The Best Of Chili Piper Alternatives In 2020

There are thousands of products available in the market serving you with the best of the best features. You might think Chili Piper might be good for your business, but we have a list of Chili Piper Alternatives that are equally good, if not better!

You might be looking for a lead generation application that can help capture your leads better and when you see closely there are already 10 similar products with very minute differences from each awaiting your investment.

What if you had an easy way to decide which products are better and how it can suit your requirements?

This is why in today’s article, we are helping you find a better alternative when it comes to scheduling meetings with your clients. 

Already the popular brand, Chili Piper offers a great number of features to compliment the scheduling process it conducts for the leads, but does its existence add the value required?

We are going to answer this in the article today:

Table of Contents:

1 . Drawbacks of Chili Piper

2. Top 10 alternatives of Chili Piper (features, pros, cons, ratings and why you should choose them over Chili Piper)

Let’s get started.

Why choose another alternative for Chili Piper?

Before we can head to the alternative list, it is important that you first understand what Chili Piper is all about and why you are looking at its alternatives in this article.

Chili Piper is an automated scheduling application for inbound lead conversion. It aims to help its clients turn inbound leads into qualified meetings quicker. The process is simple, what it does is it makes a lead fill out a form with their details, they then take this data along with the data provided by Salesforce to qualify and route the lead. They then connect the prospect in real-time and set up appointments to converse with them better.

The best features of Chili Piper are:

  • Schedule meetings upon form submission
  • Conducts real-time calls and video chats
  • Measures and optimizes inbound funnels
  • Conducts automatic lead qualification and routing
  • Book meetings via any applications and even via email
  • Provides calendar integrations

While the best features list looks long, there are still a few clients who want to invest in a similar solution like Chili Piper.

The reason?

1. Limited to Salesforce 

Many users who have experienced this application have felt that if you try to go beyond the Salesforce CRM, it can be difficult to operate on Chili Piper. Chili Piper uses Salesforce data to route the leads. There are other applications that could be used by just limiting to Salesforce might not appeal to multiple users.

2. Poor customer support

Customer support is important but what Chili Piper offers in terms of reaching out to them isn’t great. If you want to contact them, you need to fill in a form, and if you engage with them via chat, you need to wait for someone on the other end to be available. Hence the communication isn’t instant, you will have to wait your turn. This can be frustrating in times of immediate assistance to resolve an issue.

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3. Can’t sync meetings with more than one calendar

There is just one calendar if you want to sync your meetings. Not all sales reps can use one calendar, there would be multiple calendars used according to convenience and just syncing appointments to one is a huge limitation here. 

4. No customization available for time slots

A few of the reviews stated online mentioned that if they could customize their time slots, they would like the application better. There is no option to schedule only certain necessary things which is another drawback that can weaken this application.

Now, that you have a better understanding of Chili Piper, it’s time for you to understand how the other similar brands can resolve the cons of Chili Piper with their solution.

Let’s view the lists.

Top 5 Chili Piper Alternatives

1. LimeCall

Limecall is an efficient callback software that is quick to generate more sales qualified leads by connecting your website visitors to sales representatives instantly. Limecall is simple and easy and understands how important leads are to a business which is why every feature listed contributes to capturing leads better. 

Best features of Limecall:

  • Provides an inbuilt CRM so that all your data and contacts are secured in one place
  • Provides click to call feature where with just one click and no number required you can get connected
  • Gives you the opportunity to make calls from any device such as your smartphone, the app and more

Why choose Limecall over Chili Piper?

  • Provides much more features than what Chili Piper offers such as security features like IP blocking and more, providing tags, providing personalized URL links for meetings and more
  • Chili Piper is more expensive, it starts with $375/month whereas for Limecall you can get started with $149/month


  • Uses live calls to convert more prospects into leads as when you cater to your prospects quicker, there are more chances of you receiving a higher conversion rate opportunity
  • Provides detailed reporting of every lead action so that you are always coming one step closer to the conversion of leads in a quick manner


Free trial, Pro- $149/month, Advanced- $399/month, Enterprise- Custom

Capterra Ratings:


2. Calendly

Chilli Piper Alternatives

Calendly lets you schedule meetings with the need for back and forth email activities. It is super easy to get started on this application, all you need to do is, set up this application and place your availability schedule, you then share that link via email or place it on your website. When a prospect chooses their convenient time it will reflect in your calendar too.

Best features of Calendly:

1. Works with your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar

2. Set buffer times between meetings

3. Helps to avoid any last-minute meetings 

4. Provides time zone detection for better understanding of when the meeting will be conducted for you and your prospect

Why choose Calendly over Chili Piper?:

1 . Prospects would like to learn more about the product with the help of a free trial which Chili Piper doesn’t provide. 

