Josh keeps it going:

how to write basho emails

Sometimes half the battle is keeping the conversation going:

how to b2b cold email outreach examples

… and going. Heather’s reply was not quite what our rep was hoping to hear … but any reply is promising:

any reply is promising

Heather didn’t reply, so the next day, he tried again.

cold email outreach b2b sales

Still no response from Heather. That’s OK. Sometimes you have to be persistent.

cold email examples

After 3 attempts to engage Heather, our sales rep turned his attention back to Matt.

Our SDR had recently read a quote from the company’s CEO about expanding their global footprint, so he knew mentioning it would get the prospect’s attention.

cold email outreach

At last!

Matt CC’d our SDR Josh on a one-word email forwarded to his colleague, Natasha … and thatwas all our SDR needed:

basho email examples

He did a few minutes’ research and learned that Natasha had worked with DiscoverOrg at her last job and was familiar with our value prop. Even better, she knew one of our Customer Success Managers.

more basho email examples

From here, we were able to get in front of the right people again and opened a legitimate opportunity.

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