The Evolution Of Email Marketing – How Businesses Benefit From It

evolution of email marketing

The history of email marketing began back in 1971 when Ray Tomlison sent the first email to himself. Since then, email marketing has been gaining momentum, changing, improving, and becoming an integral part of any promotional campaign.

Back in the 2000s, many experts were predicting the fall and complete disappearance of email. But email marketing hasn’t yielded its positions to such powerful enemies as social media marketing. Just the opposite, it has become stronger.

New email marketing methods

Just think about it. According to Statista, over 3.8 billion users took advantage of email in 2018. By 2023, the number is expected to reach 4.4 million. Meanwhile, the number of social media users was 2.65 billion in 2018. So email marketing is far from being dead. It’s very much alive and keeps going strong.

New email marketing methods are appearing on a monthly basis. Businesses all over the world are taking advantage of new approaches and bringing them to new levels.

1. Finding Your Clients: Top-Notch Audience Targeting

How effective are TV, newspaper, and even PPC advertising? You use them to target large audiences, which may or may not contain the people who actually want to become your clients.

With email marketing, you get an amazing chance to target your potential clients without wasting money on people who will never be interested in your product.

Of course, such an opportunity doesn’t come easy. You have to build your email list to ensure your messages reach the right recipients. This takes much more effort than simply promoting your products to a wide audience. However, the ROI of such an effort is impressive.

An expert at Byteplant shared that in order to keep the ROI of email marketing high, it’s vital to maintain the email list hygiene. Otherwise, you may end up with bounced emails or get your IP blacklisted.

The more time you spend on building your email list, the better conversions you can achieve with email marketing.

One of the greatest achievements in marketing revolution is automation. With the assistance of AI and machine learning, marketing has achieved new heights.

2. Machines Do the Work: Marketing Automation

Any business owner of today has to deal with overwhelming loads of work in order to promote its business. Marketing takes up a formidable amount of time and effort while costing substantial amounts of money.

The ability to reduce the time, effort, and money without losing the effect are priceless. That’s what email marketing automation does. Of course, manual email marketing still prevails, but some automation is an integral part of any modern campaign.

The key to a high ROI of marketing automation is using as many automation tools as possible. For example:

1 . Automatic email responses – help build a stronger relationship with your existing clients and attract new clients by responding to their behaviour.  

2. Email list segmentation – you can use automation tools to segment your email list according to needs and preferences and send different emails to different segments.

3. Choosing the right time – timing your emails to reach your target audience at the right time is highly important to achieving proper conversions.

4. Conversion funnel following – as the customer moves through the conversion funnel, the email automation tools adjust the contact list to send the right emails.

5. Converting old customersemail automation tools don’t let you forget about existing clients, who haven’t been doing business with you in a while by keeping the relationship alive.

3. Working In Pairs: Email Marketing + Social Media

Even though the introduction may have had you thinking that email marketing and social media are enemies, they aren’t. As these marketing methods evolved, business owners, realized how much better email marketing and social media marketing work as a tandem.

In fact, 73% of marketing specialists say that email marketing is their most important channel with the highest ROI. However, digital marketing experts at Miromind point out that by combining it with social media marketing, you can get even better results.

Social media marketing aids in better storytelling and brand awareness, helping people get on their way through the conversion funnel. Meanwhile, email marketing collects information and makes a targeted attack on potential clients.

It’s important to understand that top-notch marketing is not just about selling something, it’s about solving your client’s problem. Social media marketing helps build a relationship with the customer to show you which problems need to be solved. Meanwhile, email marketing methods can offer clear solutions.

The information received from the social media marketing effort can help you create personalized content for emails.

4. Word-of-the-Mouth: Clicking One Button  

The power of word-of-the mouth marketing is hard to underestimate. Did you know that 92% of people trust the word of their friends and families more than they do with any type of advertising?

Email marketing helps promote your brand by putting your words into the mouths of your clients’ friends and family. All they have to do is forward the email or share the content on social media.

Just one simple click of a button shares your email content across numerous channels, increasing brand awareness and making better conversions.

Emails are often easier to share than social media posts. They don’t require signing in, searching for the right recipients, filtering out content. One simple click of the “forward” button is all it takes.

5. Impressive Reliability: Total Control

From the very beginning of email marketing, the business owner had total control over the email list. The email addresses you put on your list are yours to work with and keep. As the email marketing evolved, new methods of keeping the email list safe have appeared. Unless your system is hacked, no one can get access to the contacts.