2. When it comes to pricing, Chili Piper costs a lot more than what Calendly offers


1. Provides better product assistance with its automated scheduling feature

2. Lets you take over the scheduling process as per your thoughts


Basic plan- free, Premium- $10/month, Pro- $15/month

Capterra ratings:


3. Acuity Scheduling 

Chilli Piper Alternatives

Acuity Scheduling acts as your online assistant where it ensures that your schedules are being filled continuously round the clock. It eliminates the need of having to continuously wait till your clients pay the invoice or do repetitive rescheduling as well, all it does is book appointments and use the right tools to stay organized throughout.

Best features of Acuity Scheduling:

1 . Users can self book their appointments by just seeing your availability schedule

2. Automatic reminders for meeting status

3. Allows you to showcase the calendar contents to your user in the way you want them to see

Why choose Acuity Scheduling over Chili Piper?

1. Chili Piper doesn’t provide resource scheduling or payment processing features which Acuity Scheduling provides

2. Chili Piper’s application doesn’t support ioS and Android on smartphones but Acuity Scheduling offers this feature.


1. Conducts customized confirmations, follow-ups and more

2. Automatically updates the calendar you use for new appointments engagement activities


Freebie plan, Emerging- $15/month, Growing- $25/month, Powerhouse- $50/month

Trustradius Ratings:


4. SuperSaaS

Chilli Piper Alternatives

Supersaas lets you schedule appointments no matter any situation you are in. It conducts multiple scheduling processes such as one on one appointment scheduling, group scheduling, resource scheduling, and more.

Best features of SuperSaaS:

1. Provides desktop and mobile interface

2. Lets users use the application in any language they understand best

3. Conducts more work and reduces repetitive tasks with its automated feature

Why choose SuperSaaS over Chili Piper?

1 . Chili Piper doesn’t provide its services to individual or freelancers whereas Supersaas has this option

2. Chili Piper doesn’t provide any free plan or freemium plan but Supersaas does and that is what gives it an opportunity to win over their prospects better


1 .Customises schedule in order to fit the requirements of the brand

2. Integrates well with popular tools


Free plan, Package A- $8/month, Package B- $16/month, Package C- $26/month, Package D- $36/month Package E- $46

Capterra Ratings:


5. is an online booking system that suits almost all service-based brands. All you need to do is define your service, display their availability and then your clients can make bookings round the clock.

Best features of

1. Conducts online video meetings

2. Provides scheduled shopping solution

3. Provides high security for all activities being conducted

Why choose over Chili Piper?

1 provides 24/7 live rep service which Chili Piper doesn’t

2. also supports freelancers to use its service which again Chili Piper doesn’t do


1. Provides a 2 way Google calendar sync

2. Captures only relevant information from clients


Free plan, Basic- $9.9/month, Standard- $29.9/month, Premium- $59.9/month

Capterra Ratings:


6. 10to8


10to8 is another appointment scheduling software. It is a simple, easy to use application that makes appointments so much better to manage and organize.

Best features of 10to8:

1. Provides virtual appointment option

2. Provides 2-way calendar sync

3. Provides bank rate security

Why choose 10to8 over Chili Piper?

1. 10to8 supports mobile platforms for both Android and ioS which Chili Piper doesn’t provide

2. 10to8 offers quotation based pricing which Chili Piper doesn’t provide


1. Suits all type of businesses

2. Complies with necessary guidelines such as CCPA, GDPR and more


Small businesses- Free plan forever, Basic- $9.6/month, Grow- $20/month, Bigger business- $40/month, Enterprise- Can speak to the sales team for further details

Capterra Ratings:


The Bottom Line…

According to us, we feel that every tool serves its purpose accordingly. However, if we had to choose, you could try the 10to8 because it suits all types of businesses and it also offers small businesses a free plan for life. 

You now have the Chili Piper alternative lists and also our opinion, this would be easier for you to get started with your email activities.

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But before you can leave, let’s take a quick look at what you have covered in the article:

1 . The reason why you required a Chili Piper alternative was that it had poor customer support, had a lot of limitations in customization and the CRM use and more.

2. The top Chili Piper alternatives which you saw were Calendly, 10to8 and more

3. And, according to us, we feel that a few of the tools such as 10to8 will be the right tool for you to get started with.

So, what do you think? Which of these Chili Piper Alternatives would you like to invest your time on or get started on? We would like to hear about your choice.

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