When you know someone’s been on your website

Hi [ Name],

You recently visited [website] and [took this action].

If you’re interested in [content topic] then I can recommend the following additional resources:

  • [relevant resource 1]
  • [relevant resource 2]

Our company also offers [product/service] which could help you [achieve this specific result or statistic].

Are you free for a call tomorrow at [give 2 possible times] to discuss this further?

Template from: Contact Monkey

This one isn’t targeted towards an entirely cold lead, since the prospect’s completed an action on your site resulting in you capturing their email address. However, since there isn’t any indication that they’re actually interested in talking to or buying from you, it’s close enough to a cold lead.

It’s also something you should be leveraging when the opportunity arises. Don’t add prospects who arrive through your website to a mass email list – send them a personalized email that acknowledges the actions they’ve taken on your site, as in the template above.

Not sure about that template? Here’s a similar alternative from the same source:

Hi [Name],

Thanks for [taking this action] on [website]. Are you looking for a cost-effective way to [achieve this result relevant to content topic]?

I have done some research on [lead company name] and I can offer some advice regarding [area 1] and [area 2].

Do you have time for a call tomorrow at [give 2 possible times] to discuss a solution for your company?

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