Consistently stable, on-schedule releases

Accurately promote new features to production with precise knowledge of your application’s stability


Know when features are ready for release

Stability provides a strong feedback loop to help you assess health at every stage of the release cycle


Pinpoint critical errors to unblock releases

Surface release-blocking errors in every stage of development with powerful search + segmentation


Get aligned on stability

Make software stability visible throughout your entire organization to align priorities



Ship stable releases to your users

The stability score gives you the feedback loop
you need to decide when features are ready for release


The definitive metric for balancing agility with stability

You need to ship features on schedule and meet the quality standards of your business. The stability score is the single best indicator for code quality so you can feel confident shipping new features to your customers.

Keep an eye on the stability score on your `staging` and `beta` environments to catch bugs before they slip to production.

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Prioritize critical errors to unblock releases faster

Debugging impactful errors improves stability
so they don't hold back new features from your users


Easily pinpoint errors blocking your release

Unexpected errors, changes in priorities, and shifting deadlines can throw off your release schedule. Keep things on track at every stage using intuitive search that makes finding errors simple and quick.

Surface errors within a specific development, beta, or testing environment, or even create advanced searches with any combination of attributes so you can speed up the process of unblocking a release.

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Create a repeatable process for errors

With constantly moving variables, having a process in place for dealing with errors will save you time and help you gain control over release quality and stability.

Create bookmarks for frequently used searches and share them across teams. Everyone can see current, refreshed results, and you can make sure the errors you’ve prioritized get in front of the right people for fixing.

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Set a stability target for smoother releases

ncreasing the visibility of errors helps everyone
get aligned on the importance of software stability


Make releases frictionless with stability monitoring

Bugsnag integrates with Jira and Slack so you address stability issues where your team already works. Integrating stability into your workflow helps everyone get aligned on projects, and sets clear expectations for when new features can be released.

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Share stability metrics across your organization

Bugsnag’s data access API makes it easy to share stability scores across your organization. Display it on your monitors or create reports to share with execs.

With everyone’s mind on stability, you can more effectively balance fast-paced release cycles with the software stability your users demand.

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