Guerilla Marketing Ideas: 7 Real Examples To Shut Down Your Competition

You can outsell your competitors without breaking your head.

This statement might seem unconvincing to you and you would be like ‘seriously, is that a joke’.

Let’s clarify the air by saying, this is POSSIBLE.

Now what are your competitors doing, they are working so much to beat your brand, studying and understanding how they can excel better than the ad you just posted or the social media story you just shared.

All we are saying that you can do one more thing to give your brand a memorable picture in the minds of your prospects.

You can continue with your regular social media marketing and email marketing and ads and more, all we are asking you to do is add this unique marketing tactic to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

What we are talking about is ‘Guerilla Marketing’.

We are telling you this because we understand how difficult it is to get your brand out in the world where there are thousands of similar brands working neck to neck to be the best. If you want to sell in 2020, you just don’t need any advertising, you need one which will fit through the minds of your prospects for a longer time hence the Guerilla Marketing’ platform.

We are confident that this marketing tactic can help you sell better and make great use of your efforts in email marketing campaigns.

We’ve got your covered:

Table of Contents:

By the end of the article, you’ll know what to do, trust us.

Let’s get you started.

What is ‘Guerilla Marketing’?

Guerilla Marketing is an easy way to get the attention of your prospects in their busy daily lives too without having to empty your marketing budget.

Have you ever stopped your walk to read some billboards or stood outside reading some posters?

What made you do that?

You stopped because that poster or billboard made you do that. It had interesting content or a visual that made you wonder what it is, sometimes it would make you chuckle and the other times it made you want to take your phone and send a picture to your closed ones.

This is exactly what ‘Guerilla Marketing’ is all about.

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Guerilla Marketing is one such form of marketing that is:

  • Different
  • Unique
  • Interesting

And ensures that your audience will remember it for a long time. 

Let’s understand this with an example:

Source: Wordstream

Now wouldn’t that make you stop? This is IKEA who is exhibiting that their furniture can help to create a bigger space and fit all your clothes without any hassles. And the images exhibited in the staircase are proof of that where it is symbolizing the staircase as drawers which are organized smoothly.

The colour of the ad draws attention and makes a few of your audience to maybe visit the store or consider telling someone who is thinking of buying a drawer.

This is how Guerilla Marketing works.

Another great reason to love this marketing platform is that every story or ad that your audience will see will not be repeated. It will be unique and different which is why it is best suited to target a wider audience.

Also, this kind of marketing doesn’t burn a hole in your market, and instead, you will receive a higher value than the money you invested in.

Now isn’t that a great deal?

Let’s understand this marketing platform more clearly with its characteristics trait in our next category. 

What you need to know about Guerilla Marketing?

1. Guerilla marketing works mostly on the basis of location. You need to find a good location to exhibit your marketing campaign. It could be outside a school or a crowded fair or just a sidewalk where people cross the road. The main agenda here is to reach out to a larger audience hence location matters in this platform. 

2. In Guerilla marketing as stated earlier, none of the campaigns you create will be repeated. If you have seen an ad more than once, that is not what guerilla marketing is all about. This marketing platform is unique and fresh and won’t be found or done by anyone else apart from you.

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3. Guerilla marketing isn’t going to empty your pocket as stated earlier. It costs less than half of the money you spent on other advertising mediums. But even if, say you spend $5 on a marketing campaign, the result you will be receiving is twice that digit.

4. Guerilla Marketing is placed in places where your prospects wouldn’t expect. At the corner of the bus stand or on the sidewalk benches and more. It will be placed in such a manner where the minute your prospect sees it they will stop what they are doing and stare at it in awe and curiosity. This will be only effective if you time it right. 

For instance, 

Source: Moosend

Nike’s logo was enough to understand the brand and see where it is placed at the park and on a bench which has no seat indirectly motivating the people to continue running, now isn’t that great?

5. Now what campaign you’re going to use to execute this marketing tactic needs to be a good impression in the first go. Remember this campaign you are using can’t be repeated more than once hence the visual or the content needs to hit your target audience in the first go. 

