachPlus is efficient in nature and helps you to conduct email activities through an automated process.

Best features:

  • Sends personalized emails at a larger scale
  • Let’s users either choose or use their own templates so that email activities are conducted better
  • Conducts automated follow-ups on the basis for the prospect actions such as email clicks, opens and more


  • Uses an automated approach to conduct repetitive work
  • Gives you only the best prospects that can add value to your business


Solo- $11/month, Multi user- $24/month, Agency- $54/month

G2 Ratings:


2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Overview

As stated earlier, for your marketing plan to be successful you require the right kind of data which can help you to understand your prospects better so that framing a good marketing plan can be conducted. Here is when Google Analytics can help you. Google Analytics lets you learn about your customer much better and closer.

Best features:

  • Provides Analytics Intelligence
  • Conducts reporting activities
  • Conducts data analysis and visualizations
  • Conducts data collection and management
  • Conducts data activation


  • Best suited for small businesses and enterprise solutions
  • Integrates with multiple other tools such as Google Ads, Data Studio, Optimize 360 and more



Trustradius Ratings:


3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite homepage

Hootsuite is your go-to social media tool. It lets you conduct multiple social media activities such as scheduling posts on your social media handle, track comments, and more seamlessly. 

Best features:

  • Manages your social content with the help of one calendar
  • Helps users to create engaging posts for your social media handles
  • Conducts 24/7 automatic scheduling of posts
  • Provides a shared library of on-brand social content and assets


  • Let’s you engage with your clients no matter the social platform but in one place
  • Creating a social media activity via this application is easy and fast


Free plan, Professional plan- $16.66/month, Team- $87.29/month, Business- $595.14/month

Capterra ratings


4. Salesforce

Salesforce Homepage

Salesforce provides industry-standard CRM solutions. Your marketing efforts can only be successful when you have a good sales process taking place and with Salesforce this is possible. This is your go-to tool for any sales activity that needs to be conducted.

Best features:

  • Provides automated CRM solutions
  • Provides a detailed view of your prospects such as communications, discussions, and more. View all of this in Salesforce itself
  • Uses to provides the right sales data that can help you to engage with decisions makers quicker
  • Provides mobile application which you can use to conduct your sales activities such as responding to hot leads, checking your dashboard and more


  • Let’s you build loyal customers from any of the interactions you have with your prospects
  • You can automate manual tasks, access data no matter which device you use even when you’re offline


Essential- $25/month, Professional- $75/month, Enterprise- $150/month, Unlimited- $300/month

Trustradius Ratings:


5. Wistia

If you can showcase to your prospects the perks of investing in your product and how the product, in turn, can benefit them, chances are you are in to capture a good number of prospects. Imagine you conducting this action in a video form? Don’t you think your conversion chances would double?

Wistia provides you the support to do just that. It is a video marketing software that is best suited for businesses that want to capture prospects in a unique way.

Best features:

  • Upload your video on this application and then you can embed it on your website
  • Let’s you create a video format that makes it easy for your prospects to view it more than once
  • Helps you bring more viewers on your website and lets you capture their contact details such as email id better
  • Every video is password protected hence no risk of any mishap
  • Any videos being replaced on Wistia will automatically reflect the modifications without having to include any other activities


  • Provides a better mobile-friendly experience on iOS and Android
  • Provides an ad-free experience so no distractions will push away your prospects


Free plan- Pro- $99/month, Advanced- Contact the team

Trustradius Ratings:


6. Optimizely

Optimizely homepage

A/B testing is necessary because this can help you understand what is working and what is not. When you are aware of this you will be only avoiding mistakes and focusing on what is best for your Saas brand growth. This will in turn help you conduct your marketing activities better. Optimizely is an A/B testing tool that focuses on providing you just that.

Best features:

  • No codes required to conduct your testing activities
  • Gives you 5x conversion rates by testing every minute detail such as CTAs, form fields and more
  • Lets you reduce or rather improve low-cost customer support channels


  • Conducts A/B testing for everything that you conduct on your website which is great because you are enhancing every activity be it a CTA or a form
  • Gives you the opportunity to personalize your experience for your prospects better


Contact the brand for pricing details

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7. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting homepage

In most Saas businesses, quite a few brands operate on a remote working basis. This means that it is important that you get all your activities and work done via this platform. GoToMeeting is one application that ensures that your marketing efforts are being coordinated with your other team members with the help of an online meeting software. 

