Create Highly Personalized Emails Automatically with our Personalization Engine

Personalization is the key to success of your email outreach

Personalization can help you generate higher response rates and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. OutreachPlus provides 3 levels of personalization

Standard and custom merge codes

Merge codes help you send personalized emails at scale, boosting your productivity and cutting down the time you spend on your outreach emails.

When you are running a campaign, you can make your emails more personal by including first name, company name, website, and more. With OutreachPlus, you can easily add a broad range of merge codes to your email templates to tailor each message to the recipient.

In addition to standard merge codes, you can also import custom information that is not stored in our prospect table but could be useful for your particular campaign type.

Conditional merge codes

Conditional merge codes allow you to follow the IF/ELSE logic to automatically adjust your emails based on the information available for each prospect. If a condition is met then display one result, if not then display another.

For example, if you were reaching out to a group of freelance consultants and for some of them you knew their exact job title and for others you didn’t, you could set up the conditional merge code:

If available, insert the job title, otherwise use the word ‘Consultant.’

This way, OutreachPlus displays the right information to the prospects who match the conditions.

Adjust individual emails

Even with all the advanced personalization features available, certain campaigns may require that you make additional adjustments to each email individually.

Instead of sending all emails at once, you can review every email and make any changes necessary before you hit send.

This gives you a chance to review your emails to make sure everything reads and looks good.

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