Launch a Campaign in Minutes with our Campaign Wizard

Outreach done in minutes

Rapidly build and launch an email outreach campaign

We provide a 4-step campaign wizard which allows you to quickly create a campaign and send emails.

Step 1 – Define the campaign type

We offer a default set of categories you can choose from. These categories allow us to generate reports based on the campaign type.

We also give you access to high-performing templates created specifically for the type of campaign you choose.

Step 2 – Add your prospects

You can add prospects to your campaign one by one, import from a CSV or Excel file, or select through a list.

A list is a group of prospects you have picked from the prospects table. You can have many lists, and prospects can be part of multiple lists.

Step 3 – Create your emails and follow-ups

We track the performance of the templates you use (both the OutreachPlus system templates and your own personal ones) so you can see what the average open, response, and click rates are for each template.

This allows you to identify the best performing templates for future campaigns and also see which templates are not performing well so you can adjust them.

Step 4 – Send your emails

At this step, you can decide if you want to send your emails now, later, or adjust each individual email.

  • Send emails immediately – We’ll send your emails to the queue to be delivered as soon as possible. The emails may go out immediately, or they may be sent at a later stage depending on your settings. For example, if you have set up emails to go out Monday to Friday and you build a campaign on a Saturday, the emails will wait in the outbox until Monday.
  • Send emails later – If you don’t want your emails to go out immediately you can set a time when the sending will start.
  • Send emails one by one – Before you send your outreach emails you may want to review each one to make sure everything looks good. Or you may want to further personalize each individual email before sending.

Monitor Campaign Progress

After you send the emails you can view the campaign progress screen which shows the status of emails that are going out and responses coming in. You can also check the outbox for emails that are queued to go out and the inbox for responses.

You also have the option to pause campaigns or individual prospect sequences and adjust the emails and campaign settings if needed by going back through the wizard.

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