How to Combine Facebook Ads with Text Marketing: Lead Generation Smart Solutions

The prevalence of so many marketing channels has created the marketer’s dream environment, in which they can reach people in multitudes of ways. But the current environment also poses many challenges that require unique solutions.

Nowadays, people use many channels to inform themselves of all possible alternatives before they finally commit to a service or a purchase. This means that using a single channel for promotion does not cut it anymore. The sales funnel subsequently has got more and more complicated.

If sending a single promotional email would yield results previously, it will no longer bear the same success rate that you would expect from it. Similarly, running an ad campaign through one channel is not effective either.

Fortunately, different marketing channels can be used in tandem for maximum efficiency. Not only does this help generate more leads but it also exposes your brand to a variety of audiences across different channels.

Facebook’s Ad platform is one of the hottest advertising tools available currently. Thanks to its enormous user base—which reaches over two billion on a monthly basis—Facebook provides huge outreach opportunities for marketers, thus helping generate new leads along the way.

Another channel that is similarly great for outreach purposes is SMS marketing or text messaging service. While it used to be brushed aside in its beginning stages, the mass usage of text messaging globally has given new life to SMS. Consequently, SMS marketing has become one the most effective communication channels in marketing.

Since Facebook Ads and text marketing are two of the best marketing channels in terms of outreach, using them alongside each other can prove to be very beneficial for you. So let’s delve deeper into this.

How to Combine Facebook Ads with Text Marketing?

Even though both channels are very effective, even when used in isolation, using them in combination can increase the expected outcome by a significant margin. It would be like digital marketing’s equivalent of a one-two punch.

For example, when email marketing is combined with Facebook ads, you get clients who are 22% more likely to commit to a purchase (source: SalesForce). Now replace email marketing with a communication channel that is significantly more efficient, SMS marketing, and you can expect this number to grow by a good amount. Check our email marketing software

So how do you combine text messaging with Facebook Ads? Well, there are couple of ways you can do it. You can use either channel to boost your marketing efforts on the other. For instance, if you have a large following on Facebook, you can leverage that to get your followers to opt into your SMS marketing campaign by running targeted ads on Facebook.

In fact, Redbox once ran a promotional campaign in which they asked their Facebook followers to text their keyword to a designated short code to receive a discount on their DVD rentals. With almost three million followers on Facebook, Tatango reports that Red box managed to generate over a million and a half SMS messages from 400,000 customers in just ten days.

Redbox’s case serves to be a good example of how both can be combined to produce results that would otherwise be unattainable if only one of these channels were to be used. It also serves to remind that leveraging your success on one channel can drastically boost your efforts on the other.

Essentially, you can use Facebook to grow your SMS marketing campaign’s subscribers list.Conversely, you can use SMS marketing to grow your following on Facebook. Either way,they can both be used to engage customers on either channel.

As far as lead generation goes, Facebook introduced a new tool called Lead Ads couple of years ago. The intention behind this move was to simplify the process of filling out forms online. More importantly, though, this makes SMS marketing’s integration with Facebook ads much more seamless and effortless.

Thanks to Facebook’s Lead Ads, you can easily generate new leads and collect their information. From the customer’s end, only thing they need to do is opt in with a single click of a button. So what part does SMS marketing play here? Valid question, so let’s answer it.

When you collect new leads, in order to convert them from a potential customer to a real one you need to nurture those leads with further communication. This can be done through email(which is not very effective, statistically speaking), but in this day and age where you have access to better channels, SMS marketing should be the go-to one.

Once you have the leads piled up and added to your list from Facebook Ads, you can start communicating with them (thus nurturing them) via SMS. This can include sending them personalized text messages with more information or different promotional offers like discounts.

Alternatively, you can use SMS to establish a point of contact with them. That is to say, sending a text message would be the first step in your communication with leads. Once you establish a point of contact, you can ask them for additional contact information so you can get in touch with them using other channels as well.

From that point on, it is completely up to you to make the sale. Facebook Ads and SMS marketing can do the heavy lifting in terms of generating leads but making the sale depends on factors outside of their control. Your products and services as well as your sales pitch, so to speak, have to be enticing enough for prospective clients to pull the trigger with this best bulk email software . Check Email outreach software Price Now!

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