Your email will never fall into the spam folders with these techniques

Your email will never fall into the spam folders with these techniques

‘’45% of all emails are spam.’’

When your emails are gone to spam, it is confirmed that your emails won’t be seen.

This is one of the most common reasons why the prospects you wish to tap never revert sooner.

The spam folders are considered to carry emails that are mostly unnecessary, spammy, and not useful to the user.

But what happens when you send a genuine email and it still lands in the email folder?

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This can cause a huge loss for your business as it can deprive you of engaging with the right leads and frankly, this impacts your conversion rates as well.

So can this be avoided?

It can if you follow the right techniques which are exactly what this article will help you learn and understand. We’ve conducted the research on your behalf and have listed out the top techniques that will ensure your email will never fall into the spam folders ever.

What will this article help you understand?

1 . How do your emails land up in the spam folder?

2. Top prevention techniques to ensure your emails don’t fall in the spam folder

Let’s get started.

How do your emails land up in the spam folder?

1. Your sending emails without permission

There are brands that buy email lists and immediately start sending their email content to them. When the prospects receive such emails, they open it but then add it to the spam filter because they are not aware of who you are and why the email is being sent to them. This is one of the many reasons why your email would have landed in the spam folder.

Always ensure that when you send your prospect’s email, they would have given you the permission to send them emails. When you do this, your lead conversion rates stand more chances of increasing. 

2. Your IP address was considered as spam 

At times, there have been instances where your email address would be hacked or someone would have used your IP address and a user would have considered it as spam, in such cases, your email can fall into the spam folder.

This is another reason why your email is landing in the spam folder. Even if one or two prospects have claimed that your IP address is spam, your emails being sent will land up in the spam folder. 

An Ip address can convey a lot about a brand one being the location of the brand. When the IP address is tapped as spam, no matter what you do all the emails being sent from that same IP address will go under the spam folder. 

3. Lower email engagement actions

When you have lower engagement rates such as lower open rates or click rates, that keeps you under the suspicious radar. When a brand is well established and offers a great product, but the engagement levels are low that will make any prospect believe that something is suspicious with the brand. 

Hence it is important that you ensure that all the measures are taken into consideration when creating your email lists from scratch, you’re tapping the right audience, your email content is great, and more. When such actions are being conducted, the email engagement rates will increase accordingly. 

If you wish to increase your email engagement actions, enforce your prospects to conduct more actions from their end as well. For this to happen, you need to create your email content in a curious form where the prospects revert to learn more such as leaving them in curiosity about your new features and more.

4. Your prospects forgot you

Have you noticed how when engaging with a lead, you then send them an email but since they forgot you, they push your email in spam? This is common because maybe you wouldn’t have followed up with the prospect or it’s been a long time since you engaged with the prospect.

Whatever may be the reason, ensure that when you’re sending your email your prospects are reminded of their engagement with you. 

This is one of the reasons why prospects push your emails to spam. They receive multiple emails from different brands who are looking to engage with them via the subscribed emails. In such cases, prospects can have a tendency to mistake you for the ones they ignored. This is exactly why it is necessary for you to always point out to your prospects who you are and let them know that it is because of their actions, you are sending them the emails. 

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5. Your subject line is not matching the email content

If you’re going to send a subject line stating how to increase your lead conversion rate and when the prospect opens the email they find the email content stating how you can increase your social media presence, your prospects are not going to take it well. Your subject line needs to be proper and it needs to be relevant to the email content you’ve included in the email. 

6. Your ‘from’ information is suspicious

It is very easy to identify from the ‘from’ information of the email whether the email address is a genuine owner or not. If emails that last with suspicious statements such as xyz or anything not relevant, that means this email needs to be sent to the spam filter. This is exactly what your prospect’s first actions will be upon seeing it.

You need to ensure that you’re ‘from’ details needs to include who you are so that your prospects are prospects are aware such as

7. Business address is not displayed

Every brand when genuine, will list out the business address at the end of the email, in case if you don’t do this, the prospects will find it suspicious. Hence ensure that your right business address is listed below at the bottom of the email so that your prospects are confident when reading your email.

