Take the example of selling into IT Staffing and Recruiting companies: Sometimes the open positions are filled within the IT department, and sometimes they are ran through the HR department. This can be cumbersome for anyone in the business development role, and the ability to go after both sides of the house is one of DiscoverOrg’s competitive advantages.

That’s the value proposition Josh needed to convey in his email.

But he also needed a hook.

In the case of this example, he noticed on LinkedIn and Twitter that his prospect went to Texas … and our SDR just happened to have attended the Texas vs. Duke game in Portland the a few days before.

That connection was just the “Trigger” he needed to provide a great reason to reach out!

It worked! They completed the meeting, Josh opened the opportunity, and we’re in the final stages of a relatively large deal.

Opportunity data helps inform the timing for sales outreach.

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