When you’re unsure whether you’re emailing the right person

Hi [name],

I’m [your name] and I lead the business development efforts at [your company]. We have recently launched a new solution that [one sentence pitch – what your solution does].

Based on your online profile [mention profile link], it appears that you might be the right person, or at least point me to the right person to talk about [problem solved by your product]

I’d like to speak to someone from [company name] who is responsible for [key decision required to buy or use your product].

If it’s you, would you be open to a 10-minute call on [time and date] to discuss how [solution name] can help your business? If it’s not you, can you kindly point me to the appropriate person?

Thank you for the help!

Template from: Sreeram Sreenivasan at Ubiq

I’m guessing that, like me, you receive tons of emails that ask you to point the sender in the right direction. I’ll also bet that you almost never respond.

That’s because these sorts of emails rarely give you a reason to help the sender out. The example above bucks this trend. It demonstrates that you’ve at least done a bit of research into who you’re contacting, and have matched your product to their business model – you’re just not 100% sure whether the person you’re reaching out to is the best person to deal with.

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