Guide On Lead Generation With Viral Interactive Quizzes

There are many ways to generate leads, some prove better than others. Most businesses are torn between generating cheap leads and generating quality leads. It can be tough to find a happy medium that gives the best of both worlds. 

In this guide on lead generation, we’ll explore how you can generate leads using interactive, viral quizzes. These interactive quizzes have the power to reach relevant leads organically- or at a low cost- while encouraging “hot” leads to click through to your website. 

Table of Content

  1. Identify your audience and where they are
  2. Write a quiz with your audience in mind 
  3. Beta test your quiz
  4. Publish your quiz and boost with targeted ads 
  5. Optimize copy and quiz visuals 
  6. Give an incentive to learn more
  7. Ask people to share results
  8. Integrate marketing software for a converting customer journey

How to Create Lead Generation Viral Quizzes in 8 Steps

1 . Identify your audience and where they are 

Use the data you already have to identify the type of audience currently engaging with your brand and product. Use social media data, google search console, and google analytics to do this. 

for building audience insights

Google Search Console

Your audience may not be entirely in line with those user-personas you created back when you were product planning. 

Get a clear idea of the type of audience you already have. Next, lay that alongside your ideal audience. In doing so, you should have a combined picture of the type of people you want to be taking this quiz. 

Things you need to remember when understanding your audience: 

  • Age bracket
  • Geographical location 
  • Particular work industry 
  • Gender 
  • Life event 
  • Browsing device 

Lastly, when analyzing your audience, you need to do your research to discover where they are online. Will you have a better chance of reaching them via Facebook or Instagram? Perhaps your audience is more likely to spend time on Tumblr or Reddit? 

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Keep your mind open in your research phase and lock-down this information; it will help you in every other step along the way. 

2. Write a quiz with your audience in mind 

Next up, write your quiz with this audience in mind. A good quiz builder has the power to personalize a certain amount within the quiz. Smart technology can ask for someone’s name and then address them by their name in the rest of the questions. 

Personalize a quiz with first name

Geography Quiz Template

However, how can you take this personalization to the next level to resonate with the audience you want to reach? Think about if they’re likely to go through a life event, or to feel a certain way about a person, place, or thing. 

If you’re writing a quiz for someone, they’ll be more likely to engage, complete, and share the quiz with their friends. The chances are, their friends will be able to relate to your quiz and product too.

Top tips for writing the perfect quiz

1 .Stay on brand

If this quiz does go viral, it’s potentially your brand’s first impression with many people- make it count. Stay true to your brand’s tone of voice, charm, personality, and style. 

2. Keep it short 

Everyone’s time is precious, they’ll enjoy the novelty of filling out a quiz that’s seemingly made for them, but don’t push your luck. Keep your quiz short and sweet, 5-8 questions maximum. 

Try to manage expectations. Tell people how many questions are in the quiz at the start, and host a completion bar throughout. 

use this bar to let people know how they are progressing through your quiz

Online Vocabulary Quiz Template

3. Ask for a contact

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Typeform found that upon asking for an email in their viral quizzes, they received a 15% response rate. Ask your quiz takers for an email address and tell them what they’ll get in return for providing it. 

This incentive doesn’t need to be an offer or discount if you don’t want it to be. You can simply be delivering their quiz results or setting your brand up to stay in touch with them via a newsletter. 

A great example of a lead generation quiz_Guide On Lead Generation

BeardBrand Quiz

4 . Get visual 

Quizzes don’t all need to be text-heavy, especially if you’ve identified this as something your target audience wouldn’t enjoy. Be innovative with your content and support your quiz with images and videos to lift the experience.

5. Plan for different devices

Before releasing your quiz, test it on different devices. Try it out on desktop, mobile, and tablet. 

Maybe you’ve identified that your audience is more likely to be using mobile over a desktop, that’s great, but not everyone within your target audience will be the same. 

Make sure you provide a smooth experience on every device

3. Beta test your quiz

Once you think you’ve got your quiz down, think again. Gather a collection of colleagues or even friends that match your target audience, ask them to give the quiz a go. 

