Yieldify Benefits Explainer Cold Email

Subject 1: Who/When/How?

Subject 2: Yieldify + [Company]

Subject 3: Tailored dashboard for [Company]

Subject 4: Traffic & Stats in one place

Hi [Contact First Name],

Reaching out as it seems you oversee digital strategy for [Company].

I want to introduce Yieldify’s platform as a revenue optimization solution that allows our customers to serve tailored experiences to:

* Whoever (any traffic source, product interest, site abandoners)

* Whenever (when leaving the site, when lost onsite)

* However (exit intent light boxes, corner highlights, dynamic content)

All of this in an easy to use interface.

Can we grab time Thursday afternoon to see if Yieldify aligns with your goals for this year?




Inside Sales Executive

Phone: 123-1234-1234

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