The 9 Best Sites For Free Email Templates [2020]

You can create your email templates without manual effort.

The time taken to create an email template manually is time-consuming and instead of you having to do this, wouldn’t you prefer the same time being spent on engaging with your prospects?

This is the common problem multiple brands like yours face when it comes to email marketing creation.

The fact is you can’t just create any template and send, you require one which can help tap the attention of prospects.

The wiser way to do this is via a smart solution. 

Investing in a solution that gives you an email template that is already created. 

There are multiple brands that offer free email templates, the benefits you receive are multiple ones being no time wastage, and your full focus on managing and engaging with your leads.

Now that we have disclosed what can help you, we also have the solution to help you get started.

In this article, you will be able to capture the following relevant information:

Table of Contents:

Let’s get started.

Why Do You Need Free Responsive Email Templates?

1. Saves time

The number one reason to start using free responsive email templates is because it helps you to save time. Instead of you spending half a day to create email templates, you can use that time to spend with your potential prospects.

2. Limited coding skills required

You don’t have to be an expert in coding or to learn to code to get started with an email template. Using an HTML email template, you can create better email templates without having to worry about any coding.

3. Saves money

Another reason to use a free email responsive template is that it helps you to save money. Instead of you having to hire a person who is well skilled in email templates, you can use the free template available and get started yourself. This will help lower your expenses and let you invest in other relevant aspects of your business.

Since you are now aware of how free responsive email templates can make your life easier, it’s time for you to get started with it.

What Are The Best Sites For Free Responsive Email Templates?

1. SendInBlue

sendinblue free email templates

Sendinblue offers close to 60+ responsive email templates. You can conduct your email template actions in two ways with this platform one being an email design builder where the creation of email templates requires no design or coding experience. The other is a WYSIWYG HTML email editor for those users who wish to create their own HTML or want to just download it.

Best factors:

  • Once you register for a free account with this platform, you receive access to their template collection as well as email editing tools
  • Easy to get started with this platform

2. Stripo

stripo free email templates

Stripo offers close to 300+ HTML email templates. Using Stripo’s email template doesn’t require any coding skills. It is an easy drag and drop email template solution that makes the work easy for you. Once you sign up for this platform, ensure that your email is exported to your email service provider so you can conduct the sending action.

Best factors:

  • Provides image roller effects 
  • Provides CSS animated button

3.Email on Acid

Email on Acid Free email templates

Email on Acid offers 6 free responsive email templates. This is an online testing email platform where every email is being tested for the purpose to align it well with all email providers and devices. It offers email analytics, email editors, and more.

Best factors:

  • Scroll through multiple collections of templates without bearing any cost
  • Provides spam testing and other relevant features too

4. Litmus

litmus free email templates

Litmus offers close to 360 free responsive email templates. This is also another platform that helps you to test emails to see if it works with all email providers and devices.

Best factors:

  • Provides email templates to serve any purpose such as product launch and more
  • Provides free resources so that you are aware of how well you can enhance your email marketing activities

5. Dyspatch

dyspatch free email templates

Dyspatch offers free open source responsive email templates. This platform is a visual email editor that lets you create engaging emails. You have the option to download and use the email created with the email service provider you are currently using.

Best factors:

  • The option to choose from each template is more to precise 1-9
  • This platform is also mobile-friendly so you can always create your email templates on the go easily

6. BEE

BEE homepage

BEE offers close to 200+ responsive email templates. This platform is another medium that can be used for email editing. It is easy and quick to get started with. 

Best factors:

  • Let’s you customize your template according to your brand
  • Provides professionally designed email templates to users

7. 99designs

99designs free email templates

99designs offers 45 free responsive email templates. This is a platform that helps connect brands with freelance designers. It provides three different types of themes with three different email templates for each theme.

Best factors:

  • Provides colour options for your email templates
  • To access the email templates, all you need to do is just download it from their blog

8. Antwort

antwort free email template

Antwort offers 3 free responsive email templates. The templates used in this platform were created by Julie Ng, a freelance designer. It focuses on giving users a better experience with the email template being used when viewed via mobile or other devices.

Best factors:

  • Focuses on providing you with email templates that don’t compromise with its layout
  • They can appear as multiple or single columns on the basis of how the person is viewing it on the platform such as desktop or mobile

9. Pixelbuddha

pixelbuddha free email templates

Pixelbuddha offers 15 free responsive email templates. This is an online community platform that provides free design resources to get started with. 

Best factors:

  • Provides premium design email template solutions too
  • Suits any purpose for why you need to use the email template such as newsletters and more

The Bottom Line…

As promised we have helped you make your email marketing creation a simple task with the information listed above.

Before you can head out to give it a try, let’s conduct a quick summarization of what we’ve covered:

Key Takeaways:

  • You should start using free responsive email templates because it helps to save time on the creation of every email campaign, let’s you save money on a new investment of hiring an email template creator and more.
  • The top best sites who offer free responsive email templates for you to get started with are Stripo, Sendinblue and more

So tell us which free email responsive template you will get started with first? Why have you made such a choice from the crowd? We would like to hear from you.

Also, if you found this article helpful, do stay tuned for more such related content from OutreachPlus.

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