To keep it personal and relevant, our Sales Development Rep looks on social media for interests, like sports or traveling, to find a flash-point that the prospect will recognize, causing them to open the email.

This also serves as a point of connection – sometimes even the start of a relationship.

In this next example, Diego, an SDR, was a previous user of DiscoverOrg. Josh reached out to him on the phone several times to try and win him back, but was curtly rebuffed over and over again.

He couldn’t understand why the prospect didn’t see the value in our product!

A look at Diego’s Twitter feed showed that he followed only a handful of people – all Golden State Warriors players. Our rep reached out one last time, thinking of the last email exchange he’d had with Diego, where he said their current data provider was “good enough.”

The email subject line was: “Steph Curry was a free agent,” and the MBA analogy cinched the deal:

Signing off with WYSIM, “With Your Success In Mind,” a bit of wry humor, our sales rep bet that the sports-loving prospect might appreciate it.

It also showed that he was was paying attention and done his homework on the prospect.

Diego recognized that, and replied:

Diego was so impressed, he went on to use Josh’s email in training sessions (and offered him a job)! Our rep was able to schedule a demo that resulted in an ongoing opportunity, and we’re working to replace Diego’s current data provider.

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