Our In-depth Feedback On 4 Best Callback Alternatives After The Trial

So, you’re researching and looking for CallPage Alternatives? We tried CallPage and its alternatives to save you time in that. 

Callpage is a unique solution that ensures your sales calls are taking place the right way.

With CallPage, the increase in prospect engagement and closing of deals have taken over a higher rate.

4 Best CallPage Alternatives for you to try out in 2020

1. Limecall

2. Livecall

3. Closer

4. Novocall

They appear on websites as a callback widget that helps to connect you with your prospects in 28 seconds, doesn’t this sound amazing?

But as you are aware that the competition gets tough and just like that today there are many products in the market that are selling the same services as CallPage, the difference between them and CallPage is each of them is efficient in their own ways.

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What makes them a better alternative than CallPage is what you will understand in this article. The list of top CallPage alternatives is listed below with its features and factors that differentiate them

Let’s give you a tour of the best alternatives in the same market as CallPage. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. 

Bonus Tip: We’ve made a comparison tool at the bottom to help you out. 

4 Best CallPage Alternatives for you to try out in 2020

1. Limecall

Callback Alternatives

Limecall is a callback solution that guarantees to increase your sales faster and better. They help you to create a widget that will be placed on your website and offers your prospects with two options, to be connected within 28 seconds or to schedule a call later as per their convenience. Limecall makes the process of capturing leads, nurturing them, and then converting them into a sales lead all the more fruitful.

Best features of Limecall:

  • Conducts calls from any digital platform
  • Provides click to call browser based communication (in addition to phone)
  • Provides 24/7 customer support so that assistance is provided whenever prospects require them
  • Offers widget targeting feature
  • Conducts Facebook lead generation activities to tap potential leads
  • Lets a brand set their business hours so that it becomes easier to connect with prospects
  • Gives the ability to create widgets as per your wish
  • Conducts call recording to deliver better performance for future calls
  • Let’s brands purchase a new number which they can use to contact their prospects so that they will always know the call is from them
  • Has an inbuilt call CRM system to track everything in one place 
  • Conducts SMS processes so that prospects never forget about the brand they are engaging with
  • It has efficient voice calls from the web instantly
  • You can add qualification filters and validate the lead data before picking up the phone

Why choose Limecall over CallPage:

  • Pricing- When it comes to pricing, Limecall offers multiple features than Callpage at just $35/month
  • Offers more features- Limecall offers features which CallPage doesn’t offer such as Task Management, Auto callback, lead enrichment and so much more


  • Tap hot leads instantly
  • Optimizes lead activities better


  • Relatively newer than likes of CallPage


Starter- Free plan- Pro-$35/month, Advanced- $75/month

They’ve also give more reasons here: https://limecall.com/callpage-alternative/

Limecall Ratings:


2. Livecall

Callpage Alternatives

Livecall is another communication solution that works best to increase sales for any brand. It helps to connect prospects with brands in 25 seconds.

The main focus which Livecall holds is that they want brands to sell more without having to increase your website traffic more. It offers two types of solutions for its users, one being Callback software and the other being call tracking.

Best features of Livecall:

  • Conducts instant callbacks
  • Captures lead outside your office hours as well
  • Create callbacks from any forms being created
  • Integrate Livecall callback solution with Facebook lead ads
  • Integrate Livecall with display campaigns
  • Track calls from any platforms or channels used to engage with prospects
  • Measures lead quality with AI-Powered scoring and Full manual scoring

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Why choose Livecall over CallPage:

  • Offers value added service– When it comes to value for money, user-friendly application and the features being offered, Livecall is considered to be the finest when compared to Callpage
  • Offers better security solutions– CallPage doesn’t offer two vital features which are SSL Security and Third-party integration, luckily for you, you can use this feature with Livecall


  • Customer support is present whenever needed to resolve issues quicker
  • Easy to get started using this application


  • Customization of fields is very less as multiple users can only share their phone numbers and not other contact details
  • The reports shared by Livecall have the information present but if it could be more detailed it could help in better understanding of the analytics


Starter- $59/month, Pro-$149/month, Enterprise- Individual offer

G2 Ratings:


3. Closer

Closer is a unique sales solution that offers its communication solution online. It is an exceptional solution that ensures your prospects and business are connected well. Closer understands that convincing a prospect isn’t an easy task but it can be done when you have solutions such as Closer present. 

Best features of Closer:

  • Communicate with prospects virtually with audio and video calls
  • Conduct presentations and get into text mode so that engaging with prospects can take place better
  • Share and receive vital information to help prospects better
  • Helps to connect website visitors with the right person in your team
  • Have the option of scheduling calls with prospects to never miss out on any lead
  • Receive prospect notifications to engage quicker with online leads
  • View prospect interactions to enhance your communication with them better

Why choose Closer over Callpage:

  • Communication channel– Closer converses with its prospects on various mediums such as media and more whereas for Callpage the communication is more on the website
  • Budget friendly– Closer offers a wider range of features at a much cheaper price than Callpage. Closer costs $49 for their pro plan but Callpage charges $119


  • Creates an easy way to communicate with prospects
  • Enhances the way you engage with prospects


Launch plan- free plan, Accelerate- $49/month, per user, Enterprise- Contact the team

4. Novocall

Callpage Alternatives

Novocall is another callpage alternative that focuses on conducting inbound calls through their call automation platform. Novocall helps to convert traffic into sales calls and pipelines by at least 30%. They offer multiple calling solutions that cater to any brand’s needs accordingly.

Best features of Novocall:

  • Click to call
  • Call scheduling
  • Call tracking
  • Provides Contact database
  • Conducts lead verification and validation

Why choose Novocall over Callpage?

  • Novocall offers multiple features that callpage doesn’t offer such as automatic call distribution, Google calendar integration, Agency dashboard, and more.
  • When it comes to the countries being supported to use this application, Novocall supports 42 while Callpage supports 18.


  • The call quality is great
  • Very easy to get started with this application


  • A few users have experienced technical issues which affected their service with the application
  • Resolving issues take a long time

Capterra Ratings:


As promised, here is a good comparison of 4 Callpage direct competitors:

Callpage Alternatives

We’ve taken this inform from here

The Bottom Line…

We’ve tried all the tools, and we went with Limecall.com

These callback solutions are great because it enhances the way prospect engagement takes place. It is a great solution when it comes to conducting efficient prospect communication.

The efficient way to connect with prospects is possible when you have efficient methods to help you capture them such as the ones listed above. While you have callback solutions to capture your potential prospects, trying email solutions too can enhance your engagement with them better. 

So, what are your views on the topic? Which callback alternative would you like to try and why? We would like to hear from you. 

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