Make Data-Driven Decisions to Improve Conversions

The data you collect is just as important as the outreach itself

Analyze and optimize the results of your email outreach

OutreachPlus provides advanced analytics to identify what is working and not working so you can get better results with your outreach for future campaigns.

Campaign Progress

We provide a campaign progress screen where you can see an overview of the campaign status, including how many emails are sent, opened, replied, in queue, etc.

You can also drill down and see the results for every individual prospect. You can even filter the emails to view the status of the original emails, follow ups, and more.

If needed, you can easily pause the campaign or a specific prospect within the campaign.



Dashboard reporting gives you a high level overview of the results of all your campaigns.

Here you can see which campaigns are performing well and which require further optimization.


We track the performance of the templates you use (both the OutreachPlus system templates and your own personal ones) so you can see what the average open, response, and click rates are for each template.

This allows you to identify the best performing templates for future campaigns and also see which templates are not performing well so you can adjust them.

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