Now that you have understood the main reasons why emails fall in the spam folders, let’s help you understand better, how you can prevent this from happening with the top techniques.  

Top prevention techniques to ensure your emails don’t fall in the spam folder

1. Mention your name well in the sender details

As stated earlier, you need to conduct the sender list in such a manner where the prospect is aware of who is messaging them and where they are from. When your sender list is genuine, that is when you realize that your prospects will consider your email. 

The sender list is necessary because multiple times prospects receive emails that have strange names attached to it as seen in the image shown, and that can be considered as spam emails immediately. Your sender details need to help your prospects quickly understand who you are for instance your name @ and the brand name you work for. 

When prospects see such email addresses, they will not push your email to spam. 

2. Keep a check if you’re on the blacklisted list

At times without you realizing your email address will be on the blacklist sheet. This happens because might be your email was considered to be spammy earlier or a few prospects received it in an odd manner, for any reason whatsoever, ensure that your IP address or email addresses are not blacklisted. 

3. Before sending an email, test it

Another great way to ensure that your emails don’t land in the spam folder is to make sure that you test your emails well before sending them. When you realize that your emails are landing in the spam folder during the test, you can make changes and enhance it in such a manner that it will not land up in the spam folder. 

4. Update yourself with the new spam laws and regulations

Another great way to avoid spam-folders is to keep yourself updated with the new spam laws. With the new rules, you’ll be able to enhance your email better and avoid anything that will push your emails into the spam folder. 

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The spam laws are such that it will help give you information on what the recent laws are, this information can help you curate your email and content in such a manner where they will not fall in the spam folders. 

5. Don’t buy email lists

If you think that buying an email list will make an impact on your lead conversion rates on a faster scale, you are wrong. As stated earlier, when you try to email your prospects and if they found out that they never subscribed to your emails, they will push you into the spam folder. Ensure that you capture email addresses from those prospects who genuinely want to receive emails from your brand. 

6. Take actions on prospects who hardly open your emails

There are times where the prospects have subscribed to your emails but they hardly open or read it. What happens is such prospects can be considered as cold leads and you need to understand here that such leads cannot add value to your brand. It is better that you identify such leads, and eliminate them sooner so that your email lists are never ignored or look bad. 

7. Double confirm your subscription actions with prospects

When a prospect has accepted your subscription, ensure that you confirm it twice, for instance, that when your prospects have accepted to sign in, then send them another email to confirm the same so that you’re sending you emails to the right person. This will help increase better brand growth and give you better lead rates. 

It has always been the case where prospects sign in for a brand but then they forget that happens and so when they receive such emails from that subscribed brand, they tend to not remember and then add that email in the spam folder. Due to this, it becomes difficult to engage back with such prospects.

Hence sending a confirmation email is always better for you to double-cross and for the prospects to be prepared to receive the emails from you. 

8. Give the option to unsubscribe to your prospects

Multiple brands do the common mistake of not letting their brands unsubscribe. This happens because they want to force their prospects to engage with longer. When this happens, your prospects will soon start to ignore your email and even go on to block them. Always give your prospects the opportunity to unsubscribe from your emails.

This shows how confident you are about your brand services and how your aim is to only give your prospects the best. 

9. Work on your subject lines

Your subject lines matter. If you believe that writing exceptional subject lines can help you tap your prospects, this is true until and unless your email content is the same as what your subject lines state. For instance, you can’t have a subject line such as grow your leads 2x higher and have email content that explains about how to build your business from scratch. 

Your subject lines should always match your email content. 

10. Create efficient email content

Your email content will always be the first thing to see when your prospects view your email. Your content should be to the point and relevant to what you want to convey to your prospects. The email content should be framed in such a manner where the prospects receive value for the information they subscribed for. This is when your emails can work well with your prospects. 

The Bottom Line…

‘’Email spam costs businesses a whopping $20.5 billion every year.’’

Spamming and its actions cannot be eliminated completely, but it can be reduced and with the tips provided above, your brand can stay clear of landing up in the spam folder.

So tell us, what did you think of this article? What caught your attention the most? Which technique will you apply first to eliminate falling in the spam folder?

We would love to hear from you. Also, to read more such helpful content, do watch out for OutreachPlus more often. 

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