Best features:

  • One-click meetings
  • Converts conference rooms into a collaboration center
  • Conducts webinars for businesses
  • Lets you connect to a meeting with the help of Siri
  • Lets you join upcoming meetings directly from your scheduled calendars


  • Let’s you host or attend meetings no matter where you are
  • Provides cloud recording so that whatever you’ve covered in the meeting is recorded hence eliminating the need to write big notes or missing out on crucial information


Professional- $12/month, Business- $16/month, Enterprise- Get in touch with the team

Capterra Ratings:


8. BuzzSumo

actionable saas marketing plan

SEO can play a huge role in the SaaS business, as it can help you to create content that can help rank your website better. SEO matters and is considered to be a great marketing strategy especially for businesses like yours whose dependency on giving away information is more. While you create good content applications such as Buzzsumo can help you write better content.

Best features:

  • Gives you insights on which content has been liked or shared the highest
  • Provides multiple data points to make your content better
  • Helps you find the best and relevant influencers in your market so that partnering with them to exhibit your brand becomes useful
  • Helps you monitor and track comments and trends so that you are always on top of your game
  • Gives you content ideas and helps to identify high traffic generated keywords which can help you to excel your SEO content better


  • Let’s you view your competitors top content so that you can perform better than them
  • Provides your post-analysis so that you are always aware of your content action


Pro- $99/month, Plus- $179/month, Large- $299/month, Enterprise- $499+/month

Trustradius Ratings:


9. HotJar

Hotjar homepage

For your SaaS business, the best way to grow is to always have a look at your performance. If you have the marketing plan and are conducting everything but you are not looking at your performance, your brand will never know how to accomplish their goals quicker in this fast-paced competitive environment. This is exactly why the presence of HotJar can help your Saas business to do well. 

HotJar is an analytical and feedback tool that is used to optimize your conversion rate and user experience too.

Best features:

  • Provides session recordings to understand how your prospects are making use of your product
  • Monitors prospect behaviour and jump to their assistance at the right time
  • Monitors every minute action of the prospect so that you can conduct the right actions
  • Lets you understand where your prospects are leaving you so that you can take the necessary actions to restore them


  • Let’s you target questions to specific prospects os that you can understand them better
  • Let’s your brand grow better with visual feedback so that you always have room for better improvements 


Personal- Free plan for Basic, Plus- $29/month. For Business your price will be determined on how much data you will collect a day. For Agency, contact the team

Trustradius Ratings:


10. Qualaroo

actionable saas marketing plan

Another great way to learn about your prospects so that you can cater to them better is through the medium of feedback and surveys. This data can help your business grow and enhance your service better. Qualaroo is the application you need to get started with such an activity. This application is an on-page survey tool and lets you get feedback for every action you conduct.

Best features:

  • Provides AI-powered analytics and reports
  • Conducts exit surveys to find out what is the reason for multiple prospects normally walking out of your brand
  • Provides good templates
  • Helps you ask the right questions according to the prospects actions


  • On installation of this application, your page will not slow down
  • Supports HTTP and https


Startup-$199/month, Growth- $499/month, Turbo Growth- Contact the team

Trustradius Ratings:


It’s not easy to start a business and especially one which is growing to become a better industry. While you have all the solutions you need, there is no harm in learning from the experts in your field. 

Top 5 SaaS Business Examples

1. Intercom

Intercom provides a customer platform where engaging with the customers takes place smoothly and better. They have shared their marketing ideas which have helped them to grow better in the Saas world.

Here are their marketing tips:

  • Make use of dynamic keyword insertion
  • Find out what prospects are going to your competitors and start to engage with them via creating alternative pages
  • Focus more on Google Keywords so that you are capturing high qualified leads only
  • When you write your content to promote your brand and the product, ensure that none of the content is copied. It should be unique and original
  • Use the CTA tactic to tap more attention and make your prospect to come towards you quicker
  • Shift your focus on high buy intent keywords
  • Create your landing pages differently and with the five marketing tactic (Most aware, Product aware, Solution aware, problem aware and unaware)


BuzzSumo is the perfect solution when it comes to delivering the best content to your prospects. It helps you write on the correct topics which rank well and also helps you identify which content can add value to your brand and so you can focus on writing just that. You can even search for keywords and do other relevant content activities with just one single click at Buzzsumo.

Here are their tips for how you can grow your Saas business in the first year itself:

  • Your main focus should be creating your product which is the start of your brand. When your product is the best, marketing automatically comes into place
  • Partner with influencers because this is an opportunity to exhibit your brand to a larger audience
  • Monitor your MRR always and focus on the growth of your Saas business from the beginning till the end
  • Focus on keeping your churn rate as low as possible so for that to happen you need to make your prospects understand and love your product better
  • Start with content marketing, it is a great way to grow for the future, it will take time but it will eventually happen
  • Conduct more freemium or free trials to let your prospects come to you
  • Don’t increase your customer acquisition costs because it can be costly, focus on keeping your existing prospects happy and retain them for long
  • Partner with your peers, conduct webinars and grow healthy
  • Whatever content you create whether it is a blog or social media post, or even an ad ensures that it is unique and better. Prospects don’t want to hear the same old thing being told to them

3. Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs is a solution that allows for AI-powered image editing. They conducted a social media contest and generated over 44,000 emails.