When it comes to social media marketing, your data is vulnerable. Profiles get blocked and stolen on a regular basis. Suspended Facebook pages, stolen Instagram accounts, blocked Twitter pages are so common, people spend formidable amounts of time and money to keep them safe.

Business owners can be sure that their email marketing strategies work no matter what happens without worrying about depending on the platforms for safety.

6. Knowing the Results: Analytics Are Everything

Marketing campaigns rarely show results immediately. It used to take weeks and often months to understand if the campaign is working or if it needs tweaking. During that period, a company could spend hundreds of dollars in vain.

Thankfully, today with the help of analytics software. Email marketing campaigns are the easiest to evaluate using such metrics as delivery, open, click-to-deliver, subscribe retention, and other rates.

These metrics don’t just help you understand how well your campaign is working but give marketers insights into consumer behaviour. Analytical tools didn’t just simplify the work of the marketing team, they helped improve the overall campaign function and results.

7. Catering to the Royalty: Content is King

Email marketing is not just a way to send out new offers for conversions, it’s an excellent method to share useful information. Any marketing campaign relies on high-quality content. Emails help you show your expertise in a certain subject. If you manage to create truly useful content, your emails will be shared at the speed of light.

When you add blogs and videos to your emails, you increase their value. It doesn’t just improve your reputation as an expert for your clients but helps you make the right connections with other companies in the industry.

You are creating content to attract customers to your website or any social media channel. Why not consider creating special e-mail only content, which can convince more people to subscribe to your email list?

Email marketing helps you get the most out of your content. Meanwhile, it allows you to keep it exclusive by limiting access to a certain audience.

8. Saving Money: Cost Efficiency

The best part about email marketing is its cost-efficiency. As the marketing methods evolve, email marketing keeps its top spot on the cheapest promotional method list.

Small businesses often experience problems with finding a budget for expensive marketing methods. That’s why many business owners turn to emails. After all, sending an email is practically free. Why not take full advantage of it?

The time and money it takes to build social media, TV or mail campaigns are incomparable to the same effort needed for email marketing. Email marketing is highly cost-efficient and doesn’t require you to hire a big marketing team.

The majority of startups can build email marketing campaigns from scratch without making any investments along the way. Numerous free tools are available online.

9. Engaging the Client: Interactive Content

It’s becoming harder and harder to get a potential client interested in your products. Plain text doesn’t cut it anymore. Thankfully, interactive content stuffed into emails is making the marketers’ efforts much easier.

It’s easy to insert quizzes, GIFs, videos, and other clickable goodies into the email. The client can have fun without actually leaving the email and waiting for web pages to load.

Business owners are taking full advantage of this new ability to grab the clients’ attention before they click the “x” button. The more engaged they are, likely they are to purchase your products.

10. Personalize emails to grasp better client attention

Apart from the pointers mentioned above, another way your business can benefit from email marketing is by conducting email personalizations.

It is 2019 and the market today is well aware of what’s happening in their industry. When you send them emails proposing about your product or service, it leads your client’s to take two actions, either click open or ignore it.

The reason why so many times emails get ignored is because they follow a standardized pattern from the past. For instance, in the emails you sent, do you feel connected when you read it aloud?

If not, have you figured what is the reason?

The reason lies in the way you draft emails. The more personalized your email is the better chances you stand for your clients to view the emails you send them.

For instance, if you share an email in a standard format such as ‘Dear Sir/ Madam’, your clients would consider this as a usual cold email and ignore it. But if you send a personalized email such as addressing your client by the name, or adding more empathy, for instance,  “I understand your concern”, “This could benefit you best”, chances are your client will be drawn towards learning more about what you have to offer.

Conducting personalized emails isn’t a hassle task. There are many softwares available in the market that makes this work easier for you. For instance, you could try OutreachPlus

OutreachPlus offers you not only personalized email options but also ensures that you get the replies that you were expecting. In addition to this, the tool also helps to build better relationships with this tactic so that it can benefit your business highly.

Final Thoughts

As email marketing is evolving at the speed of light, business owners are taking full advantage of all it has to offer. From quick access to the target audience to easy ways to engage it, email marketing is the top choice of numerous executives.

The low cost and high ROI make this marketing method and integral part of any promotional campaign. Startups often use it as their only channel, while enterprises take advantage of the full set of email marketing tools to increase the efficiency of their campaigns.

Guest Blog Author : Maria Victoria MacAraig, Micromind
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