Agile CRM Intro Email To Possible Clients

Subject 1: Be Honest… Are you really using your CRM?

Subject 2: CRM 

Subject 3: Switch to us…it’s worth it

Subject 4: If your CRM stinks…

Hi [Contact First Name],

Lack of automation leads to delayed responses and broken sales processes. This causes businesses to miss out on potential leads. We’ve built Agile CRM with love for small businesses so that they can run in a hassle-free way with automated workflows.

It has a lot to offer – Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Service Automation, Telephony, Landing Pages, Web Rules, Third Party Integrations, Contact Level Analytics and much more.

Click here for a quick slide show about the features and benefits of Agile CRM.

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Director of Sales

Agile CRM

O. 415-123-4567

C. 415-123-4567

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