I noticed on your website that xyz is a customer. Congrats on getting traction with such an established brand, which is undeniably no small feat for an early stage startup.I know from speaking with other founders that many, if not all, find it challenging to developing a repeatable selling process in a way that feels natural, comfortable and authentic without sounding “salesy”. The impact – inaction. Lack of a predictable pipeline and sales.In the past year we’ve worked with companies like abc and def to help them close more deals in less time without selling their soul and was thinking we might be able to help xyz in this area as well. 

I’m not sure if this is a fit for you folks, but if you’d like to learn more would you be open to carving out some time to explore? 

Alternate ending: If you’d like I can send you a 2 minute demo so you can evaluate.

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