Identify Your Best Prospects for Future Campaigns

Know your prospects

Get a 360-degree prospect view through the prospect database

We store all the prospects you add to OutreachPlus in a database along with every interaction you have with them. This enables us to give you a full 360-degree view of any prospect for any campaign they have been a part of.

Prospect temperature

When you send your outreach campaigns, we track every email you send, every follow-up, and every response you get so we can automatically assign the appropriate status to every message.

We also provide an easy way for you to update the status for each prospect regarding the success of your outreach effort (e.g. if you achieve your goal as a result of outreach).

Based on this information, we generate a prospect temperature. If you use the same prospect in multiple campaigns, we’ll automatically generate the prospect temperature across all of the campaigns.

The goal is to help you easily identify the best prospects for every outreach campaign you run.

  • Hot – A prospect that you have achieved success with (e.g. made a sale, got a link to your content, got the influencer onto your podcast, etc.)
  • Very warm – A prospect is interested
  • Warm – A prospect is not interested now but may be interested in the feature
  • Neutral – No response from the prospect yet
  • Cold – Not interested
  • Frosty – Don’t want to be contacted again

List functionality

Quite often when you are doing an outreach campaign, you just want to pick out a list of contacts you have in your prospect database.

We make this very easy. All you need to do is choose the most relevant prospects and add them to a list.  You can then select this list in the campaign wizard as the source of prospects for outreach.

Split prospects into Website/Contacts

There will be cases where you need to reach out to a website and you don’t have an email address so you will have to use their contact form. You’ll also have contacts that may or may not have a website associated with them.

To support these scenarios, we have split the prospects into Website and Contacts.

If a contact has a website they will appear under the Website section with a list of associated prospects. And on the contact view, you’ll see the websites they are associated with.

Export your Prospects to CSV

You can perform filtered searches to find specific groups of prospects and export the data related to those prospects to a CSV file.

For example, you may want to export a list of ‘hot’ prospects so you can import them into your CRM tool.

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