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Optimize the time you spend on outreach

Our automation features help you optimize the time you spend on outreach, enabling you to scale your campaigns to reach more prospects while keeping your emails personal.

Automated follow-ups

Sending automated follow-ups to prospects who don’t reply or open your email can dramatically increase your response rates.

With OutreachPlus, you can create personalized follow-up sequences with up to 10 emails for each campaign, and we’ll automatically send them to non-responsive prospects until you get a reply from them. 

You can schedule the follow up emails to be delivered after a certain number of days. Plus, you can manually pause any sequence for either the entire campaign or for a particular prospect within the campaign.

Automated reply detection

Our automated reply detection functionality detects a reply to your outreach email even if it’s sent from a different email address.

When OutreachPlus detects an email response, it matches it automatically to the right prospect and the right campaign. Further follow-ups for this prospect are automatically stopped, giving you a piece of mind that you will never send a follow-up email to a prospect who already replied.

Use filters to only view unread responses from specific campaigns so you can quickly process and progress your outreach campaign.

Prospect temperature

When you start receiving responses from your prospects, you can set a status for each prospect related to the success or failure of your outreach.

OutreachPlus also automatically adds a status to all emails, such as Sent or Response received.

Based on a combination of the prospect and email status, our algorithm determines the temperature of the prospect so you can easily identify your best prospects for current and future campaigns.

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