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If you’re a small team or going at this quiz alone, it can be easy to overlook the mistakes that are right under your nose. Run a focus group, gather feedback, and learn from everyone’s input. 

4. Publish your quiz and boost with targeted ads 

Once you’ve got the 2.0 version of your quiz, you’re ready to publish it into the world. However, hitting send isn’t going to do all your hard work justice. Call in the calvary at this point and ensure your quiz has the best opportunity possible to flourish. 

Do you have any B2B partners that you can ask to share out the quiz? What about particularly active social groups? Use the free resources you have before turning to paid solutions. 

Typeform found that by using targeted ads to share their quizzes, they had a 19% completion rate when targeting a lookalike audience they felt resonated with the quiz content. 

examples from Typeform's testing of quizzes_Guide On Lead Generation

Typeform Sponsored Quiz Example

Get your targeting right, and you can massively increase your lead capture opportunity. 

5. Optimize copy and quiz visuals 

We’ve established the importance of where you deliver your quiz. What we also need to explore is how. Think of the copy and visual that front-ends your quiz, what does that say about the quiz content? How does it set up expectations and encourage people to have a go? 

Learn from how the comments and interactions you receive on the quiz announcement. If they hold a positive sentiment or the quiz starts to perform well organically, you’ve done something right with your content posting strategy. 

However, if the quiz seems to fall on deaf ears, consider how you can reword or visually enhance the quiz’s delivery. 

6. Give an incentive to learn more

Once you’ve got someone within your quiz, then you’ve got someone in the world of your brand and can begin storytelling to sell. Give a reason or incentive for people to visit your website. 

Look at your viral quiz as a chance to nurture a lead in a fun and innovative way. What’s next is converting them to a sale, and that’s best done via your converting machine- your website. Give a reason for a quiz taker to click through to your site. 

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Consider sending them to a specific landing page responding to the quiz they’ve just completed. When they’re there, use a tool like LimeCall to qualify and connect visitors to sales reps

Use lime call to convert visitors to site into leads_Guide On Lead Generation

LimeCall Solutions

7. Ask people to share results 

If you want to give your quiz the best opportunity possible to succeed organically, then there’s no harm in asking people to help you. In your closing message of the quiz, encourage people to share it, or their results, if they enjoyed it. 

Sometimes all someone needs is a reminder or a gentle nudge– you’ll be surprised at the increase in shares your quiz receives if you simply ask for them. 

8. Integrate marketing software for a converting customer journey

To help manage your sales and nurture journey after someone completes your quiz, considering integrating other marketing software that you use. Typeform has the functionality to integrate with Slack, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and more. 

integrate marketing software to convert quizzes_Guide On Lead Generation

Typeform & Mailchimp Integration

Find those resources you use and see if you can integrate your quiz for a smoother internal process for your team and overall experience for your quiz taker.

Which brings us to the nurture journey itself. Someone’s experience with your brand doesn’t stop at your quiz- or doesn’t have to. If you want to make the most of your quiz and generate leads from it, you need to be prepared to follow up. 

Try to map out a journey for your quiz takers, follow up in a personal and dedicated way. Perhaps you want to send them to a landing page and have a phone call, maybe you want an email journey. 

Consider what would resonate best with your audience and go for it. Don’t release your quiz until you have a plan down for how you’re going to turn it into a lead generation opportunity.

Closing out lead generation with interactive, viral quizzes 

I hope this article has inspired you to create your quizzes for lead generation. Quizzes are still a mostly untapped method at winning leads. They go viral so quickly with relevant audiences and can do wonders for lead generation. 

Try to capitalize on this content type while it’s still relatively niche, rather than competing with other content types that are massively over-saturated- especially on social channels. 

Done right, your quiz has the power to go viral and among an audience that’s a perfect fit for your product.

Remember, it’s up to you to follow up on your quiz and give people a reason to buy your product once they understand your brand and mission. Happy quizzing. 

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Content Writer and Author

Ray Slater Berry has been working in social media and content marketing for eight years. He specializes in the tech, innovation, and travel sectors. He is a writer for Typeform and is a published novelist with his first book, Golden Boy.

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