6. You don’t have to stop doing the other marketing tactics that you are conducting. You can continue that and manage this as well. Guerilla marketing is focusing more on grasping the attention of your target audience and creating a loud noise about your brand. 

Why don’t we understand in-depth why such a marketing technique is important for a brand like yours?

Benefits of Guerilla Marketing 

1. Requires lower marketing budget

As stated earlier, guerilla marketing requires less than half of your marketing budget. You can start this marketing activity with just a few amounts of money in your hand. This is well suited for small businesses as well because understanding they have to spend a limited budget, an action like this can help in healthier brand growth for them.

2. Helps in brand growth for the long run

Now you are aware that your audience wouldn’t like to invest in a solution by force, they would straight up walk away or invest in your solution and then walk away later. The kind of marketing tactic that guerilla marketing offers is different, here the main agenda isn’t to just make your audience at one glance.

The agenda here is to retain the memory of that campaign about your brand so that in the future they know who they need to come back to. In simple terms, you are working towards a futuristic goal for your brand.

3. Making your target audience come to you

Instead of you having to scream about your brand and product, you are working towards letting your audience understand who you are and what you are.

For instance,

Source: Moosend

This is what Snapchat did to trigger the attention of its audience. It knew it had to be different in its execution. So it didn’t write anything and placed this image on all billboards. Now as an audience when you see it, you will be compelled to know what it is. You tend to google it and even download it to understand what it is about and this is exactly what Snapchat achieved and today it is one of the most popular tools being used after Facebook and Instagram. 

4. Opens rooms for creativity

One creative thought can spark success for a brand in large numbers, imagine what happens when a team conducts it? This kind of platform gives your brand the opportunity to create a room of creative ideas. When you have something different to speak about your brand, you are actually outselling your competitors effortlessly. 

Now that you are aware of how great this marketing platform is, there are a few brands that might be a bit skeptical about it.

Let’s learn the reason and disclose the solution.

Why don’t brands attempt such a marketing tactic like Guerilla?

1. Being mistook for something wrong

At times your campaign content can be mistaken for another reason. There have been many ads where the audience took it another way saying it is hurting religious sentiments and it is shaming other people.

Solution: You are aware of who your target audience is and what they expect from a brand like yours. With this information, you are aware of how your campaign should look like and what exactly it should target. Since you have such data in hand, you are able to frame your campaign accordingly. The fact that you are aware of how campaigns were mistaken previously, this helps you to understand how your campaign creation should be done.

2. Can’t keep a track

The general idea of guerilla marketing is to create a buzz which means you might not be able to track the performance of such an action. Viral offline marketing campaigns often come at the cost of the inability to track their results. A QR Code Generator with logo used in conjunction with a CRM can be a good way to measure this.

Solution: That’s fine, earlier you were informed that this type of marketing is well suited for brands that are focusing on long term growth. Even with the ads you are conducting right now, your audience will take its time to learn about you and invest in your brand, so let’s keep at least 10% of our focus on getting your audience aware of your brand.

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3. No guarantee of a wider audience seeing the campaign

Yes, there might not be a huge number of your audience who will actually stop to view your campaign.

Solution: So what? The agenda here is to create a buzz and even if 3 out 10 people have seen your campaign it can still make an impact. Your target audience will see your campaign because they are finding a solution that is in your product and with time they will remember you and get back to you. Sooner they will be a loyal lead and add value to your business. 

So which Guerilla marketing idea you can get started with?

Types of Guerilla Marketing ideas

1. Video

Your first choice is video. Now we all are aware of how video marketing works. It is one of the easiest ways to capture the attention of your audience. With the right use of colours, images, and texts, it can help to retain the attention of your audience.

You are aware of how a video can go viral and be shared across the globe with just one click. You need to do the same for your brand.

Let’s understand this with an example:

The video in this link is the perfect example of how video marketing should be done. The brand Purple, a mattress company converted such an ordinary product into extraordinary with this short video. 

The video as you can see starts with a fairytale and speaks volumes of how Purple’s mattress was way better than their competitors. Everything was believed with every visual shown as proof as to why anyone should invest in the mattress. It was funny, had proof, and was simple to understand.

