A few other experiments you can run to grow your email list

Hey {name}, 

Been a huge fan of your site since it first went up. Noticed you’ve been running several experiments to grow your email lists. 

Here are a few lesser used strategies that drives explosive growth: 

– Members only bonus area: You offer a lot of juicy bonuses to entice new signups. There doesn’t seem to be a way for existing members to also receive them right now. Think creating a members-only bonus area where existing subscribers can go to download your latest goodies would go long ways to build their long-term loyalty. – Behavior settings on your optin box: Noticed your optin-box still pops up for people who already subscribed. You can use a much longer lasting cookie to stop it from annoying your existing subscribers. 

I’ve been coding for the last several years with a focus on building viral growth engines. I recently coded all the backend for RoyalSee’s pre-launch campaign: [link]. They got 10K signups in 2 weeks. 

Happy to lend a hand with future projects – let me know what you think.

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