In the next example, Rich was a contact at one of Josh’s top accounts, and he noticed that Rich had recently tweeted about wanting the Falcons (his favorite NFL team) to trade Matt Ryan, after a few poor performances in the middle part of the season.

A quick look at his Linkedin profile showed that Rich played a large part in a recent merger and acquisition – a company event that often marks a purchase opportunity.

As it happened, DiscoverOrg also went through an acquisition over the summer – a great mutual connection opportunity.

Go time.

Rich’s reply came that same day.

well done great work on the basho email

In this case, we did not win the deal. Rich was the Senior VP of Business Development for channel partners – not the new business team.

However, this exchange opened other doors within the company as he shared Josh’s email with several other colleagues, and created the awareness needed to made DiscoverOrg a household name.

That’s OK – you can’t win them all. But everything creates awareness, which helps the next deal.

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