How To Eliminate Link Building Mistakes And What To Do Rather?

As a brand, how do you exhibit your brand’s exposure?

Apart from the usual posting of ads via multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and more, what are the other ways you use to exhibit your brand?

The techniques you use are great but is it enough? 

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1 . What do you mean by ‘Link Building’?

2. How to eliminate Link building mistakes and what to do rather?

You are aware that the main way for your brand to be looked up first on search engines or to be seen first amongst the tough competition requires your page traffic to be high. Yes, the usual techniques of sales which you implement will help you, but there is another way too which can increase your traffic in a healthier way. 

‘Link building’ is your solution.

Link building might seem like your least interesting technique to apply, but its impact can affect your traffic much more. ‘’Links rank in the top three most important Google ranking factors, along with content and RankBrain.’’ 

But despite understanding its impact, there are quite a few brands out there whose way of conducting such a process goes downhill. If you are one of them or are interested to conduct link building without any errors, this article will be your guide. 

Let’s get started.

What do you mean by ‘Link Building’?

Link building refers to the process of applying links to other peers’ content so that both of you receive the benefit of growing your brand better.

For instance, say that you have published content on the topic of marketing. In that content, you have mentioned a few of your peers on the list. What happens is that you have given them a link. So the scenario here is you are helping your other peers grow by mentioning them in your article.

Also, when a prospect tries to search for your content and reads it they will be compelled to visit your peer’s page as well. Hence while the traffic is coming your way, your peers get benefited. That is the power of link building.

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Now imagine this scenario reversed and in place of you it’s your peers and in place of your peers, it’s you. Now think about how great your brand would be growing with traffic coming from your peer’s content. Your brand would get the exposure of a wider audience and that is exactly what you wanted in the first place isn’t it?

The main motive of healthy brand growth is to partner with peers in your industry because there is no loss taking place, both the parties will receive good exposure and traffic required and the bonds will be even better to form.

Imagine with great collaboration, how well you would be serving your prospects? You will be creating a good impression of how your brand is able to go out of the way to help prospects find what they are looking for.

Link building is great and when it comes to conducting SEO activities it gets even better. However, despite such an advantage, yet there are multiple brands that fall under the wrong way of conducting such a process.

Avoid them and start performing better with such an efficient process in hand.

How can you do so?

The answer lies in the next category.

How to eliminate Link building mistakes and what to do rather?

1. Spending your revenue on buying links

Did you know that if the search engine finds your content to be even a tiny bit suspicious, chances are they can eliminate or report your actions? Not even search engines, for instance, if you find a content to be false or not original, you can raise a complaint to eliminate that.

What the problem of link building is that no one takes it the right way. Users believe that buying links will help them enhance their content better. They will be able to perform better than their peers and the traffic generated will be higher. While this technique will work for days to come, in the long run, it is bad which is why this method needs to be eliminated. 

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Invest in good researches about links and add them to your content. When you conduct good research, you get access to multiple types of links which can help to enhance your content better. When you conduct such action, you are making your content more real, more genuine and definitely more natural. 

This helps search engines to identify you quickly and helps your brand to get the right exposure needed. 

2. Removing all toxic links

Not all the links you apply in your content will be genuine. Some of them would be fake or can cause harm to your content. For instance, you could be linking a hacker’s website and helping the website to grow when in turn, it would be stealing your traffic in a brilliant way. 

Refrain this from taking place by understanding what links you have collected. Identify whether they are from genuine websites and if not it is time you eliminate them. The factor here is not to collect as many links as you need, the main agenda here is for you to grasp only those links which can enhance your content better. 

3. Retaining only one kind of link building technique

Link building isn’t much. Either you conduct guest blogging or comment on other posts or either mention a few of your peers on your regular blogs. Now if you continue to do this practice regularly, then you won’t get much benefit out of it. 

For instance, if you are going to comment on one person’s post each day or write for one person only, your link building won’t grow that well. In fact, it will be slower. To avoid this from happening ensure that you keep increasing your activities.

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Write for well-known websites, increase your comments on well-established posts so that the recognition you receive will be higher. 

4. Not matching the links with the content written

You cannot write a content about marketing and post links about technology. When you are writing content you need to ensure that it is relevant to the topic, while you enforce on that, you also need to ensure that the links you’ve placed are relevant to what the content is speaking about.

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Many users are under the impression that the more links you add the better the blog will be even if it’s not related to the context. This is wrong and should be avoided at all times. Write your content the way you do and place only those links which you believe add up to that content well.

5. Receiving links from pages whose social performance is low

As mentioned earlier, the amount of links you have in hand doesn’t matter, what matters is whether those links can add value to your brand. For instance, you can have 10 links with you, but how many are valuable?

Even if 3 out of the 10 links you have is valuable, use it because that is what will drive the traffic and ensure that your content is more natural. Despite understanding this, many brands commit the mistake of taking links from such sources where social performance is low. 

What happens is that if you are going to place it in your content, it’s not going to add any value. You rather not take it in the first place right? This is exactly why it is important that when acquiring links from other sources, you have a keen eye on the good ones only.

6. Building links which are not relevant

Another mistake many multiple brands commit is that they build links that are not relevant to what they are doing. For instance, if your guest blogging for another brand and the topic is different from what your business does, adding your brand links will not help.

You would be thinking that it would be alright to do the same but what you need to understand is it will not help you get the traffic you were expecting. Building links is great but building it when the context itself is not matching is wrong.

7. In a hurry to build links

Traffic will not be generated in a blink of an eye. It’s going to take time and you need to be patient. Many brands think that adding 30 links in one article will make the process easier, but the fact is there are chances of you getting ignored/blocked/rejected.

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Add links but add it in moderation. For instance, you can add at least 2 links whose source is well recognized and good. This will boost your content better.

8. Investing in PBN links

PBN (Public Blog Networks) are directories that have a list of categories and links in it. If you think by adding these links your content is going to skyrocket, you might want to think again. Such directories should be avoided because it can be dangerous and can cause harm.

This will only add worse to your content or link building activities. Refrain this from happening by ensuring that you stay away from adding such links via similar directories. 

9. Partnering with peers who will not share your link

The whole agenda of your link building activities is to ensure that you are working well with your peers to grow in a healthier way. If you are going to write for a brand and they refrain from adding your brand links, it will not help your brand to grow. 

Instead, it is ideal to work with brands that will let you write for them and also include your links. That is exactly the type of partnering your brand needs to indulge in.

10. Adding excessive links

As mentioned earlier, you adding several links will not work out. If you are under the assumption that you are going to add multiple links for each of your content or post multiple links on your comments, it is not going to work out.

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It will look like spam and get rejected. Avoid this from happening by applying a limited amount of links that are strong with its presence. 

The Bottom Line…

Avoid the mentioned link building mistakes and work on how you eliminate them with the solutions explained above. 

If you see clearly, there are multiple ways for your brand to be exposed in a healthier way amongst the touch competition as well as your audience. You can use link building in any of your daily activities such as while conducting SEO, sending cold emails and more. 

For instance, to enhance your link building when sending cold emails, you can also work on creating personalized content for those emails since this is a frequent technique that is implemented by multiple brands to connect with an audience. Invest in an email marketing software so that while the content is being personalized, link building too can be enhanced similarly. 

So, which link building technique are you going to eliminate first? Have you committed any of the above link building mistakes stated? We would like to hear your opinion on the same.

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