Mention a competitor’s product

Hi [Name],

Just ran across your website and noticed you were using [Your competitor’s product]. How are you liking it? I run a [service] called [your company].

It’s just like [your competitor’s product], only [key differentiator]. If you’re up for it, I would love to jump on a quick call with you and get your opinion on how we could make [prospect’s company] better (and see if it would make sense for us to work together).

Would [date and time] be a good time for you? (If not, I’m flexible, just let me know)

Template from: Bryan Harris of VideoFruit

This approach targets prospects who are using a product similar to your own, which means you can safely assume they may be interested in using your product instead. All you need to do is highlight your product’s USP to show why it’s a better choice for the prospect than the product they’re currently using.

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