Business development reps use company “trigger” events, such as personnel moves or funding events, as an opportunity to reach out to previous users.

Referencing a specific, relevant event – along with a personal touch – is key. Bonus points if you can relate to the event yourself, creating an even more personal connection right out of the gate.

Here’s what our SDR did:

  1. Subscribed to a Scoops Alert in DiscoverOrg for director-level job changes in his target industry, to track companies where previous users ended up. One decision-maker at his target account, Matt, had recently changed jobs.
  2. Cross-checked Salesforce to see that Matt was involved with the purchasing decisions at his previous companies.
  3. He also checked the prospect’s Twitter feed and saw that he loved fly fishing.

That’s all he needed to know to reach out.

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how to write effective cold emails b2b sales

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