How E-mail Marketing is Effective For Mobile App Development In 2020?

Suppose you created a mobile application that is by far one of your best work. It consists of fantastic features, mesmerizing result-oriented strategies and whatnot. And then you launch it in the market. But uh-oh it fails to make the impact.

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1 . What Exactly is E-mail Marketing, and Why Should it be used?

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3. Effect of E-mail Marketing for Mobile App Development in 2020: What is the Future?

Now what?

You start wondering where you went wrong and started calculating all the pros and cons. Well! Truth to be told: you constructed an app to provide solutions to the users. But to meet the needs of these supposed users, you require them to download it. Right? And how do you get to do it? Obviously by marketing, and with the help of ad campaigns. 

A fantastic result orientated strategy that can help you to drive app success would be e-mail marketing.

With the evolution in the internet environment, e-mail marketing has become one of the most vital aspects of mobile app development. It is a really powerful way that is used to reach out to the audience. The usage of e-mail marketing is recommenced a lot that most of the business development organization have suggested to implement it in the near future. 

So now the question is – Would E-mail marketing contribute to mobile app development in 2020?

Let’s find out!

But before that: What Exactly is E-mail Marketing, and Why Should it be used?

E-mail marketing is constituted in a unique way for direct marketing. To put it in other ways, it is the process of sending up of commercial messages, typically to a large group of people with the help of personalized email

The truth is any e-mail that you tend to send to your existing and potential app users is constituted as e-mail marketing.

Thus, whatever may be the goal of an app development company, integration of e-mail is necessary. The integration would help you with the acquisition rate of users and customers. This kind of practice plays a significant role in the engagement of the users. It helps the app owners with things like:

1 . Not costing them with too much money, and providing them with huge ROI.

2. E-mail marketing for mobile apps provides users with immediacy. It produces meaningful results within minutes once it is sent to the potential app user.

3. This means of communication for promotion is easily shareable with convenience and security

4. It provides access to a global audience

E-mail marketing for Mobile Applications

If we see it is a vast form, E-mail marketing for mobile applications has helped the app applications with various things and thus can be constituted as one of the most effective ways to promote the app. Things like:

1 . Constructing up of subscriber list

The very first step to success in the field of E-mail marketing is making up the subscriber’s list. App development organizations can sign up by making sure that subscription forms are there on the homepage as well as in other location of the website. Asking people about the app, and then subscribing to it would involve the customer experience, and addition of new users. One more effective way of encouraging sign up is by explaining to the readers why they stand to gain by subscribing.

2 . Accurate targeting

One of the biggest reason why e-mail marketing fails is that mobile app development companies tend to treat all the subscribers as same, without actually segregating. To have effective e-mail marketing, the app owner needs to distinguish between the subscribers according to their location, buying habits etc. 

3 . Personalization

Personalizing your app is also another way by which top app firms can boast up their e-mail marketing app. This way, it would help the Mobile developers to influence the people to share your app on multiple platforms. 


Well, when you send an e-mail to the subscribers and replace the context with recipient name, they tend to connect with it and feel more personalized. The user can also ask form reviews or an article from the app review site, and thus this would help in personalizing your email 

4 . Simplicity

Sometimes when you open up a e-mail you witness flashy graphics, huge fonts and various other elements that tends to obstruct the main content of the page. After you observe such heavy graphics, you tend to abandon such pages and then head to an alternative one. Thus, this tells us that keeping the layout simple and authentic is the key to successful e-mail marketing.

5. The power of the call to action

email marketing_call to action

If you are not clear on the idea that what you want to do, then there is no point in sending a dozen emails. Call-of-action is something compelling, it is that push that is needed for a successful e-mail marketing. A call-of-action can be a reminder to the people to use the app they might have forgotten about, or it can be filling up of a form, or clicking a link.

6 . Content is the King

email marketing_content is king

The way how your content is presented contributes largely to e-mail marketing. The app owner should learn how to use a catchy and attractive title that would grab the attention of your audience. The body of the e-mail should contain meaningful and accurate content, thus tends to target the right audience. 

7. Being mobile-friendly

Assumptions have been made that almost three quarters (72.5 %) of the users would access mobile internet by the year 2025. This only means that the number of mobile users is not only rapidly increasing day by day, but it is being accepted by more than half of the popular. Hence, to have a thriving e-mail marketing drive to ensure that it is mobile friendly.

8 . Monitoring your details

email marketing_monitor your details

For an efficient e-mail marketing drive to support the app, the owners should take a good look at the data. When you tend to monitor it and keep a check on whether your user has opened your emails or not – you tend to make important notes regarding the same. Other information that influences that what time of the day the user has opened their emails is equally essential. 

Effect of E-mail Marketing for Mobile App Development in 2020: What is the Future?

email marketing

It is difficult to create a world without email and before you hire android app developers understand that the future of e-mail marketing is at par. It is expected that more than 4 billion people are expected to have at least one mail credentials by the year 2023, thus making it one of the most common forms of communication in the planet. With such a broad base, it is only expected that shortly marketing team would try to capitalize it by sending messages to the audience in-boxes instead. 

As the number of internet users using it have begun to increase day by day, it has become famous for users to reflect the changes that are related to e-mail marketing. Thus, the future of e-mail marketing is bright. 

It would make it possible for the user to maximize the performance of the mobile app. To achieve it, the user can do the following things:

1 .Provide a fine-tuning to your e-mail so that it gets delivered to the users, and then it is opened by them.

2 . Provide a fine-tune for your e-mail so that the potential audience can read them, and then act upon them. 

Not only this but the data that the user would tend to collect would help them to plan their future emails, and then help them to provide a better solution 

In the End

The economy has always embraced the businesses that have come up with unique ideas, ideas that leverage the best form of technology. The business owner can smartly take into the account that e-mail marketing is the future of promotion of apps and other campaigns. No matter if you Hire iPhone developer or an android developers, as long as you are not promoting your app right – it is of no use.

So, if you are nervous to try e-mail marketing (check our email marketing software ), then you are probably just risking the benefits. You and your organization can gain more than the only sale when it comes to e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is just more than marketing. It is a company mission that is together set to help users with daily information and necessary platforms. There are numerous ways to gain subscribers and market to the users. 

Thus, hopefully, this write-up has introduced you with the adequate benefits that are retailed to e-mail marketing and has convinced you that if it is done right then this form of marketing is as useful as any other means of promotion. If you have any doubts regarding the following topic, then you can leave a comment on the comment section below. Our experts and app development professionals would try to help you with the issues that you are facing and would give a possible aid. 

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