The Most Extensive Guide To Find Anyone’s Email Address In 2020

The online communication world is now unimaginable without an email address. Be it for landing a guest post or ask a question to an important person or to promote your content; making a contact is essential and only an email address is the best way to do so. 

Having a great product or a great piece of content that can influence your prospects immediately is just one part of selling it. All of this will bring business only if you have the correct set of leads. This blog is all set to meet the gap between building your product and selling it to the right prospects.

Techniques and a step by step guide to know anyone’s email id :

1 . Email lookup tools to find email addresses 

2. Finding a pattern 

3. Exploring Social Media 

4. Explore their company’s website

5. Old-school Search Operators 

6. Subscribe to their mailing list

7. Search “” in DuckDuckGo

For a content marketing agency, email is a primary tool to reach people from various walks of life, build relationships or pitch quotations to potential clients. This can be done only when you are able to find the correct email addresses to contact these people. 

Finding someone’s email address can be quite a struggle. To fight through, let us understand how email addresses work. 


Work emails have a typical pattern at every organisation. There will be some similarities if you observe carefully. Mostly, business email addresses are created using various combinations of an employee’s first and last name, in front of the company’s domain.

This combination reflects a “pattern”. In an organization, usually all the email addresses follow the same pattern so that it is easy to remember and use. 

For example, at Purplerain Technologies, our email pattern is firstname@domainname(dot)com. 

By understanding a company’s email pattern, you can find the email address of anyone who works there. 

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How do you get the pattern? Or what is the best way to find an email address and approach the right person? 

This blog covers all the techniques and a step by step guide to know anyone’s email id. Let us dive in to know each technique in detail. 

METHOD 1Email lookup tools to find email addresses 

There is an abundance of email-finding tools available in the market. These tools save a lot of time too. 

Mentioned here are the best email lookup tools: 

1 . 

find email addresses is one of the most popular email search tools available and is very easy to use too. Create an account and decide if you are using the tool as a casual user; i.e is the free option that gives you 100 email searches per month or be a power user by paying for any of the plans; Starter, Growth, Pro or Enterprise. 

Put the domain name of the site that you are interested into search box and there will be a list of emails that has found for that website. 

Enter a specific name if you know of any in the “find someone” search bar to narrow down your search. 

If you have found the contact you are looking for, you can confirm that it is a verified email address by checking the green shield with a check mark inside. 

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Also, you can toggle the source option on the right side to see where the tool uncovered the email. can help you with many other functions apart from just finding someone’s email address. Other features include Domain search, Email finder, Email verifier and Mailtracker. 

To make your work that much easier, you can simply install the browser extension of so that the tool displays the publicly available email addresses for any website you search. This extension is free, though the number of emails displayed will depend on your email hunter plan.

2. Rocket Reach

find email addresses

Rocket Reach has an advanced feature that allows you to search for emails with the prospect’s name, company, and LinkedIn profile URL. 

Being able to find with LinkedIn URL option is an interesting feature as it also allows you to search with the person’s professional or personal LinkedIn profile too. 

You just have to install the RocketReach Chrome Extension; search for prospect’s LinkedIn or AngelList or Crunchbase profile. 

Once you reach the profile, click on the RocketReach icon on the top right corner and click on add to view the the available contact information including emails. 

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The free option only gives you five free lookups per month, but you can upgrade to the different paid options depending on your particular needs.

3. Clearbit Connect 

find email addresses

Clearbit designs smart solutions to help companies collect and enrich data to enhance their sales and marketing. They have a free chrome plugin that can help you find email addresses quickly. 

To find email addresses, download the Clearbit Connect Extension and add it to your web browser. Refresh your gmail page once the extension has been added. The Clearbit Connect Extension icon will appear in the upper right side of your browser. Setup your Connect account in Gmail with the free version for the time being. 

Go back to the “connect” icon on gmail as soon as you setup the software on Gmail. Click on it again and you will see dropdown with options. Click on “Find an email”. 

In the new search window, enter the name of the target company. 

You will see a list of employees in that company with their designations. Click on the name for which you want to see the email address and other associated details. 

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Clearbit also allows you to know the details of anyone who sends emails to you. This feature is useful when you receive unsolicited emails and you wish to know about the sender. 

This feature can be used easily with the Clearbit icon on the Gmail page. Just open the email and check on the right side of the screen where Clearbit Connect will give you sender’s personal information and associated details. 

4. VoilaNorbert 

find email addresses

Another simple and clear email search tool, VoilaNorbert is similar to It allows you to search for email addresses with the domain name. 

Domain Name

First and last name + company

By entering these details, Voila Norbert lets you search 50 email addresses per month free of cost. There are paid plans too that you can choose depending on your requirement. 

Voila Norbert differs from in a way that Voila Norbert allows you to search for email addresses with free email providers like Gmail too. 

With Voila Norbert, just enter the person’s name in the tool and it will give a number of possibilities. The only problem with this is that if you are searching for a Gmail address using the recipient’s name, the results you get may not correspond with the person you want to contact (many people have rather common names, so without the company modifier, it’s tricky to be sure if it’s really the correct email).