The result?

The brand had 165 million views on Youtube, a great marketing success.

Tip: To create great videos, ensure that you have a great:

  • High-quality visuals
  • Good text
  • Simple to understand language is being used
  • The benefit of the brand is executed well
  • Short and fun

2. Ads

As stated earlier in the Snapchat example, you can even do ads to get your campaigns viral. It isn’t necessary to always place text, you can even work with one-liners or visuals to create curiosity. Frame your campaign in such a manner where your audience is compelled to search for you. 

Ads are mostly used as guerilla marketing and a good one can be a huge success for your marketing efforts.

For instance,

Source: Business first

Yup, as simple and easy for your audience to understand. 

Tip: To create great ads, you could:

  • Use less or no text at all
  • Keep to understandable at one glance
  • Portray the benefit of your product

3. Street advertising

Source: Moosend

This is what street advertising looks like. You can place it anywhere outdoors for your audience to see. Try putting it more in crowded places so the views generated are more.

Tip: Use big letters and statements to convey what your brand wants to speak and use high-quality images that are relevant.

4. Props

Have you ever stopped by and saw a line of props on the side of the road? That is another example of a guerilla marketing idea. It exhibits the props so you get the idea of the brand better

This could be a better example:

Source: Pinterest

A car is being locked for parking in the wrong place and what a unique way to stop it.

5. Ambient marketing

Ambient marketing lets you place your ads during your audience’s daily life.

Source: Creative

6. Guerilla projections

Guerilla projections are another marketing idea of this platform where you exhibit the brand on buildings with the help of projectors. The whole area can see it and will compel your audience to stop what they are doing and view it.

Source: Beautiful rising

7. Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is giving your audience the chance to feel and breathe your product right in front of them. For instance, if you are saying that this glue can fix your mishaps anytime, you prove it in front of them so that they can believe it.

Let’s get a hold of examples that can help you get started to tackle the tough competitors of yours out there.

Example of Guerilla Marketing: 7 Real Examples To Shut Down Your Competition

#Example 1:

Source: MB Creative

The main purpose of the brand is being exhibited. The eyes shades are used to protect yourself from the harsh sun. What this brand did was it created a simple shade for the audience who wanted to escape the heat or simply wait for the bus. It does a brilliant job of conveying the actual message of the product which was to ‘protect the eyes.’

#Example 2:

Guerilla Marketing Ideas

Source: Wordstream

How brilliant is this ad? It shows the before and aftermath of the service it offers hence screaming in volumes of its purpose. In the first image it shows what are the reasons the women come to their service and now after acquiring the service what would the women look like and what has been eliminated. This is a great way to show your audience why an investment in your brand is necessary. 

#Example 3:

Source: Wordstream

In just one minimal glance you know what this ad is conveying. Mr. Clean the product behind ensuring that even the dirtiest floors are being converted in the cleanest, this example was evident in this crosswalk. No words, just an image, and the purpose of the brand.

#Example 4:

Guerilla Marketing Ideas

Source: Moosend

This is Nike as you realized at first glance. It is placed on the escalator to remind its audience to stay healthy and take the stairs instead. What an innovative way of selling the purpose of the brand.

#Example 5:

Guerilla Marketing Ideas

Source: Wordstream

Adding humour in your ads is another great way to retain the attention of your audience and remember you when they see your brand again. In this ad, the national geographic channel is explaining the struggles of getting that one perfect shot from such wild creatures and honestly, the small content really cracks you up. 

#Example 6:

Guerilla Marketing Ideas

Source: Wordstream

A clear indication of Duracell that it shines well no matter where you are. Smartly the ad was placed in an illuminated area to disclose the purpose of this brand.

#Example 7:

Guerilla Marketing Ideas

Source: Wordstream

After a delicious ice cream, another reminder to get brushing later is exactly what Colgate too aims to spread in its commercials. A better way to grab more attention to this action is to fix it in an ice cream bar and after the end, you realize that you need to brush your teeth next. A great example of guerilla marketing. 

