In this example, our SDR’s five minutes of research revealed that Josiah, the prospect, was an enthusiastic fan of Northwestern University.

Our rep used that to hook Josiah, and then closed by including screenshots of a feature of our product that would impact the prospect directly. Again, this showed that he understood the prospect’s industry – and therefore his needs.

Good BASHO emails are personalized and relevant. Great baso emails are also generous:

cold sales email outreach

Our SDR was trying to show his prospect that he wasn’t just a number for a quota.

He went to some trouble (in less than five minutes, of course) to research both the prospect – and the prospect’s prospects, to prove it.

Although Josiah wasn’t the right decision maker in this case, he was persuaded enough to refer our rep directly to the person who was.

As the marketing manager for a huge company, that connection has the potential to influence a large deal!

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