Manage all responses through the OutreachPlus Inbox

Fast and efficient processing of all responses

Manage all responses for your outreach campaigns in the OutreachPlus mailbox

Using our advanced reply detection technology, we’ll match over 95% of all email responses
to the appropriate campaigns.

Send from your Own Email Address

In OutreachPlus, all emails are sent from your own email address to ensure maximum deliverability and to make sure the recipients see your emails as personal.

You simply connect your email account(s) and start sending emails immediately. We integrate with a variety of email clients (Gmail, Outlook, and IMAP).

Once the responses come in, OutreachPlus syncs with your email client, making it easy for you to access all prospect conversations in the one place and respond from the email account(s) you previously connected.


Effectively manage your emails

Apply filters in your inbox to view and manage emails from specific campaigns or individual email accounts. Process them efficiently by responding to emails, updating the outreach status, or performing bulk actions as required.

We track every email and provide you with the full record of conversations between you and your prospects in the Prospect Record.

The inbox automatically tracks what you do, saving you a lot of time and helping improve your results in the future.

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