Now that you are aware of what Guerilla marketing is and how you should get started, why don’t you also have a cheat sheet along that can help you understand the do’s and don’t of this marketing platform?

Do’s and Don’t of Guerilla Marketing


1. Know who you are advertising for

You need to understand first who your target audience is. When you understand that is when you can come up with creative ideas. For instance, if you are an optic brand, your main motive is to help your prospects find comfortable glasses that will suit them better. This will help you create campaigns similarly.

2. Select the location before you create the campaigns

Now you need to first understand where you are looking to place your campaigns. As you are aware of the example above, there are different places you can place your campaigns such as sidewalks, road crossing, and more. When you are able to understand that your creative campaign will be framed accordingly. 

3. Be real and original

As stated earlier in the guerilla marketing ideas, you need to create an effective impression. You cannot duplicate or copy your competitors. Your campaigns are going to be new and fresh and will have the message your brand wants to convey. Your audience has one glance to be convinced or to walk away. Be more original in your thoughts and put it out on that campaign. 

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4. Keep getting creative

It’s not just one idea that can make a difference, you need several similarities, With just one person being creative in the room will not work. You need to get your team together to think and share their ideas because your campaigns deserve to be enhanced in the best way only. Conduct more brainstorming sessions and in the end, choose the best campaigns you want to see as a customer yourself. 

5. Deliver the relevant message of your brand

Another important thing which you must do is to convey the relevant message of your brand. If your brand can help your audience, for instance, if your brand who makes watches can help your audience keep a count of all their actions, this is exactly what you need to convey in your campaigns. Yoru audience needs to see your product’s value and benefit more.

6. Write a heartfelt message

Whatever content you write ensures that it hits your audience at the first go. The content needs to be relevant and to the point that when your audience sees the image and the content they understand what it is trying to convey. Keep it short, simple, and meaningful.

7. Focus on giving your best

Don’t’ conduct guerilla marketing ideas if you’re aiming to go viral in the first go. Going viral happens you cannot plan for it. You need to give your best ib veery campaign you put out there so that your brand receives the right recognition and growth in the long run. This is important and more significant than anything else. 


8. Don’t stick to one idea

As stated earlier you can’t just depend on one person to give you the creative ideas. You need a team because a team’s efforts are evident when the campaign goes successful. You’ll be surprised at how many people are creative in your team and it is necessary that you put that to good use. You can’t make a campaign on one just one idea, you need multiple ideas to make that one great campaign that will speak on behalf of your brand. 

9. Don’t ignore the law and rules

There are times as you saw in the article, that your campaign can be mistaken for the wrong reason. You need to understand that conducting guerilla marketing without abiding by the rules will only harm your brand. Ensure that you are able to understand what are the rules to conduct the campaign and what type of campaigns you need to avoid in terms of visuals and content.

You can always refer to your peers to understand and learn from the mistake.

10. Don’t be defeated by failure

Not all your campaigns will give you the success you’re looking for that doesn’t mean you stop creating them or selling them. Take this an effort to continue serving the best to your audience. The more you appear in the minds of your audience the better are your chances of grasping them later. 

The Bottom Line…

You are now all ready to get started with guerilla marketing. The guerilla marketing ideas will also help you conduct this activity in the right way and help you achieve success better.

But before you can head out let’s take a quick summarization of what we’ve covered:

Key takeaways:

  • We learned that guerilla marketing in the form of selling your brand through simple and meaningful marketing tactics which costs lesser than your usual marketing budget
  • Guerilla marketing needs to be fresh and original and doesn’t replace your other promotional methods
  • Guerilla marketing is great for you because it costs less, gives you more benefit than the amount you spent on it and more
  • Many brands find it skeptical because it doesn’t guarantee the results and more. We have shared a solution for it as well
  • The type of guerilla marketing ideas we covered are video, props and more
  • The guerilla marketing ideas example we saw were of Mr.Clean, Ray-Bans eyeshade and more
  • We also covered the do’s and don’t of guerilla marketing such as you should be real and raw in your creative ideas and more. You should also avoid copying your competitors and more

So tell us what do you think of this efficient marketing platform? For more such topics, watch out for OutreachPlus

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