Email discovery services are a good option for finding emails but they might not be perfect because: 

1 . These tools might not be able to find email addresses sometimes. Even the best of the tools have given no results for every 10th search. 

2. Number of free searches are limited and the subscriptions can be heavy on the pocket. 

5 . Aeroleads

AeroLeads is a one-stop-destination solution to help you find any email address using various filters. By integrating it with any website, social media platform like LinkedIn, you can extract the contact details on the basis of company name, address, position in the company, company size etc. This tool will also verify the email address.

It is one of the best tools to make a comprehensive list of email addresses that will serve as a rich database. You can further segment the list to make your email marketing campaign more targeted. The database never gets old as 3,473,759 prospects are added every day.

You can instantly get the information from the vast list of companies and people. You can further track the sales data to target the right audience and follow the correct strategy of lead generation. Through the data accumulated, you can streamline the tasks distributed to the sales and marketing team. Thus,

AeroLeads extension will improve the productivity of your team. It’s one of the best digital marketing tools used by many corporates. With the inbuilt feature of bounce analysis, it can suggest you whether the email list needs to be cleaned or not!

Further, upload your CSV/xlsx file and get a clean list with 99% deliverability rate. With just one click and get a saturated bulk list within seconds.

With additional features such as detecting abuse accounts, fake domains, spam trapping, and disposable emails make AeroLeads one of the best CRM software. It also allows appending personal data and IP related information for better cleaning purposes. It uses SMTP verification system that comes along with email address syntax checker. 

METHOD 2Finding a pattern 

The email addresses that you see have a certain pattern and they follow a certain formula to maintain that pattern. 

You can guess a person’s email address if you know his first name, last name and the domain of his company. Majority of people have email addresses in the format 

Other most common formats are: 

First name + last

First name + the 1st letter of their last name

The 1st letter of their first name + last name


Most companies follow a common pattern when creating their email addresses. In fact, we’ve found that 90%+ of companies adhere to one of the following patterns:

Now that you know the patterns that are followed, this technique can be used in two ways: 

1 . If you can find only one email address for anyone at the company, you can guess the pattern used for other email addresses too. 

2. We can test a variety of patterns with an email validation tool to see if we get a hit. 

Manual checking or every pattern is time consuming and exhausting. That is why, a tool called “Email Permutator” can be used to check all combinations that you want to check manually. 

Fill in the appropriate fields like the first name and the last name + the and let it find all the combinations for you. The tool will give you a list of possible suggestions that you can try.

METHOD 3Exploring Social Media 

Use advanced search on twitter.  People often share their email addresses in some of their tweets. You will find an email written as name “at” company “dot” com.  This is done so that they can hide their email addresses from bots. To find an email id with twitter: 

Go to twitter advanced search and write the prospect’s Twitter handle in the “tweets from these accounts” box. 

Then search for words such as “at”, email, contact, or reach

A tool called SnapBird can also be used to dig deeper into a user’s twitter search history. This can be done with the same method as used in Twitter’s advanced search. 

Simpler than all of them; just inbox people for their email addresses! 

METHOD 4Explore their company’s website

Check their company website. This should be a primary step for finding anyone’s email address. A little research into their company’s website can land you at their business email id. 

You can do this by: 

Checking their “team page” or “about us” page on the website

Usually on these pages, you can find your prospect’s email address. For example, if you find the director’s email address on the contact us page, you can always ask for the person’s email address that you are interested in. You can send a simple message asking whoever handles that email inbox to connect you with [full name or designation of prospect].

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Corporate emails are often handled by company secretaries. There is a possibility that these people might ignore your mails or messages. But if your message is important, they might just pass the message to your prospect. Put the right email signature to tell them who you are so that there are brighter chances of your email reaching the right person. 

METHOD 5Old-school Search Operators 

These modern methods might fail at times and not give you the desired results. In such cases, you can switch back to old school techniques where you can use Google’s search operator to find your prospect’s contact info. You can Google the following search operators when trying to find some “hard to find” email addresses: 


NAME email

NAME contact


“FIRSTNAME LASTNAME” contact name email contact team about

You can of course think of other operators to narrow down your search even more by using some more operators but these will cover most of your search queries. 

METHOD 6Subscribe to their mailing list

Your prospects might have a blog or a website where you can reach out to them. You can subscribe to their mailing list or newsletters. Doing so will tell you which email address they use to send the newsletters from and then use it for your communication with your prospect. There will be generic emails like ; but these might be personal emails too. 

Even if they are not personal emails, just try replying to their newsletters with a mail that conveys you want to get in touch and see if you get a response. 

METHOD 7 Search “” in DuckDuckGo

This trick won’t work with Google as Google uses this symbol for social tags. This method will  work with other search engines. 

Run an exact match search for “” at DuckDuckGo, and it will reveal email addresses related to this domain (if they are publicly available). You can add the name of your prospect to the search.

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There will still be people who do not want to be reached out to in any way and you might need to approach them via social media or phone. These methods and tools will help you find almost all email addresses and approach your prospect. 

With this extensive guide, you will always have options to hop to another method if one doesn’t work. Just keep going and find the email address that you want to. Let us know if we are missing out on any more Ninja techniques to find anyone’s email address in the comments below. 

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