Here are their marketing tips:

  • Focus on social media sharing
  • Focus on the sharing and tagging feature on your social media handles
  • Use high-quality images when you exhibit your product online
  • Conduct contests to get your prospects to engage with your brand and tap the contact details
  • Conduct such activities to boost engagement rates on your social handle or other online platforms

4. Buffer

Buffer is a social media scheduling app that helps you conduct your social postings on time. It used the form of content writing that is blogs to engage and communicate with their audience. They spoke on everything related to social media but realized that the reach was limited. So they changed the way their blog topics were written.

They now write about multiple topics such as life hacks, multitasking, and more that could help their new audience, the influencers to grow better. Since they already had an audience, they created content so that the influencers can easily enhance their activities with the audience they have. 

Conducting such a content change, made Buffer achieve four times more content shares, and has over 1 million users. 

5. Dropbox

actionable saas marketing plan

As you are aware that Dropbox is a file hosting service that lets you save files and all sorts of images and videos or documents in a secure platform. Their marketing strategy was to increase the number of referrals so that they can get more signups so they announced a benefit stating that whoever refers their friends to join Dropbox, both of them will receive an increase of 500 MB space. 

This tactic worked well and Dropbox saw a 60% rise in signups via the referral method

You now have everything you need to get working with your Saas business. The actionable SaaS marketing plan that you have now will help you take your business from good to great in a period of time. But before you head out, why don’t you first get a small glimpse of your purpose in the Saas world.

What Does The Future Of SaaS Look Like?

Source: Fusebill

1. Michael Gregoris, Digital Marketing Manager, Roadmunk

 “We are seeing more and more SaaS business models replacing traditional business models. This subscription-based service delivery model is expected to stabilize the market in the long-term. 

Uber is an example of how a subscription-based service has disrupted a traditional business model as it provides an alternative to taxi services. We are also seeing financial technology companies disrupting the traditional banking model.

Another change is that on premise software will move to cloud which will benefit the world with more agile and flexible software solutions.”

2. Richard D. McBee, President and CEO, Mite

“The timing for SaaS is absolutely right and we will see a lot of amazing things happening in the coming years. 

In future, we will see a big transition towards simplicity. The importance of seamless integration, overall speed and agility of deployment will be the defining differentiators for industry winners.”

3. Michael Lenhardt, Senior Account Executive, CareWorx

All service-based businesses will eventually move to SaaS and cloud.

From an economic development perspective, developed countries tend to have more service industries than less developed countries. As our society develops, worker populations shift away from industries such as manufacturing and towards service-related industries and careers.

From an efficiency perspective, businesses benefit in many ways from the SaaS model e.g. lower cost and system flexibility.”

4. Christopher Beaudoin, General Manager, SMB, SoLink

“In the past, tech companies were hardware-centric, building the “whole package” themselves. Hardware products would represent a version which would need to be replaced in the future eg. from 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0.

With the revolution of SaaS, the tech approach is shifting. Software versions get updated automatically over the cloud providing increased value to customers with no complicated installation or onboarding practices.”

The Bottom Line…

You’re now all set for conducting your Saas business. You have the marketing plan as well as other information that can help you to align your Saas business on the right path.

But before you head out, it would be great if we could do a quick summarization so that you can rewind what you’ve learned.

Key takeaways:
  • Saas is a cloud-based service that lets you use an application instead of downloading it to conduct your online activities
  • Types of Saas services are CRM, ERP and more
  • Stages of a Saas business are a startup, hypergrowth, and stability
  • Benefits of a Saas business are you can pay for what you use, it is easy to get started with it, easy way to sign up and more
  • Your onboarding process can be easy in Saas by creating a sales strategy accordingly, engaging with prospects at all times and more
  • Creating a Saas marketing plan is important because it can help to exhibit your product better in the eyes of your prospect
  • Saas is different from other marketing types as it gives away free options such as free trials, has a shorter sales cycle and more
  • To create an actionable Saas marketing plan you need to write better SEO content, write guest posts, do web comics and more
  • To create a saas marketing strategy for sales funnel you need to conduct the following which is awareness, consideration and more
  • The customer feedback tools were long-form surveys, questionnaires and more
  • To write good content you need to focus on actionable content, tutorial content, create a content strategy and more
  • To measure Saas performance, you could start with MRR, customer acquisition cost and more
  • The top marketing tools we covered were OutreachPlus, Salesforce and more
  • The 5 Saas business examples we saw were Buffer, Dropbox and more
  • The future of Saas we understood with the quotes given by industry expert

So what do you think? When are you putting your Saas marketing plan to action and how? We would like to hear from you.

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